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22 Weeks

Here I am at week 22 weeks (my view of the belly):

Feeling great so far, but starting to get uncomfortable. I've gained 12 lbs so far, and holding. Hoping to keep up with the minimal weight gain. I'm still working out as much as I can - walking, a little bit of weights (nothing over 20lbs), and yoga on Tuesday nights (modified of course). I'm afraid my yoga classes are going to have to end for the time being though...its getting harder and harder to modify everything and I have to modify more and more each time. My yoga instructor gives me the eyebrow every time she sees me and has said she would not let me in the class (its not a prenatal class) if she wasn't confident that I knew what I was doing. I can tell it makes her nervous that I'm in a regular yoga class but I have no prenatal class to go to - boo. I may go one more week and that's it. As of the 25th, I have one month left of my second trimester - CRAZINESS!! 4 months to go! A part of me is ready (can&…

{8} of THIRTY

8. What are 5 passions you have?
1. My Kids. They are my life. I would give up anything, do anything just so they have the best life possible full of the happiest memories and all the successes in life they could ever hope for. I don't think I am as passionate about anything else in my life as I am for Brazos and Beckett's happiness (as well as any other children I may have in the future).
2. Singing/Music. I love singing and I love music. All kinds of music - just depends on my mood. I could sing all day every day if I was able, and I'm a dork for karaoke.
3. The pursuit of happiness. This has eluded me a lot in my life (although I've had a lot of great, stupidly blissful moments in my life - don't get me wrong). Overall happiness with myself and life is something I don't know that I've had very often in my lifetime. I'm very hard on myself and have a lot of issues to overcome but I'm working through them a little at a time. I'll get there some…

Baby Update

I'm seriously slacking on this blog. Need to get back to it! 1) Helps me remember things and goodness knows I need all the help I can get with that 2) Its good therapy 3) I miss it

So, since I've been away this happened:

Here's the belly at 9 wks:
Mother's Day [Mommy & BIG BROTHER Brazos]:
12 wks [Hola Boobs!]:
16 wks:
19 wks:

20 wks [Bare belly - lookin kinda pale and squishy around the edges]

And on July 8th we got to see this sweet little face and found out we are having baby boy #2!! :) (This momma loves her boys!):
As I'd today I am 21 weeks and 4 days. I've gained a total of 12 lbs since I found out I was preggy - 2 of which I've gained since yesterday! [Completely blaming on the peach cobbler I made last night] Otherwise I've been doing great with my weight. And I feel great. Fatigue and acne were HORRIBLE in the beginning but seem to be back to normal (somewhat) for the past couple weeks.
We picked out a name for little man #2 - Beckett Anth…