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Weekend Recap

Friday night when I got home from work, J surprised me and had put the baby's crib together. We still need a mattress and a lot of other things before it actually looks like a nursery, but having the crib sitting in there makes it that much more real. Its so cute how excited J is for the baby to get here. I love it. I don't have a picture of the crib yet but I'll definitely put some up soon.

Also, Saturday afternoon J got to feel the baby move!! Yay! I'm so excited he finally can feel it... Baby A is moving around all the time now and I can definitely feel every little "punch" and "kick". He's a very active little guy! :o)

I'm having some trouble with fatigue again. Very tired all weekend!! Yesterday I was even getting light headed doing the smallest tasks - I would walk halfway up the stairs and have to stop because I was feeling a little dizzy. And I did a pretty light workout yesterday and was still getting lightheaded multiple times and ha…

Yep, there's a baby in there...

Here's the belly at 22 weeks 2 days. Crazy how much its changed in the past couple weeks!! Its getting harder and harder to bend over and I feel him moving around more and more each day. I love those little "nudges" I feel in my tummy. J is so super excited and ready for the baby to be here, IMPATIENTLY ready, in fact - me? Yes and kinda no. I'm really enjoying being pregnant and I have a feeling that even though it's going to get worse, I still have some fun stuff left to come! Like being able to feel the kicks from the outside of my tummy and being able to see my belly moving when he moves. I know I'll get to that uncomfortable stage and be so ready for him to come out, but for right now, I love being able to carry him around with me everywhere I go, knowing he's all warm and snuggly and protected in there...

How am I feeling? I feel great! Energy is pretty much back, no morning sickness, and I feel like I can do most of my exercising without too much d…

Rockstar In The Making

We've made the decision on baby's room decor & bedding. I actually picked it out and J liked it!! I think its perfect. I love the colors and I love that its something different besides animals or sports... Plus I really like stars, so I love that its part of the detail too.

Here it is!
We are going to do a piece at a time and possibly even register for some of it, but we definitely want to do this theme.What do you think??

20 Weeks Ultrasound

More details on the ultrasound Friday:

Weight gained - 10 BIG ONES (Its a conspiracy I tell ya, the scales are OFF at the two buildings)
Heart Rate (mommy) - 112/80 Still doing good...
Heart Rate (Baby Boy) - 145
Baby's Weight - 15 oz (Almost a WHOLE POUND, he's in the 90th percentile on his weight)

All the organs, weight, measurements looked good (perfect actually, according to the doctor)...except...Baby has a Single Umbilical Artery or a 2 Vessel Cord. Baby's normally have a 3 vessel cord - 1 vein and 2 arteries. My little punkin only has one artery.

What does this mean?

Well, an SUA can be a flag for a genetic disorder or an abnormality of an organ, etc. Weight gain is also a big concern for the baby during the last trimester. I have to have a Level II Ultrasound done by a parinatologist (which is a higher detail scan) and I'm [im]patiently waiting for the nurse to call me back with that appointment date. They will check the organs like heart, kidneys, etc and measure my…