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Jamberry Nails!

So, I started a new business. I'm a officially a:

What is JAMBARRY you ask?
They are so fun! Basically you heat, stick, trim and you're done!
My launch party is this weekend. At Casa Allen (that's my house). I'm nervous that no one will buy anything but I'm gonna keep shoving these things down people's throats till someone buys 'em yo... Cause then they will see how cool they are and start rammin' down others peoples throats. ;) Marketing is cool like that.

I got my own biz cards. My name and info and junk are on the back.

I'm really excited to be able to do well with this company. Here's my current jams I'm sporting!

You know you want cute nails like this too...

So check out my website! Or email me for a free sample (make sure you let me know your name, mailing address, and which design you want below).