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I Was Told Not To Settle...So, I Didn't!

Ok so lots of happenings over the last few days...

I got a grand total of 3 days sweetness out of B and he was back to being the cold, stand-offish @ss I so know and loathe. This time, though, I flipped out!! Crazy, psycho, crying, snap-at-your-fingers-if-you-get-too-close-to-the-teeth, kind of freak out. It wasn't pretty and the poor guy was totally confused. I realize now that I probably overreacted to the situation and there probably wasn't any call for the sob-fest but what made me realize I had made a mistake was that he never even tried to comfort me and reassure me. And when I asked him to, he was annoyed to have to answer the same "are you having second thoughts" kind of questions. Annoyed?!??! Buddy I put up with a lot from you over the last few MONTHS, I deserve a little crazy meltdown here and there! I was still fuming the next morning and so I sent him a nasty email and told him that he WAS in the wrong and I deserved better and if he wasn't going to act the way I wanted, I was done. He had promised I would NOT regret my decision and I was bathing in regret! Well, I got no response from that email but I get did a few texts later that night saying basically he didn't know how to act around me now and that I should probably just move on.

Noted and done. Moving. On.

It feels short lived but I meant it when I said One Chance. He blew it so, I'm out. I'm very proud of myself. *puffs chest out* I put up with Z-E-R-O bullshit this time.

Little did I know after making this decision that the cosmic gods were at work churning away at there master plan (I'm so full of it aren't I?!? haha). J had deleted me on FB and, though I didn't know it, gotten drunk one night and deleted my number from his phone. But, my good friend Linds saved the day b/c she was still friends with him on FB and they got to chattin last night back and forth about Rockfest and what not and the conversation turned to me. He asked how I was, she said not good. And that's all it took. He wanted to talk to me and asked her to relay the message. He told her that he missed me terribly and that he would take me back in a heartbeat. I think he likes me...maybe a little. :o)

Anyway, he ended up coming over last night and we talked about things. Still can't believe he's so willing to take me back and I don't know how I managed to deserve it but...he is taking me back. And all he wants in return is just for me to be his girl. Aww. *big cheeser* Ok, laugh at the corniness all you want but I like it. He thinks I'm perfect and special and I'm going to soak it all up until he realizes how retarded he is for thinking that...hahaha! And as soon as I saw him last night I realized just how much I had really, really missed him. Kind of surprising after only two weeks... And I felt really happy and comfortable and relaxed again. *sigh* So nice.

So, it's a girl's perogative to change her mind, right? I'm sure all you who know me are rolling your eyes at me and smiling right now, aren't you??! Yeah, I'm a ding-dong. I admit it freely. But give me a little credit, I realized and corrected my mistake pretty quickly this time instead of letting is stew and stew and stew - big change for me. Give a girl her dues!

I spared B the spoon...he's lucky. *evil squinty eyes*


Max's Mommy said…
oh you wear me out. But Yay for J!
Anonymous said…
Proud!........but you had to do this to get the B feelings done for good.....things will go much better now, no matter how it turns out with J. You will be giving it a fair shot. :)


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