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The Master Plan

Nike says it best...JUST DO IT! First lesson I need to learn is this. Instead if making excuses and plans to do it tomorrow, I need to just do the things I need to get done NOW instead of putting them off.

Easier said than done but I'm hoping to keep this at the front if my mind and really drill it in there -- just do it! NOW! Life's a choice and I just have to make the conscious effort to make the ones that will make me a better person instead of fill my instant need to sit on my butt or feed my face. Or feed my passive aggressive side but that a whole other set of issues. Heh.

I've tried these things before and I feel like I plan to do a complete 180* in a day which is only setting myself up for failure. This time I'm going to try a few small habit changes at a time. I've heard it takes 30 to break or make a habit so I'll do these small changes a month at a time and hopefully they will stick.

1. Organizing/Household: I'm going to pick three things to do …

Let's Do This!

Hello my name is Dawn and I'm an unorganized, unmotivated hot mess...

[Sigh] I admit it okay?!!...But I want to change. The first step is just admitting it, right??!

My hubs is making a lot of great changes for himself and our family but I'm kinda struggling with mine. I can't get anything to stick. So I'm going to start my blog up again so maybe I can have some accountability for what I'm trying to do. Plus, maybe if I make it a fun, bloggy project where I pretend people read this and its helping them too...maybe...JUST M*A*Y*B*E, I'll actually do this thing for realz.

Step 1: admitting the problem. I admit it. FREELY. But here's exactly what I'm admitting to:
1. Organization/Housework -- Biggest issue with this is I'm a TIME WASTER. It takes me far too long to do anything because I piddle. This is the most important one because this is the one that drives the hubs crazy. Since he is trying to change so much, I think it would be a good idea to fix th…