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Hudson Thomas: 1 Month

Can't believe it's been a month already and yet it feels like he's always been part of the family. Sweet little man is smiling and cooing and really starting to hold his head up steady. He's awake a lot more and turns his head to mommy's voice. He's eating like a champ and has a pretty good sleep schedule going. I weighed him today and he's about 12.5 lbs already! My big boy! I am in the last two weeks of my maternity leave. Starting to get sad about leaving him and going back to work but trying not to think on it too much. Since Marissa quit, I haven't gotten to spend as much quality time with just him as I would've liked but we think we are going to just try and make it work with Jason staying home with the little boys so at least he will be with me or daddy all the time. Happy 1 month sweet boy. Love you so much already <3

Father's Day

For Fathers Day this year I made Jason his traditional breakfast in bed. He decided on biscuits and gravy so I looked up Paula Deen's sawmill gravy recipe and made "homemade" bisquick biscuits.

It was VERY rich...made with half and half, sausage, bacon and there was butter too of course!

Brazos made him a framed hand print poem at school and we got daddy a few goodies for clinic - socks, ties and a new travel coffee mug.

For supper, Jason decided he wanted to go out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. First we had to get our annual Fathers Day pic with daddy and all the boys. We got creative this year :)
We didn't get to do our trip to WOF/OOF like we have the last couple years because of our little guy but hopefully Jason had a good day anyway!

Goodbye to Mumzy

Right after Hudson was born, Mumzy (Jason's grandmother) went into the hospital after her heart stopped twice. She was put under sedation to stabilize her heart but never came out of it. Last weekend we went down to Texas to see her and say what would be our final goodbyes. She passed away the Saturday afternoon after we got there. She absolutely loved the boys and I'm so sad she lived survive till we were moved down there and could spend more time with her. I will miss her hearty laugh and how much she loved spending time with the boys. It was a really rough weekend for us all but I'm glad we got to see her before she left us. The funeral is today. We couldn't go because of Jason's exams and it would just be too hard on the little ones making two trips so close together.
Her obituary from the paper: Elizabeth Marie (Nagel) Allen, 76, of Bryan passed away on June 13, 2015. Graveside services will be held on Saturday, June 20th at 1:30pm in the Bryan City Cemetery. St…

Mother's Day 2015 (Late Post)

I had a great Mother's Day as usual.Brazos and Daddy went to get me a gift and Brazis picked out a necklace for me. I of course love it! My boy has good taste.
For breakfast I didn't get my usual breakfast in bed, we met my mom, dad, grandma and uncle (who were all in town from the NASCAR race from the night before) at Golden Corral. Now this was neither mine nor my moms choice place for breakfast but my dad insisted... It was a good breakfast and the people watching never disappoints. Then we decided we would just head straight over to Deanna Rose to sneak in an hour or two before the rain hit. The boys had a blast of course!
I'm truly a blessed Mommy!

Beckett Anthony: 18 Months

Beckett had his 18 month well visit on my due date - 5/27. Playing in the waiting room.
We did the usual measurements and he is 32.5 " tall (which puts him in the 57%) and he weighs 24.6 lbs (54% for his age). He's going to be my mini but mighty little guy!

Playing with the books in Dr Schnick's Suess room. 
My feisty little dude is getting so big. He's starting to lose the last little bit of his baby phase and is almost a full blown toddler. To be honest, it makes me a little sad that I don't get to thoroughly enjoy this last little bit of him being a baby with his new brother being here. I'm trying to soak in every second that I can. He's such a sour patch kid. Haha! He'll hug you and kiss you one minute then punch you in the nose and giggle. He's started to speak more and more clearly and saying more words than just gibberish. Most of the time I can make out a word or two when he's talking now. His favorite words are "mine", "more…

Happy Birth Day Hudson Thomas!

My due date came and went without a single contraction. I had my doctor appointment the next day which was the usual "yep you're still pregnant" and I had only made about 1/2 cm progress. We discussed induction the following Monday. I asked if he still felt heads down and she thought so but maybe it would be a good idea to double check, his heart rate was a little higher on my tummy than usual. Unfortunately the sonogram confirmed he was breech. I was devastated to say the least. We discussed options and decided to schedule an inversion with a specialist but they couldn't do it until Monday. I still had a lot of fluid left and this was not my first pregnancy so the odds were highly in my favor that we could get him turned around. If not, I would have to have a c-section. There was a risk that he would not do well during the inversion and it may cause him stress which would mean an emergency c-section. The wait and the possible c-section looming was not sitting well w…