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11 weeks Dr Appt

Had my second doc appointment today with baby tres. I've gained just under 1 lb and blood pressure is good. Official due date of May 27th is confirmed. Dr Rips had a resident with her today which I always say yes to allowing them to come is important (and I'm a soon to be doctors wife so I get it). The resident had a hard time finding baby's heartbeat which she said she has trouble but then Dr Rips couldn't find it either...slight moment of panic for mommy. Dr said this isn't uncommon so mommy just got to have another sonogram.The sonographer was a little nervous at first because she thought I was 13 wks vs 11 wks but I assured her I was only 11 and then she found baby and heartbeat right away. I didn't realize just how nervous I was until she said "there it is" and my heart started beating again. Baby tres looks great and measures 12w1d. Heart rate was 153.
No more scares, ok little one? It actually looks like a teeny beebee now so it wa…

Birthday Approaching!

Oh my goodness, Beckett will be ONE in a matter of days. O. N. E.
I finally got his invitations ordered and working on getting them mailed out ASAP. Lots of birthday party planning in the works. First birthdays are a big, big deal with this mommy so Beckett's will be no exception. It's going to be fun! Can't believe this little stinker is almost ONE...
He's rotten but I love him (and that face) to pieces.
A very long catch up post about his first year to follow...