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First Day of Pre-K

Today is Brazos' first day of PreK at his new school. We got up bright and early so we could go have donuts before school. This sign is for Jason...he always says this. Ha!

After donuts I took him to school and he was really nervous at first. Hid behind my leg for a bit. We met his new teacher, Ms. Stephanie, and he eventually ran off to play with a friend. I went over to tour his classroom and visit with his teacher for a minute. By the time I got back he was running around with several of the kids. Never have to worry about that boy making friends! I am worried however that he will behave himself. Saying many, many prayers that he will have a good day today and all the days following!! And I hope he makes lots of good friends...these are the kids he will get to be friends with for a very long time.

The Big Move

Well, we are officially Texans. We left Saturday morning after breakfast with Mom and Dad, around 9 and we finally made it into CS a little before midnight. It was a long, slow drive but uneventful and we made it safely with minimal fussing from the little guys. The trailer we probably rented was too small so we had to do a uhaul van. Jason drove the uhaul and Brazos and Jake rode with him. The big boys had fun but slept most of the way. I think Jason got the better end of the deal with the passengers.
I had the traverse with Beckett and Hudson. I was worried about having the two little guys but they did pretty well considering. Beckett entertaining himself with his bink. 
The last couple hours of the drive were brutal, I was fighting sleep really bad and didn't think I was going to make it! But we did. I'm trying to work today and get adjusted to the remote working thing. Keep praying my boss will keep me remote for a while so I can keep Hudson at home with me. At least until Jaso…

Tummy Time

This big guy was rocking his tummy time this weekend! Can't believe how strong/big he is already. Slow down little guy ;) Don't grow up too fast!
He's now peeking out of the top of his bassinet in the mornings... :o}

One Last Visit to the K

I was a little pouty about not getting to go to a Royals game this summer before the big move, so Jason got us tickets to go to one last game!I asked mom and dad to come up but they couldn't make it. But, our friends Derek and Danielle came instead and I was pretty excited that Derek was home from med school and could go! When we got there we thought we had the tickets behind first base/KC dugout which are AMAZING seats but not the suite tickets Jason got a couple weeks ago so I was [hate to admit it] a smudge disappointed they weren't as good as the ones he got. But when we were looking for our seats, we realized we were holding DIAMOND CLUB tickets! Just a few short rows back from home plate!! Way better than even suite tickets! Whoop!! Moooooose!
Royals win! Great game!

My Boys

I'm by no means a perfect mother. I lose my temper and patience. I yell. I spank. I get frustrated at life and take it out on them. And I hate that. But, I love these boys so much it hurts and I try every day to do what's right for them and to make sure they know that I love them for than life itself. To the moon and back. Bigger than the sky. Being silly with my big boys
(He thinks we are crazy) ;)

Girls Weekend!

Last weekend we booked back to back girls days.Saturday, Mom and Heather came up to do pottery painting. There was a summer special going on and since I'm about to move away (sad face) we decided it was a perfect reason to go! Heather and I both did Santa cookie plates and Mom did an initial place. I also did a coffee mug cause I like to do as much as possible ;) Getting started on my plate
Working on my mug
Coffee froth mustaches (sort of)
Our finished pieces! Can't wait to pick them up!! After pottery, we went to Panera for lunch. Love my Momma and Seester!! <3
Sunday, Heather's church was doing a paint-n-praise painting class. We all signed up and I even got my Bestie Lindsey to come down with me! Blank canvas
Me & Lindsey
Finished product!
On a sappy note, I'm so thankful that I got to spend these two days with these ladies before I leave. I don't get to see them enough as it is and I'm going to miss them so much!! I know this move is the right thing to do for …

{26} of THIRTY

26. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?
The biggest notion that the world has wrong is that loving and accepting someone means you agree with what they do or their opinions and disagreeing with what they do or their opinions means you hate them.
I hope my boys know that we can all love each other AND disagree. Having different opinions is what makes life interesting.

{25} of THIRTY

25. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?
Most definitely would have dinner with Jesus! I would have so many questions and ask his advice on so many things. These are confusing times with the fine line of loving each other and accepting each other but not accepting sin. Christianity has such a bad name. Would be wonderful to ask his advice! And to be able to just say thank you for his love and his sacrifice, although such simple words as "thank you" just can't express the gratitude. I would try anyway. Not sure what we would eat...Lamb?! Bread and wine?! Or just a couple really great cheeseburgers...wouldn't matter at all.

Schlitterbaun: KC Edition

We got last minute tickets on Friday to Schlitterbaun for a very cheap price so we asked Grammy to come up and watch Hudson (sorry buddy you are a little to small to enjoy 100 degree weather and water parks just yet) and we took Brazos and Beckett.First, I had to go get a new suit...couldn't do a bikini just yet. So I got a tankini instead. Not too momish... As soon as Grammy get here, we took off (and unfortunately had to turn right back around cause mommas a ding dong and forgot my wallet). We finally made it there and boys had a blast!! I didn't get many pictures of Braz other than the back of his head...  Brazos was just talk enough for all but a couple rides so he and daddy went and rode them while Beckett and I played. Brazos was so brave! He wasn't scared of any of the rides. Even the ones he had to do by himself!! We all rode the crazy river (lazy river with rapids) a couple times. We all had a great day. Hudson had a fun day with Grammy too. :)