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Mr. & Mrs.

We did it! We're hitched!! Everything was perfect...very relaxed, laid back and we had a great time. I was exhausted by the end of the day but I couldn't asked for anything better. My dad was walking me down the aisle and asking me if I wanted to run the other direction... I said HELL NO, I wanna run UP the aisle!! I honestly couldn't get up there fast enough, I literally had to force myself to walk slower (I don't think I was that successful at walking slow). I just couldn't possibly be any happier than I am with J. And now he's stuck with me forever and ever - lucky guy!! LOL :)

We don't have all the professional photos back yet but I thought I would share a couple of my favorites from the one's she has posted. Enjoy :)

My handsome hubby - who wouldn't say 'I Do' to this man??! I love how the flower in my hair turned outLove this picture of them!! My necklace was perfect with the two sparrows!

The entire wedding party flexing (except my SIL?…

Bridal Shower at Work

The girls at work threw me a Bridal Shower! It was so great and so sweet of them. There were tons of people, not just my department, who showed up. It was really overwhelming all the gifts I got...I'm really blessed to have such great co-workers!! Anywho, here's pics :)

My adorable cake(s) a girl in my department made - she so go pro!

Cute cupcakes too :)

J and j surprised me and showed up too!! I almost cried (darn hormones)

My boss, Me and my BFF L - she's the one responsible for J and I being together in the first place! Love these ladies!!! Thank you SOOO Much!!!!

My $25.00 Wedding Dress

First I have to explain my excitement. I'm LIVE for the THRILL of a good shopping deal. I was never into drugs, so this is my crack cocaine, methamphetamine drug of choice! If I could buy something for a $0.01 I would, just to be able to say I bought it for a PENNY. Ok, now, that being said, I found my wedding dress for a whopping $25... Granted, it is a shorter dress than I was originally looking for but WHO CARES! I paid TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! :) But, its really pretty too. I didn't JUST buy the dress because of the price, I really like it as well. And I think J is going to like it too.
Please ignore the retarded look on my face in both these pictures. I'm 11 wks pregnant, people, I was tired and not thinking of smiling so I didn't look like a short-bus rider. I really was excited and, really...I was!
See?? It IS pretty! I told you :) Plus, I got some shoes this weekend too! YAY for getting sh*t done!
They are white and sparkly and not too tall - pretty much pe…

Dress Shopping Part 2B of 5,000,000,000,000.....

That's right. Stiiillll dress shopping. I did find the perfect dress this weekend but it was only in blush pink in the store. So, we were going to see if it came in white or ivory - and it does...BUT, it takes 3 weeks to order.


We all forgot our cameras so I don't have any pictures of the dresses I tried on but here's the websites picture of the one I wanted to get:

Ok, I have to admit, I'm getting a tad bit anxious about this dress situation. I have 8 DAYS till we leave to find a dress, get it cleaned and any alterations it may need. Crap. Not that it isn't doable, it just seems next to impossible and a TON of work and running around to get it done.

What kind of a tard bride agrees to get married in three weeks? *raises hand* Me.

I see a "sick day" filled with bridal shopping in my near future. The search continues...