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Hudson: 2 Months

This precious little nugget is already 2 months old! He is such a great baby, although he thinks he needs held all the time especially in the evenings when mommy is trying to cook and wrangle the big brothers. He's an amazing sleeper and pretty consistent. He goes to sleep around 8pm and doesn't wake up till 3-4am. Then goes back to sleep for 2 or 3 more hours before he's up for a while. He's definitely a morning person. He is super happy when he wakes up! Right now he's wearing 3-6 month size clothes (will update later with his official height and weight after his checkup next week). He is cooing and smiling so much! Love our little "chats" in the morning and when I go see him at lunch. Such a happy smiley baby. We are still doing great with breastfeeding although with him sleeping such long stretches at night I worry about my supply going down. I'm going to have to start pumping before bed or waking up to pump so I can keep my milk up. I promised mysel…


I don't think there is anything better in this world than seeing your children loving one another. Brazos and Beckett snuggled up on the couch together last night and Brazos wrapped his arms around Beckett and held him and kissed his cheek and laid his cheek on Beckett's head. I hope they always love each other this way but if not at least I'll have photographic proof that they used to. ;)
Then I got a photo from our nanny this morning of Beckett holding Hudson's hand while they were on the couch together.
I love these boys so much. And I love that they have each other even more!!

And so starts the packing...

We officially started packing this weekend. We bought some more big totes and cleaned out the front closet and I went through all my clothes and the boys' clothes. Plus got the boys books and stuffed animals packed up in a tote.  I'm already dreading all the packing over the next 4 weeks but we are going to get rid of as much stuff as we can which will cut down on a lot of it. We posted all the future we are going to sell on Craigslist this weekend too. Hope we get it all sold in plenty of time before the move and we make at least enough to cover the cost of the uhaul (which reminds me, we need to get that all sorted out fast. Not last minute like last time). Brazos is very excited for the move and asks everyday if we are going to Mimi and Popo's today. Jason and I are excited but getting very nervous about the move. We know we are making the right choice by moving but hope thinks will turn out like we are wanting them to and we're not making a mistake. Seem surreal that …

Van Halen 2015

We went to the Van Halen concert last night at the Cricket Ampitheater. One of Jason's clients got us great tickets and VIP passes (which was basically just a bar/lounge area with access to real restrooms). David Lee Roth was a little disappointing but the Van Halens were all awesome. Eddie's son Wolfgang played bass. DLR actually stopped at one point to take a beach ball from the crowd because he didn't want anyone to get hurt by it...whaaa?! Despite the Corky Romano look-alike version of DLR, it was a good show and we had a really great night.

Tornado Weather!

The Sunday we get home after the 4th, we had a sudden storm pop up with severe thunderstorms, flash flooding and a tornado warning. Jason was at the gym across the street working out and I was home with the boys. I didn't feel safe in our second floor apartment with no basement or shelter so Jason came and got us and we went back up to the gym for shelter (locker rooms were safer than anywhere else we could be). It was pouring buckets and the poor boys were soaked, especially Beckett. We played in one of the empty rooms while we waited out the storms and Jason finished his workout.

{24} of THIRTY

24. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about parenthood? Least Favorite: In all honestly, I'd have to say my least favorite part about parenthood is there is no being selfish. There is no "me" anymore. Every decision you ever make and everything you do revolves around your babies. And it's hard. Most of the time it comes natural but I think 90% of my frustration and worry are because I'm trying to make the best decisions for them every day. Frustration because sometimes I just want to go to bed when I get home or be able to do laundry and clean house. Frustration because I don't know how to get them to do the things I WANT them to do/not do. Frustration because I have to get them ready in the morning and make them a good breakfast and watch them slowly eat it. Frustration because I have to get out of bed an hour earlier to he them ready too. And worry because I spanked them too hard over something that maybe didn't warrant a spanking. Worry becau…

{23} of THIRTY

23. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. When we were little, mom and dad made it so special for us kids. Santa came and left our special gift in front of the tree and our stockings were always filled full of goodies. I don't remember having a bad Christmas when I was a kid. But it's not just the gifts, it's family time. You get to spend time with all of your family for Christmas. Even as an adult, there is something magical about Christmas. I can't wait to start making our holiday traditions with the boys as they are getting older. The one tradition we do have right now is getting our ornaments every year. I get the annual Hallmark snowflake to mark the year and each one of the boys picks a new ornament. Can't wait to be able to spoil them all each year for Christmas and do more Elf on the Shelf, visiting Santa, making candies and cookies, birthday cake for Jesus, and letting the boys adopt a child/family to give gifts …

{22} of THIRTY

22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?
In 5 years: I will be 38 years old. Jake will be 16, Brazos will be 9, Beckett will be 6, Hudson will be 5. And quite possibly we will have a 2 year old Harrison or Maris as well (let's hope for a girl vs another boy ;). We will have lived in Texas for almost 5 years. We will have our own house and Jason will be growing his own practice. I hope to be a stay at home mom at this point and running our household instead of going into an office job everyday. We will be running to sports practices, games/meets, music lessons, sleepovers, etc. The boys will all officially be in school, minus the possible new addition.
In 10 years: I will be 43 years old. Jake will be 21, Brazos will be 14, Beckett will be 11, Hudson will be 10. Undetermined new addition will be about 7. We will be living in our newly built house out in the country and the boys will be loving all the room to run. I will definitely be a housewife at this point, mana…

Visiting Grandpa Nick

My dad came to visit last Sunday and asked if he could take Braz home with him for a couple days. We said of course!Melissa's grandson Ty was visiting as well while Melissa is on summer vacation from school. Brazos had a blast playing at the park and generally being spoiled.
It was nice and quiet around here without my wild and crazy man but I sure did miss this sweet face!

The Fourth 2015

As our usual July 4th celebration, we went down to Hepler for the rodeo. Mom and dad were busy (as usual) and I of course didn't get to participate a lot becuase of Hudson, but it was still a great visit with my sister and her family and my brother and his family. Jake decided to spend the holiday with his mom again this year and my brother Josh was MIA. The kids had a blast playing together, doing mutin bustin, getting lots of candy at the parade, playing water games, and shooting fireworks. And of course we all enjoyed Dustin's firework display after the rodeo.