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27 weeks

Wow. This pregnancy is FLYING by. I'm officially in my third trimester and I can barely believe it. Little baby tres will be here in a little over 12 weeks. Gulp. That makes me panic just a little. Although I am starting to finally get excited about meeting our newest member of the Allen boys wrestling team, I'm scared to death on how I will deal with 3 small boys and a husband in Graduate school. We got Brazos singed up for Daycare/PreK a couple days a week and he will start full time at the end of May. This is a HUGE releif. I was worried that our poor nanny may up and quit if she had to take care of all three boys after I go back. And with her here to help, I'm feeling better about handling maternity leave at least. Now if Beckett can continue with his sleeping through the night, and not having to rock before bed, my anxiety will be that much less. Baby tres just needs to be an easy baby and I think I'll be able to handle this crazy bunch for a few months at least. …

Beckett Anthony: 15 months

We had Beckett's 15 month well visit on Tuesday. He has gained 2 lbs and 2" since his last visit and jumped up to the 71%-72% for his age. Think maybe he's had a little growth spurt since his first birthday. His official stats are: 19" head, 31.75" length, 24# 2.5oz
He's had some big accomplishments since his first birthday, Mommy's favorite being that he is now sleeping through the night! Hallelujah! He still has nights where he wakes up once but most of the time he sleeps through the night. He now goes down for nap and to bed without being rocked. Another yay!! No more fighting sleep in Mommy's lap for 45 min to an hour. Which is really good because mommy doesn't have room for that in her lap anymore! Ha! He also got his molars all in, top and bottom. He's blowing kisses and doing all kinds of sign language thanks to his new nanny. He can sign "more", "please", "thank you", "apple", "all done"…