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Turkey Day 2015

Our first big holiday as a Texas family!
Every year Jason's parents host Thanksgiving for both sides (Todds and Allens). It was the first holiday without Mumsy or Jake so it was a little bittersweet for the Allens. It was also my second ever Texas Thanksgiving! We hadn't been here since the first year we were together. We were hoping Jake would get to come too but he opted to stay home with his mom. :/ We ate too much and counted the blessings we are so very thankful for twice as much this year! It was a great day even though I was homesick for my KS family... There was a big announcement made in KS! Dustin and Amelia are expecting!! I'm over the moon for them. It was also Beckett's official 2nd birthday (we celebrated the following Saturday though)! More on that later. Altogether it was a great day. We are too much, enjoyed visiting with everyone and much thankfulness and happiness all around.

Mr & Mrs Cox

Our friends Marcus & Ashli got married last weekend. The two older boys stayed home but Hudson came with us.  Hair and makeup...shut the front door. 
It was gorgeous out except the wind was so cold and blowing hard!
Marcus and his mom 
The beautiful bride
Hudson and I went inside to watch where it was a little warmer
Dancing with daddy
So much fun!

Love this little squishy
Partied out!
Congrats to the Cox family! Wishing you many blessed years full of happiness.

Church & Brunch

Daddy went to KC to take his final round of boards (YAY!) and was gone for about 4 days. I decided that Sunday I was going to take the boys to church by myself since Brazos loves going to "God school" so much.I got us all up and dressed and ready to go but not quite early enough to do donuts before like we have been doing. I told Brazos we would go eat after church instead. I even let Hudson go to the nursery so I could enjoy the service on my own. I am always so skeptical about going to church alone but it was just fine and I really enjoyed the service and message (it was about worry so always a good reminder). The boys did great in there Sunday school classes and they were behaving so well so I decided that I was going to brave taking all three of them to a restaurant by myself. Braz really wanted pancakes so we decided on Cracker Barrel. Thank goodness for these checkers outside! We had a 30 minute wait...

Such a good baby
Table games saved the day too while we waited on food…

Hudson: First Food (take two)

Since the avocados didn't go over so well, I decided oatmeal might be a better choice. Hudson liked the oatmeal much better than avocado...a LOT better. In fact, he loved it and ate the whole bowl! He gets so excited when he's eating and jumps up to the spoon and says "Mmmm!" with every bite. It's hilarious. And adorable. 
I do it mom
Full tummy = Happy baby

Late Halloween Fun

I forgot Grammy had given me stickers for the boys while I was in KC for work.I got them out the other day and the boys LOVED them. I clearly need to get more hands-on, crafty stuff for them to do. Brazos did an awesome job!
Beckett was LOVING it. He did so good. 
Brazos' finished product :) He did everything so perfect and in the right spots. Smart cookie!
Haha! I love Beckett's. He stacked everything in the house first and then everywhere else.
Thank you Grammy!! <3

Hudson: First Food!

Hudson tried his first food last night, AVOCADO! He's been grabbing at our food, watching us eat intently and acting like he's still hungry after he eats/breast milk isn't filling him up. He is a big boy but I was going to wait to start him on any foods for a while or until he started showing signs of being ready. We felt like he was ready now. He wasn't really crazy about the avocado itself and kept making a face. Haha! But he did good with the mechanics; opening mouth, "chewing", etc. He only ate a couple table spoons worth but it's a good start.  Welcome to the world of big boy food baby boy! I promise it gets better... Haha!

Hudson: 5 Months

My little squishy is 5 months old! And he's as sweet and handsome as can be.
I unofficially weighed him on our scale and he's ringing in at 19.8 lbs, one feeding away from being 20 big ones. He's wearing 6-9 month and some 9 month clothes. Just growing like a weed! Some of his accomplishments this month include rolling over back to front and then to back and to front, rollie pollie. He says "dadada" now and screeches like his big brother Beckett (yay). Loves his feet. He's always playing with them or rubbing his feet together. He's starting to sit up a little, assisted but just barely. Definitely getting stronger. He scooted up on his knees yesterday while we were playing on the floor in the midst of rolling all around. This mobility thing is happening all too fast! Haha! We got the green light last month to start foods but he's been doing great so I'm holding off till he's 6 months. He started going to an in-home daycare this month with mommies j…

Happy Halloween 2015

I was up all night the night before (till 4am to be exact) doing the boys' costumes. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Meh.  I drew and cut out all the bones for Braz skeleton from faux leather-ish material and put mesh webbing on the back to iron them into his black pants and shirt. That took most of the night to do. Beckett's leather SOA cut, I was trying to cut the vest out in one piece but it just wasn't working so I ended up hand sewing the back and front pieces together instead which probably turned out 10x better than it would have anyway. I used one of Beckett's shirts for sizing and such. I drew the patches on the white material I bought and then colored them in with black fabric marker. All by hand from a pic of Jax Teller I had (swoon). I cut them out and added the iron on webbing and stuck them on the vest. I ironed them all together the next morning and prayed everything fit and all the bones were in the appropriate places. Luckily everything worked…