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WOW - Been awhile!

I have so much to update on here. Sigh. I hate getting behind.

Things have been crazy with work so not much time to blog - I'll just post a few updates and hopefully get more details and pictures up soon.

Brazos - We officially have a walker! St. Patrick's Day he just up and walked around the house all day and has been doing it ever since. I knew it would be that way but its still funny how fast it happens. We are ear infection free at the moment for the past 2 weeks or so. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way until the end of May when I can actually take a couple days off work to get his tubes done. Yes, I am having tubes put in... Two weeks after his appt with the ENT he got yet another ear infection. I hate seeing my baby suffer and he's got a couple molars and his eye-teeth left to cut! Speaking of molars. He has 2 1/2 molars in. The two on the bottom are basically through and part of one of the top molars. He's getting really drooly again so I'm thinking…