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I just wanna go home...

I'm procrastinating at work. I don't want to deal with the PILE of crap I have on my desk to do and email inbox full of more crap to do. I'm sick of being at work till 8 at night - sick of reconciling - sick of whiny producers and DC's boo-hooing "Where's my money?".


-Excuse me while I go raid the vending machine-


-Ok I'm back-

*Rips open Famous Amos Cookie bag* Munch...Munch...Munch....

Where was I? Oh, yes. My loathe for Accounting Fiscal Year End. can suck the gunk between my toes. Not a fan. I'm drowning with all my responsibilities but, hey, my boss and the Controller took me and two other Staffs out to a "Don't Screw Up" lunch today which was nice. And ominous. Here's a free lunch....Don't F*ck Sh*t Up....

I did suggest we eat at Brio at least. Smirk. My $15.00 Chicken & Sweet Potato Risotto was super freaking yummy.

Why-o-why can't I be one of those idiot House Wives of Wherever wom…


J and I's ONE YEAR ANNA is on May 3rd...

I've wracked my brain trying to think of some little cool, neat, outta-this-world-thoughtful, kick ace idea of something to do for him on that day...

I got nada.

Besides writing Happy Anniversary in black sharpie on my butt, taking a picture and sending it to him - and that wasn't even my idea.

Please. Help. I need your super cool ideas to pawn off as my own.

P.S. We had agreed to buy each other new bikes for our anna, but I don't know if that's going to happen and that's not very special...or romantic....or sweet.....or unlame.

The Countdown Begins...


Yippee Skippy!!!

So, I get a little excited about my birthday, cause - you know - its all about me...

This year, I wanna have a party. A theme party. The theme, you ask?

White. Trash. Party.

Think mullets, rebel flags, cut off shorts, wife-beaters, Nattie Lite or Milwaukee's Best (aka The Beast), hot dogs, and any all things Trailer-Park-Trashtastic!

I can't wait!

On This Day in 1985...

Today is my little sister's birthday - YAY!! Happy Birthday!!
Since she is one of my 3 favorite (and only) readers - she gets her very own personal birthday post on my blog.

And a couple pictures of us :)
Aren't we CUTE!~Errr....Um....what the hell is up with those bangs?! ESPECIALLY MINE! Yikes....

My sister and I are pretty darn close, I love her to pieces!!! I feel so blessed to have her as a sister - we're goofy and when we're together, the random hilarity never stops... I can talk to her about anything and she tells me exactly what she thinks. She's one of my most favortiest people ever!! PLUS, she made me an Aunt to probably the single most adorable little person on the planet.

She makes good babies, huh?!? :)

So I hope today is a FABULOUS day for her on her 25th birthday!!

Love you, mean it :)

Romping In The Bluebonnets

This weekend was our weekend in Texas for J's buddy's wedding. So, J, j, Gemma and myself all loaded up, and we drove down Thursday night (overnight) to BCS to spend some time with J's family too. I, of course, have never been down to Texas in the spring, but the wildflowers are GORGEOUS, especially the bluebonnets. It just looks like they exploded all over the country side! They were everywhere. J's mom wanted us all to take some pictures in the bluebonnets so we drove out to the side of a road in the middle of wherever and took some pics. They turned out great. It was quite entertaining to get the kiddos (J's nieces were there too) to cooperate and the puppy, not to mention J's mom losing her balance to kneel down with her grandbabies. And she had to wrangle all three kids and a puppy to take J & I's pic together...God bless her. It was NOT easy. Ha! The most adorable picture of them all was of my little baby girl:

How precious is this picture??!? Ugh…

Super Cool Fun Facts About Me!

2 Name: I go by so many names, but you can call me Goldie. Or G-Money, whichever you like.
3 Gender: Duh, female or one FLAMING gay man.
4 Age: Mid-20's
5 Screen Name: Again, Goldie...usually
6 Birthday: May 22nd - BEST birth date there is! Besides Jesus' birthday of course. JC has a KICK A birthday. No one else can really top it.
7 Race: Human Race.
8 School/Grade: No more school for me thanks.
9 Job: Staff Accountant. Yeah I guess I'm good at math if you count the ability to use a calculator. No I won't do your taxes.
10 Status: This is vague. Um, Happily Taken?!...Employed?!...Alive?!
11 Hometown: Well I was born in G-Town. But Hepler, KS is where I was raised.
12 Current Town: KCMO Yo!
13 Parents Still Together: Biological-No, But my "parents" that I grew up with are still together.
14 Siblings: Ahem, in no particular order: 3 step brothers, two half sister, one half brother, and a partridge in a pear tree... No full blood sibs though.
15 Pets: Gemma the Pug…

Updates, Upcoming Fun, Random Thoughts

As you saw in my last post, J surprised me last night with Nickelback tickets. I'm ecstatic!! Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, & Cavo. Uh-Mazing. Stoked doesn't quite describe it.

I am a lucky girl to have such a fabulous boyfriend. His main thrill is to make me smile. Good man. :o) I am an even luckier girl to have such an amazing mom. Every day I realize more and more how special our relationship is and how very rare it is to have such a great relationship. Every day should be mother's day. <3 Shout out to all my peeps that make me feel like a lucky gal - bf, family, and especially my good friends. Love!

Its been a long time since I could truly say I am happy. Even through my pouty "I'm too fat, I'm not good enough, boo-hoo for me" days I'm still happier than I was on my best day 3 or 4 years ago. It just really hit me last night how HAPPY I am. Life is grand.

Ok, enough of that sappy crap....

Work sucks, but I still appreciate my job an…

The Green Monster - JEALOUSY

I'm deleting this post cause its dumb... :o)

After I wrote this yesterday, J asked me to go workout with him at the gym. No driving around like an insane girlfriend to see if he was really there. He also got me tickets to got to the Nickelback concert.

Did I mention that I am mental??!?

RIP Dave Mathews 1976 - 2010

April Fool's Day. What a dumb holiday, huh?! I'm terrible at playing pranks. It just feels too mean... I can't think of anything funny that's not too cheezy or too mean to joke about. So, I don't like it. AND, I'm gullible as all get out, and I hate feeling dumb. Like this morning, a friend of mine posted on facebook: RIP Dave Mathews 1976 - 2010. All I was thinking was "Wow, can't believe all the celebrities dying this year..." and "She really loves Dave Mathews I bet she's bummed..." Um, yeah, April Fool's you door knob... Sheesh. J hasn't pulled anything on me yet, so I'm just waiting... we shall see. *shifty eyes*

Goal Update - Day 3

1. Wake up at 6:30 every morning. NO SNOOZE BUTTON. Yesterday morning - got up at 6:40 only to have J come in and snuggle with me (didn't make it out of bed till 7ish but it was worth it) and this morning, BIG FAIL - went to bed late last night and Snoozed the heck out of my alarm this …