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Moving to a new house is fun!

...BUT Packing and actual physical moving blows a big donkey butt hole!!

J and I don't argue but we've been giving each other the evil eye a lot over the last few days. He hates packing and I hate that he keeps putting it off. I just want to GET. IT. DONE. He wants to go to bed at 9:30 or 10:00 (an hour or two after he gets home) and insists he can't sleep without me and won't let me stay up and pack more. Erg. AND he keeps changing our moving plans. It's exhausting and I'm less than friendly with him about it. I love him but I could eat his face off sometimes.

I'm just ready to get moved.

Merry Freaking Christmas...


It's Official!

We signed the paperwork today on the duplex. :o) We are so excited to move!!

Ahh...Home Sweet Home!

Delicious Randomness

It's not the designated bloggy randomness day today but I haven't posted for a while and I feel like wasting a little time from my hair pulling I'm doing at work today. It's going to be random and bumpy and lots of updating so hold tight! All 3 of you... :o)

J, little j, and I went to Texas for Thanksgiving. The drive was ridiculously long. But worth it! We had a great time. Met LOTS of the family. Thanksgiving day the house was FULL of people. And its a big house... I really love J's parents and they fortunately return the sentiment so I wasn't really all that nervous about the rest of the fam. Parents are the most important element right? I think I still did ok with the rest of them though. They are pretty great people and I think unless I had a third eye and a just a plain ol' nasty attitude, they would probably accept me any way. We had a great time the rest of the week too. I wish we were still there!
We took j and J's niece to the movies and saw A C…

Dear Santa,

I miss when I was a little kid and I would sit on Santa's lap or write him a letter and magically some or all of the things on my list would show up under the tree! I stopped sitting on Santa's lap (because it just got kind of weird) and I stopped writing letters and - ugh - the presents stopped coming! So, it's obvious I need to write my Wishlist and send it to Santa...duh.

Here it is:

Dear Santa,

I have been a very, a pretty good...well, ok, I've been a mildly good girl this year. I was nice to my brother and sister MOST of the time and my mom and dad ALL of the time. I went to work every day and worked REAL hard! And I was only a LITTLE mean to the boys...but they deserved it! In exchange for all of my goodiness throughout the year, I would like the following:

*New Coach purse (or Ed Hardy or Gucci - I'm not picky)
*Lots of high heels & boots
*A $5,000 gift card to go clothes shopping (will gladly donate my ENTIRE current wardrobe to charity!)
*2010 Camar…

Happy Anna to My Hunky Honey!! <3

Today J and I have been together for 6 months and, I have to say, this has been the greatest 6 months in a relationship I have ever had! By far!! No others even compare. I'm so lucky to have him and he makes me so incredibly happy! The past 6 months have gone by so fast, but yet, when I think about how long we've been together, I can't help but think "It's only been six months??". I always thought this kind of relationship wasn't possible - that it was unrealistic to even want this type of relationship. He always thinks of me first and treats me as a partner... He's even more considerate than I ever thought of being to someone else and the best part of our relationship is we laugh together, at each other and at ourselves... We crack each other up and make each other smile at the goofy things we do and say!! I'm sure to everyone else we are the biggest goobs alive, but I think he's perfect for me and feels the same. We have fun together and enj…

J and I were sitting on the couch the other night and he says:

"There's something that's been bothering me today and I need to ask you about it..." and he has the most serious pouty, droopy, concerned look on his face. It was totally sad.

Ummm....okay. Thinking to self - ...but I actually haven't done anything bad lately?? I felt guilty just LOOKING at him.

"I noticed the other day when you were showing me a site that popped up on your history, or something like that. Flirt something...what was that?"

... ... ...
There was a pause as I was thinking, What the hell "FLIRT" site have I been on??!? At which time J claims I had this BS "Quick think of a lie" look on my face.

... ...Oh...
Then it hits me. My sister offered up her apron that she's reviewing from for my Halloween costume. At which point I laugh hysterically... and then I explain, at which point he kind of smirks at himself. Then I laugh even more.

Boys are…

Random Thoughts by Jack Handy

Caution: Thought Vomit Ahead

I miss my nephew and hate the fact that he's growing up without me around. On that note, I miss my sister as well...and my mom and dad...and grandparents. Still not so much my little brother. I still feel the urge to smack him next time I see him, so I am not wanting to be around him yet. I got to eat dinner with my mom last night at Panera - yumm-o!! She is in town for a work thingy. I get to eat dinner with her and Dad and J tonight. Don't know where we are going yet but I'm excited. It's the little things that amuse and excite me.

I am sick of my desk job. There...I said it out loud. I hate sitting here at this computer all day. I don't want to be here, I can't stay on task and just have a general feeling and attitude that I just don't give darn anymore... Not. Good. So I've had crazy thoughts of career changes in my head but -sigh- I know I won't do it because I won't make as much money as I am now and I barely get…

Auntie D <3's Her Maximus

I miss my nephew. Just look at him...wouldn't you?!?!

Bon Anniversaire Ma Mere!

Today is a very special day! It's my mom's birthday!! Yay! Happy Birthday Momma!

I'm very sad that I can't be home to do anything for her birthday. I'll have to wait till they make a trip up here or I down there... so I'm substituting by telling her 'Happy Day' 50 gazillion times!!

So here's #5,000,000,000,000,000,001 -

I love you and I hope you have a FABULOUS day!!

Let's Give Them A Round of Applause...

I just want to send out a personal letter of appreciation and gratitude to my brothers. Without your lack of efforts and sincere disregard and undercommitment(if that isn't a word it should be) to our family, we may have actually succeeded at taking our family pictures and giving our Mother and Father a wonderful and special gift for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I know they would have been terribly inconvenienced at finding a place on there wall for such an attrocity. But since you are so utterly devoted to your own personal schedules, as obviously that is where your prioritiesshould lie, and can absolutely find no possible way around ANY of these things, we did absolutely NOTHING to commemorate the very, very special day. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that we could be complete butt plugs to our parents.

Bravo Assholes.

Holy Blubber Batman!

Ok, it's official. I'm fat.

J bought a new scale last night cause neither one of us had one. I stepped on it and
-gasp- -choke- -sniffle sniffle- -SOB-
I've gained 20 lbs since the first of the year...

That's only 10 lbs away from my ALL the weight I've lost over the prior year. This calls for drastic measures!! I've made a goal to lost 18 lbs by Thanksgiving. That's three pounds a week. Working out, dieting, counting calories, thinking skinny thoughts...I mean come ON, my boyfriend is a personal trainer. This will be a snap!

Except this morning I had a donut... -sigh- This sucks.

The Coolest Tattoo on the Block!

We did it! We got our tattoos. It took about and hour and a half to do mine and about two and a half for J's. I felt like it went by really fast and even though it didn't feel great, it really didn't hurt that bad! The guy doing mine kept saying how good I was doing and he seemed pretty amazed at how relaxed I was. I'm just super tough I guess! ;o) Ha ha! We went to Skin Thieves in Sedalia, MO. They did an awesome job and I would highly recomment them...

I went first and they got started on mine. Once J decided I was fine, they went ahead and started on his. Here's a few pics from the day:

Waiting to get started

Putting on the stencilIn Process

The Finished Product!

And Here's a couple of J's:
He looks drugged but honestly he wasn't! LOL

Watching J get his shading

J's Tatt! :o)Love them!! <3

I'm Going to Miss Her Dearly...

The ex-hubs' Aunt B died Late Wednesday night. She was fighting cancer since November 08 (although she didn't tell anyone until Feb 09) and unfortunately lost the battle. And she was a fighter!! BB was very, very close to his Aunt. Just to tell you how close, she went with him to pick out my engagement ring... We spent practically every weekend at her house and any and every family get-together was at her house as well. She was more like a grandmother to BB and was without a doubt the glue that held that family together. It breaks my heart to think about how much pain the family is going through right now from her passing.

She was a hairdresser and EVERYBODY knew her - she even cut my little brother's hair up until she had to close her shop. She was a great lady ~ short and fiesty and SO much FUN to be around. Always had the biggest smile on her face when we would show up and a loud "HI HONEY!" when we walked through the door. Always a big hug. BB was her favorite…

I Found It!

I found the tattoo I want! Besides the one my sister, mom & I are getting...

It's a sparrow and I looked up the meaning on the net and I really like the things it symbolizes (although the sailor traveling so many miles symbolism doesn't really fit - maybe some day!).

What do ya think??

I love it!!! <3 Update: I was originally thinking of getting this on my ribs but now I'm thinking I may get this on my hip... And I'm probably going to get it pretty big! Whoo-hoo I'm excited!!!

Did NOT See That Coming!

So I haven't really thought much lately about B except a little guilt twinge here and there that we never talk anymore and I do miss him (as a friend) now and again. I feel a little sad when I see pictures of his kids on FB but really I feel I'm over "us". That being said, I wasn't quite prepared to see him kissing someone else...

I am on a sand volleyball team with him and a couple other guys at work. It was a little awkward at the first game but nothing unmanagable - it was still a BLAST! (I love love love volleyball btw) So we had another game last night and as I was walking up to go inside I see a girl on her tip toes kissing a very tall guy... it was Brian!! Whoa. Ok...totally unprepared for that. Now quickly wipe the crazy shock off your face before they see you!!! Panic. Panic. Panic.

Then he sees me and (awkward) has to introduce me because she's playing on our team too (awkward)."This is D, she works at L***** too". (awkward)(awkward)(AWKWARD…

Confessions of a Wanna-Be Shopaholic

Ok, I have had it! This has just hit me within the last couple weeks or so, but I HATE ALL MY CLOTHES. I feel like I dress like a slob. My wardrobe has turned into a closet of hand-me-downs (not that I'm not grateful to have them, but still...)!! I hate living in the city and not be able to at least dress half way stylish. It's all around me!! CONSTANTLY! I can hardly handle it... Our s*e*c*r*e*t*a*r*y at work dresses ten thousand times better than I do! And I realize that position title is not PC... Don't. Care.

I'm desperate. I'll wear retarded clothing and fashion faux paus around for a couple weeks if someone will nominate me for What Not To Wear! Anyone? Anyone? Stacey and Clinton, I need that Visa card and I need you to take me shopping!!

Boo for being poor.

And double BOO for not having bought a single pair of new shoes since January. Not even a flip-flop.

Hmph! *Stomps off arms folded pouty lip*

Random Texts from Old Mistakes

Again, I am in complete and utter *AWE* of the opposite gender and their sheer...well no pun intended...B-A-L-L-S! Some of them are so confident of their total awesomeness and whatever it is that they think they possess that it just amazes me when they, out of the blue, try and hook up with you (again). was a mistake the first time. 6 months ago. Not like I miss you. Not happening again. I mean, what exactly is going through their minds when they send a random message to someone they haven't seen or spoken to for 6 months (and didn't exactly leave things on polite terms).

Refer back to here - THIS guy I have not heard from for 6 months. I've missed my jewelry terribly, but him... NotSoMuch. He was just one of those terrible dating lessons learned. A friend (or so I thought he was a friend) lost. Until he sent me a text message to say "hello".

Ok I thought I'll play along.

He asks how I've been and I reply and ask how he's been, yada yada.…


J and I went to the Crue Fest 2 concert last Sunday and it was so much fun! We had great seats and best of all they were F-R-E-E!! Whoop whoop! The line-up consisted of Drowning Pool, Theory of a Deadman, Godsmack, and of course, Motley Crue. I now am completely in love with the lead singer of Godsmack, Sully Erna - WOW, I don't remember him being that smoking hot, but yeah, I coulda been a groupie! :o)

Total Hotness!

Too Bad He's Like 5'2"...I was there with my own hotness though... Here's a pic of us before the concert:Aren't we CUTE! :)

Curiousity Killed the Cat!

To my dear J:

If you are reading my blog again. Stop. Remember what you told me you wouldn't do any more? It's bad for you to read my rants and raves.

Love you.

Read it again and seriously, there will be punishment and possible spankings involved...

<3 Big Kiss, Love.


3 Months Later...

So yesterday, J and I crossed the three month threshold and I officially must say... I'm not single any more. Technically, yes I file my taxes under the "Single" status, we aren't married and there's no ring on my finger, but I'm unmistakably a "we" again. I have a moment of panic every once in a while about being in a serious relationship again. I have to admit that I have felt myself rebeling inside and wanting to go do something spontaneous with one of my guy friends and go out and party again. Alas, that is not the appropriate behavior for a girlfriend and I've chosen to decline the invites. A little part of me screams inside and whines and throws a little two-year-old-toddler tantrum. It gives me a little irk of panic when my single self thinks of settling down again like I've not had enough 'me' time...

I've always felt when relationships in the past wouldn't work out (because the guy wouldn't commit and the…

Talk About A Sore Loser...

Ok. J and I were playing R-U-M-M-Y last night and I beat him... He literally threw a little kid fit. Stomped off to the living room. Huffed on the couch. Threw his hat. Ignored me for an hour or so then said he needed to go for a run and he'd feel better...cause he "hates losing".

Boys are dumb.

At first I just laughed at him. But then it ticked me off too. I had to ignore him right back for a while. I refuse to get into our first arguement about an old person card playing game like rummy.

Seriously. Rummy. I'm at a loss for words...

Drama Already... Get RID of the Baggage!!!

Here are my thoughts and opinions on introducing children in a relationship. It's complicated and tricky and it requires a lot of finesse. I am VERY serious about this topic and I have strong opinions. I think mother's that introduce there child/children to every man she's humping is inappropriate and irresponsible and ESPECIALLY those mother's who let there very young impressionable child start calling there live in boyfriend of a grand total of 8 months Daddy! Obviously I have a specific person in mind on this rant...

J has a little boy, I think I've mentioned before, and I have since that post, met him. I'm scolding myself a little because I am not 100% sure I am ready for this step (close but not totally) and I let the pressure collapse me a little earlier than I would have liked. I think I have also mentioned before that a child is not a relationship deal breaker having been a very much loved step child myself. So, this is where I am stand that subject. Wha…


I am dying to get a tattoo.

I don't know what the urge is really but I want one so bad! What's the deal?? My mom, sister and I are all going to get matching tattoos sometime as soon as we all have the money (which is hard for us all to have at the same time). We are going to get three stars with scrolling behind them. I'm getting that one on my foot and I think my sister is too. Not sure where my mom is getting hers - maybe her shoulder. But I don't know if I can wait for that one...

One that I'm sure of is (someday when I have one) I want to get my kids names tattooed on my ankle or wrist - well not sure where exactly but I want their names. Also, there is a really awesome one that J and I found that we are contemplating getting together IF we get hitched someday. Big if, but it's an AWESOME idea. Love the lettering too. But, again, I CAN'T WAIT for those...

Have to get one. But what?

Photo Shoot Update

My pics are in the process of being edited, but Kimberli posted a sneak peek on her blog. I'm the cute butt pic in the "ROCK" panties and sweeeeeeet leopard heels. Check out her photography blog at the site below:

I had a blast with Kimberli and apparently I am WAY too comfortable around her cause I spent half the time walking around with no bra on (sorry Kim). But she's so cool, it wasn't a big deal. There is a boudior album already posted on there - man is she speedy - so you should check it out and all the rest of her work!

Thanks KIM!! <3

Float Trip 2009

*Disclaimer: Momma if you is reading this, you may want to stop. Fair warning.* :o)

Went on a float trip this past weekend with J and a couple friends of his. It was a crazy time and we all had a blast!!

The four of us rented a raft - there were supposed to be two others coming but they had plans come up. The big yellow raft was dubbed the "Love Boat" and my drunk butt kept singing it as we floated down the river. You know... "The looove booaat..." *crooner signing voice* Funny how things are so much more hilarious when you've been drinking. And they never seem to get unfunny no matter HOW many times you repeat it. Works that way for me anyway...

J wore a speedo to be funny. And it was a big hit with all us white trash folk down the river. Everyone we met and floated past made a comment and gave high fives. Even when we got back to camp, people were yelling across the road "HEY SPEEDO".

We stopped by a group of canoes not too far down the river. One of th…

Hustler Here I Come

A friend of my sister is starting up her own photography business and she's building her portfolio. One of the things she wants to offer is Boudoir pictures. For those of you unfamiliar with what those are, they are half naked pictures (or sometimes naked) taken usually for a husband-to-be of his bride-to-be. Lots of woman do them for their hubbies as well...sometimes the hubbies or bf's join. I'm going to model for KK's portfolio... tomorrow morning. And they WILL be public for all to see. I've been very excited for about two or three weeks now, but now...gettin a taaaaad nervous. KK will do a TERRIFIC job I know, and I'm not worried about being nakie in front of her by any means - neither one of us is shy in the slightest. I just don't want to look rolly polly and haved everyone and there brother staring in disbelief, wondering why on EARTH I would be willing to pose like that looking like that... Not terribly likely I know but still. You'd be worried…

Go Crawl Back Under Your Rock...

This sort of thing bites me in the butt every time...

You know when you're braggin about something like, "Man, I haven't heard from 'psycho' in quite a while! That's so nice..."? Funny how a week later, he sends you a text message out of the blue.

Refer back to the post where I was being called a "cheap slut" and a "whore". Yeah, that's the guy. I haven't heard from him since then... Until last night. Ugh. He sends me a text and even though I deleted his name from my phone book, I recognize the number and know it's him:

"Would it mean anything to you if i apologized?"

Uh...nope. I didn't text back. That's just what he was wanting - manipulative bastard! Then not even an hour later:

"I didn't expect it to, I don't blame you. But i need to tell you i was sorry for being so ugly to you. your special, i'm sorry"

You bet your ass you're sorry!! But I don't really give a damn. And as much…

I Was Told Not To Settle...So, I Didn't!

Ok so lots of happenings over the last few days...

I got a grand total of 3 days sweetness out of B and he was back to being the cold, stand-offish @ss I so know and loathe. This time, though, I flipped out!! Crazy, psycho, crying, snap-at-your-fingers-if-you-get-too-close-to-the-teeth, kind of freak out. It wasn't pretty and the poor guy was totally confused. I realize now that I probably overreacted to the situation and there probably wasn't any call for the sob-fest but what made me realize I had made a mistake was that he never even tried to comfort me and reassure me. And when I asked him to, he was annoyed to have to answer the same "are you having second thoughts" kind of questions. Annoyed?!??! Buddy I put up with a lot from you over the last few MONTHS, I deserve a little crazy meltdown here and there! I was still fuming the next morning and so I sent him a nasty email and told him that he WAS in the wrong and I deserved better and if he wasn't going to …

You want me to do WHAT for my ticket?

Went to the Royals game last night with a couple guys and it was a blast! It was rainy before the game but it held off the whole time we were there. So much fun to hang out with guys and drink a few beers!! We came back to my apartment and cooked some burgers and then went out for a while - today at work was a little R. U. F. F. but it was worth it! So much fun!!

Now, the point of this post. One of the guys, who've I've known for a long time, mentioned something on FB about having extra tickets to the game if anyone wanted to go. Hey! I wanted to go, so I sent him a message and told him to holler at me if he didn't get anyone to go. He sent me a text and asked "Do I get laid if u come?".

Yeeeeaaa...he really asked me that.

Seriously, does that sort of thing ever work for a guy?? What am I, a hooker that trades my goods for sporting even tickets?? I mean, I like the Royals and all but I wouldn't even do that for Superbowl tickets...well, maybe I would think about…

You Don't Have A Boyfriend??!

I hate this question...

The last time I had to worry about being asked this question was when I was in HS...I started dating my ex-h when I was 17 so I haven't heard the question since. The worst offender was my Grandpa T who asked ALL of us girls every time we saw him, first thing - "You got a boyfriend yet??" *cringe* Just what a awkward, self conscious, single teenage girl WANTS to be asked by her grandfather!! Or even worse, if we DID have a boyfriend, to have to answer yes!! *dramatic gasp*

So, since I haven't heard this for a good ten years, I was a little taken aback when I was asked this question on Friday night chillin with my "cousins" at Chatters. And the perfect compliment to that question?? The puzzled pity look like "How is that possible...what's wrong with you??!". Heeellllooew...maybe I don't want one. Diggin my single time. Did you ever think of that, huh? Huh? Didda ya, didda ya, huh? HUH?? (Channelling the Dori vibe right …

But...He's Within the Legal Age Limit!?

So, I've "dated" a wide age range of guys - wider age range is in the older direction but won't say how much older. But with a little brother who's just turning 21 it's hard to swallow when I realize a guy I'm talking to is that age. Ick! Makes me feel like a! Although 6 years is hardly cause for the feeling, still. Little brother...remember when he was in diapers...hard to think of HIM doing the dirty deed so to think about someone the same age that way, well, makes me feel creepy. But it has happened a couple times, once I knew he was that age and once I was lied to although I should have know better *shaking head at myself* Stupid party bus...

Anyway, there is one of the above mentioned that I still text/talk to back and forth on a fairly regular basis. It feels weird and wrong *shudder* to think about his age so I try not to think about it. But it's hard NOT to think of him that way...because, well, he's so...DIRTY!! I mean, he m…


Curious thought...Can you make the conscious effort to just decide not to care anymore??! I think I'll try this angle since, apparently nothing else is going to work. So, I guess this is me waving the white flag and giving up. So, I've just decided - I Don't Care. period.

We'll see how long this last and if my gut betrays my mind...



I'm So Mad I'm Shaking!!

Last night I had a girl's night out with Leah and Maria and we had a blast. Not surprising that at 2:30 in the morning I get a text message from my crush here in KC. He wants to see me and we discuss it back and forth between text messages and he REALLY wants to see me. Now, this isn't the shock or cause for surprise. Even though he has repeatedly made it painfully clear through both words and actions that he doesn't want to date anyone, me included. Despite this fact he stills calls occasionally and yes, we spend time together at his place or mine, i know that's the extent of our relationship. I get mixed signals from him from time to time about things that keeps things confusing between us, or for ME at least. But those sorts of things, I can "deal" with. Yes, I get hurt over them, but I pout about it and whine to my friends for a couple days and eventually get over it. But THIS is another story!!! At the end of one of his text messages last night he put th…

Getting Attached

This isn't something that happens every time, but it does happen - without warning. When I'm seeing a guy and "feelings" get involved, so some unknown reason I get attached. And I mean A-T-T-A-C-H-E-D! Once I feel this way, I put up with a lot of crap (and unfortunately recieve a ton of it). Why you ask? I. Don't. Know. I don't know how it happens! I wish I knew... But once I'm there, there's no turning back and it's a slow very painful process to get myself back out. Unfortunately for me, I have the terrible habit for gettin attached to the "I don't want to date" guy. Boo...I hate that excuse. You mean - you don't want to date ME. And that sucks. But only once I've emtionally velcroed myself to someone. Any other guy, I don't even get around to asking if he wants to date cause, I don't giva!
I'm currently trying to detach myself from a guy I've been going back and forth with since December. It sucks. I'm c…

Ouch... o.O

I just received a text from an ex - and I quote:

"A cheap slut like you aint worth my time"

Ok so now I have to back up and explain the scenerio in which this text correlates. Right after my big D, I made the biggest most cliche mistake ever and started dating someone TOO SOON after I was "freshly single". It was both a huge comfort for me and a tremendous heartache at the same time. On one hand, he helped me through a very tough and lonely time in my life. He talked to me every night and he made me feel the beginning. Then things became very messy and I basically got jerked around for the better part of a year during a time when my emotional sanity was already hanging by a thread. things didn't end well between me and the emotionally phsychotic jerk face cry baby asshole pot smoker. (I'm a tiny bit bitter)

**note: as I am typing this post, I'm getting text after text of nasty messages - I'll share a few of the better ones at t…

Weekend In Pitt

I went down to visit the fam this weekend for Easter. We didn't really do anything but I got a lot of visiting of friends and family accomplished. Which was nice. It also brings up a single gal question - what's up with you and so-and-so??

The so-and-so I'm referring to is my "friend" down in pittsburg that I frequently crash at his house when I party down there and/or meet up with him out at a bar and then...crash at his place. This "friend" usually buys my drinks and I end up beyond intoxicated and making a bad decision... well, once can be considered a bad decision, I suppose this is more like a bad habit! Anyway, my best friend, whom I went to visit this weekend and lovingly refers to my "friend" as a puke, is convinced that I just have to like him a little bit or why else would I do that all the time. "Do you think he's attractive??" she asks. Well, that's a dumb question!! Who don't I find attractive after a dozen mi…

Bad Date Delimma

What do you do when you leave your favorite jewelry at their house?

So, funny dating story time. This guy friend of mine, we all have this one when we are single, he was my if-he-was-single guy friend. The one you have a great time with and you just know that if he were single, you'd really hit it off. He's the back-up, your comfort zone, the guy that you think of when you're feeling really lousy about your last bad episode, that at least you know that if he was single... you get my point. Anyway, so he calls me up a month ago and "casually" we get around to the topic of his no longer being single... wait a minute! Excuse me! My if-he-was-single guy is S-I-N-G-L-E?? Giddiness!! :o) So he wants me to come over to "hang out" and I can't see through my Giddy Goggles to realize what this phone call is really about so I head on over. Big smiles all the way... And we are chillin on the couch drinking a, I mean, two beers, ok it was like four. I c…

Man Mysteries

When a guy tells you he doesn't want to date you and is telling his friends that he's not into you but keeps contacting you, what exactly does that mean? Besides the obvious, he doesn't want to lose his booty call I suppose...but don't send me messages asking me if I "hate you now". Cause, yeah, maybe if I hated people, you might be on that list right now! You aren't exactly my favorite person right now and if you don't like me, then I'd just rather not converse with you for a while. Or at all... that would be easiest, for ME. I'm not here to pump up your ego and let you know that it's ok that you hurt me. Sorry. Not gonna happen.

Why do they do this?

For the Single Ladies Everywhere...

I'm single. A family of one. Independent. Allllooonneee...get your pity out of your systems now cause that's not what this is about. Being single is a necessary part of life that everyone should be forced to go through but almost no one really does. How many of you can say you've truely lived alone and been single at the same time? And I'm talking no roommates, one bedroom (or studio) apartment, all by yourself, living alone. Not many I'm betting. It's not for the weak. No Sissys need apply!! Yes, I'm tough! I'm doing just that right now...

That being said, not even that is the point of this blog. I'm in my mid to late twenties (age doesn't really matter anyway...) and I'm single and I like to have fun. I've got lots of funny stories and I don't want to forget a single one! Hence the title of my blog. When my little sister was in my shoes a few years ago, her motto was "Don't Judge Me" which she said every time one of u…