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Brazos: Pre-K Status

I just wanted to take a moment and comment on how PROUD I am of this boy and how much he has improved at school this last month. He was a total terror when he started and I got a report from his teacher a couple days ago that he is doing AWESOME!! He's the first one done with all his work and it's always done perfectly. He's paying attention and following directions. He's very social and has lots of friends. And the biggest improvement is nap time! He doesn't take a nap every day, which is fine, but when he doesn't take a nap he is laying quietly and relaxing! Yay! Huge milestone for my crazy wild man!! He will be totally ready to go to the big K next fall! Also, I have to mention that he and Daddy have been working with some Addition flash cards and he can go through all the cards 0-3 (adding to 1-12) in under 4 minutes! This boy is a genious I tell ya! :) Now if we could get him out of the pull ups at night and learn to tie his shoes, he'd be a total and co…

Hudson: 4 Months

This is a little late but such is the fate of being child #3.We had Hudson's 4 month appointment on the 2nd with his new dr. My baby boy is 18.07 lbs (93rd%) and is 27.5" tall which is off the chart/over 99th%! He's healthy and happy and all around perfect.  Some of the things he's doing now - babbles a lot and just added "baba" to his vocabulary. Loves to screech. Giggles and smiles. Loves his big brothers. Can roll over from tummy to back like a pro but still working on back to tummy. Found his toes and loves to play with his feet. We got the green light to start on solid foods but holding off for a little while. May start with some avocado in a month or so. This sweet little love is getting so big so fast. Momma is having an extra hard time with him getting so big too fast. Time just goes way too quickly. He officially started going to his sitter yesterday so he's really a big boy now. No more staying home with mommy or daddy.

A house divided...

Houston and KC are in the ALDS and are tied 2-2...last game is in KC. It ain't been pretty. Ha! Today's game was especially brutal. Houston had us 6-2 and we can up in the 7th and had 11 at bats and got 4 runs. Ended up shutting them out the last two innings and won 9-6. Might get beat up wearing this t-shirt around TX today. #blueokctober #foreverroyal #takethecrown