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{21} of THIRTY

21. Describe your relationship with your parents.

When I think of my "parents" I definitely think of my mom and step-dad, they are who raised me and who I grew up with. The ones who've always been there for me.
I forget sometimes that my step-dad isn't really my "dad" in the biological sense. He's the one who taught me how to ride my bike, how to drive, how to change a tire and the oil in my car. He teased me about boys and [dis]approved of all my boyfriends. Pretty sure he offered to "off" one of them after one of my most difficult heartbreaks, and I'm only slightly sure he wasn't serious. He walked me down the aisle (both times) and he always has a big huge bear hug for me when I see him, best hugs ever. He's my dad. Being a step-parent now myself, I appreciate even more everything that he's done for me and  how he never made me feel like I was anything but his kid..."the good kid" as he calls me. It's been hard…

Brazos 4 Yr Well Visit

Brazos had his well visit last week (a few months late). He's started a new daycare and when we had his medical forms to fill out, we realized he hadn't had his 4 year well check up. My Braz Monster is growing, growing, growing! He's 45lbs, 40 3/4" tall and has a head circumference of 20 3/4". That makes him in the 93rd percentile in weight and the 96th percentile in height. His dr was amazed at his size and said he will most likely be 6' by the time he hits high school! She was in awe of his knee bones and his bone structure in general. She just kept saying, he's going to be huge! HAHA Of course, he was a ham for all the nurses and made them all laugh while he was getting weighed and his eyes checked. My big boy actually used the letters to do his eye test instead of the shapes, he's so darn smart! She pointed to a letter and his first reply was "Yep, I see it". LOL! Such a crack-up. But then he got the hang of it and she'd point to a …

37 weeks...and then some

So, here I am at 37 weeks. I had a dr appt on Monday May 4 and the Thursday prior had had 3-4 hours worth of contractions following a massage. At my appointment, dr checked me and I was dilated to a 1 and 60-70% effaced. Lots of progress from the prior weeks appointment! I decided I better really take it easy for the next couple weeks at least. Don't want him coming out quite this early even though I'm very ready to be done with this pregnancy. So I've been sitting around a lot, which I really don't like at all but it's helped. Last Thursday, Beckett and I went to Target and after walking around for 30 minutes, started having contractions again. Timed them for about an hour or so but they subsided after I laid down for bed. I had my dr appointment today and they we're having some technical difficulties as they were implementing a new software system. She very hastily checked me (she was obviously frazzled and she never gets frazzled) and said I was the same, a …