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And What Did I Get For VDay You Ask??

BON JOVI TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Jealous, aren't you? I know...

PLUS, I got a dozen red roses, a dozen peaches (inside joke), two stuffed animals, and I had a little poem scavenger hunt that led me to my presents. Then we went out to eat at Olive Garden and then to a movie.

It was a FABULOUS day!! Never had a better Valentine's in my life.

Thank you Babe!!!

Our New Little Addition to the Family

J and I would like to announce that we are going to be welcoming a new little baby into our home.

What?! ...NO!! I am NOT pregnant... You CRAZY??? :o)

This is whom I am referring to.

Isn't she ADORABLE!!!! *SQUEEEEL* After wanting one for MANY, MANY years, I am finally getting my PUG! I saw her on a friend's FB page and J said I could have her if I wanted her. S.P.O.I.L.E.D. Yep, I sure am. ;)

We are going to pick her up a week from Saturday and I couldn't be more excited!!! I'm trying to decide on a name. Actually, I'm driving poor J insane with the name discussion - you would think we were picking out names for one of our own children. Here are some of my favorites:

*Gemma (we are big Sons of Anarchy fans, this is also J's favorite)
*Darla (Little Rascals)
*Bella (Although WAY over done)
*Buttercup (Princess Bride)
*Peaches (Inside Joke from VDay weekend)
*Sushi (We LOVE our SUSHI)
*Lulu (nickname from HS)
*Ping Pong (LOL - j/k although this WAS a suggestion on one of th…

About This Time Last Year

B and I were in the midst of our "relationship". I use that word loosely cause I don't know what the hell we were. He had just gotten back from Vegas with a friend of his for Superbowl and had just told me that he officially wanted to start dating (while drunk in Vegas - shoulda been my first clue). Cue big cheeser and a happy dance. I was so excited! Then he gets back from Vegas and....nothing. We're back with the no talking/I'm gonna avoid you like the plague thing. Still, I think, he said he wants to start dating?! Valentine's Day was coming up. I wanted to do something cool for him. You know, in case he decided to do something for me. So, he had mentioned that he smoked his first cigar while he was in Vegas and LOVED it. So, I go to a cigar shop and buy him three or four pretty nice cigars and feel like the C.O.O.L.E.S.T. girlfriend on the planet. I mean, come was a genius idea. So the closer we get to Valentine's Day, the less we speak and fo…

V-Day Is On Its Way

Last night J let it slip that he got me something for Valentine's Day. I have no clue what it is, but he was down right giddy about it last night and he "can't for Valentine's Day this year". Now, I love surprises but I hate knowing about them before hand because I can't stop trying to guess in my head what it possibly could be. I run through a million scenarios. Drives me batty. I'd rather not know for fear that I may expect this:

And get this:

Which I would love, LOVE, L.O.V.E., but you could imagine a slight feeling of let down.

Anywho, so all this speculating and wondering this morning made me realize something. This is my first, real live, 100% fur realz Valentine's gift. Seriously! 1. It's a total surprise that he picked out/planned out all by himself 2. I don't have to go buy it (here's the money for your present oh and uh while you're picking that up can you pick up C's girlfriends' gift while yur at it, thanks honey - ye…