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To My Dearest Son

Dear Brazos,

Today is your 1st birthday. When you woke up this morning, I came in and sang "Happy Birthday" to you. You raised your little eyebrows and looked at me like I was crazy, and smiled. You know me too well already. I scooped you up into my arms and we hugged, like we always do, and snuggled for just a minute, like we always do - BEST part of my day. You've been sick the past few days, but luckily, today, you finally woke up without a fever. I'm hoping you are over the worst part of your ear infection and that those darn molars come in soon so you'll stop hurting. To top it off you have a cold. Mommy really doesn't like it when you are sick but I especially don't like it that you are sick this close to your birthday!

You are mommy's sunshine. And I'm absolutely sure you already realize this. I've already sung "You Are My Sunshine" to you about 1,000 times in your little life and you love that song - that's most of the re…

I was just thinking...

A year ago today I posted this. I was miserable and anxious to meet my little man. I helped our neighbor go get her husband's birthday present. Had dinner with my hubby when he got home. Boo-hooing because I was going to have to wait a WHOLE 'NOTHER WEEK and have to be induced and blah, blah, blah. All the while totally not expecting that I would go into labor that very night...

Mommy Guilt is BRUTAL (and apparently so is Gerbers Mac N Cheese)

I officially hate those Gerber Mac N Cheese micro-meals!

I heated one up to have Jason feed to Brazos a couple nights ago... Little did I know that 30 seconds in the microwave = MOLTEN CHEESY LAVA! Brazos screamed bloody murder on the second bite. Jason and I screamed bloody murder at each other for it burning him.

Now...Brazos has a blister on his tongue. Won't even take his BINKIE. Tonya just sent me a message and said it has busted open and its hurting him. Dude - SUCKY!

[Holding Back Tears & Sobs from the Heartbreak]

I called the dr office and they assured me it was a non-issue as long as it doesn't get red and/or he gets a fever (ie gets infected). I had to make him a dr appt to get his ears checked (they are bothering him again - lovely) so I'll have them look at it then just to be sure.

Gah, does the GUILT kill you or just make you suffer for eternity?!

Moving?? Pros & Cons

So, every once in a while I get a wild hair up there and decide to search around for someplace else to live - house, townhouse, apartment, whichever... I got one of those hairs Saturday and I saw a townhouse close to where my sitter lives for less rent than we are paying now. The pictures looked promising so I talked Jason into going and looking at it. Mind you when I get these hairs and I actually find something worth looking into, I never really plan on liking the place or us actually discussing moving because, you guys, I HATE MOVING. But I keep looking because I'm convinced our current residence has some serious bad karma and there have just been too many bad memories outweighing the good ones for it too feel like HOME anymore - Home is where the heart is and my heart just isn't into that place anymo'!

Well, we actually liked this one. Crap. So, now I'm contemplating the Pros and Cons of this townhouse vs that one and moving vs staying, etc, etc, etc. Here's wha…

2011: A Year In Review

I did this last year and its kind of fun to go back and read so I'm going to do a repeat for 2011. Overall, 2011 was...Hard. Lots of leftover emotional "stuff" from 2010 I was still dealing with. I was very ANGRY this year. So was Jason. We had issues. We fought a lot. Things were said and done that I thought we would NEVER say or do to each other. Lots of being mean to each other. Lots of wondering if we were going to make it. But we did. We made it. Sometimes you just have to stick with it and fight through it until you get all the crazies out of your system. But I'm thankful. You never know how much you really love someone and until you've made through a really hard time together. As with any year, there was lots and lots of sad times but there were some amazingly awesome, wonderfully good times as well. Some of the absolutely best and worst memories of my life are wrapped up in this year.

1. What did you do in 2011 that you'd never done before? Gave birth …

One Month Till The Big ONE

I'm sad. Where the HECK did my baby go? And where did this toddler come from...??

Brazos celebrated his 11 month birthday on Christmas Day in Texas. This picture was taken that morning, his very first Christmas morning. :) There's something oh so special about a baby's first Christmas!

The entire week we were in Texas, Brazos did not have a single bite of baby food. He had big kid food for every meal. His Mimi made some spaghetti that he was pretty crazy about along with her awesome corn casserole and party potatoes. He ate these three things quite frequently during his visit (not all in one meal mind you). He also loved the ham! Well, he basically loved it all :)

Brazos is now cruising around the furniture some and is standing a lot more but he's still pretty uninterested in walking. I'm really ok with that too. He's decided he no longer like his bouncer so mommy gets to chase him around all evening and doesn't get anything done until Daddy gets home and take…