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{12} of THIRTY

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

I know this schedule is about to change dramatically, with Beckett so close to making his grand entrance, so I will be glad I wrote this down so I can longingly look back on the only SEMI-craziness that was my schedule before Beckett. This isn't every day but this is most days in our current lives.

~2:30 - 3:00 am - Brazos wakes up and cries for "Mommy". Without fail. Every. Night. Go into his room, snuggle/smootch him, tuck him back in. Go back to my room, go pee, and go back to bed.

4:30 am - Jason's alarm goes off, he stumbles out of bed and turns on the bathroom light, waking me from my not-so-sound sleep. I grumble to myself and go back to sleep or get up to pee and go back to bed/sleep.

4:50 am - Jason kisses me goodbye [pretty sure he does this every time he gets up this early, I don't always wake up to return the goodbye]

5:45 am - Alarm goes off. Hit Snooze.

5:54 am - Alarm goes off. Hit Snooze.

6:03 am - …

38 Weeks: The Waiting Game

37 weeks 38 weeks (can you tell I've dropped?!)

Wow! Its been way too long since I've updated... Poor Beckett is already getting the shaft - as I suppose it goes for all children who are not first-borns.

I had my Dr Appt yesterday and stats are as follows:
BP 120/78 (My blood pressure has been perfect this pregnancy - very thankful)
Weight +35.4 (Meh)
Beckett's HR 140s
Cervix finally starting to open, only about a fingertip/half cm and still very thick, and Beckett is still high.

Just playing the waiting game at this point. Could be any day...could be two weeks from now. Just have to wait and see. Thankfully, I'm feeling ok...I mean, I'm uncomfortable as heck and can't do much without completely gassing out but my swelling is minimal and I'm still sleeping fairly decent [can't seem to get enough sleep in fact]. We discovered my iron is low a few appointments back and I can definitely tell. Spinach tastes like the most amazing food in the world to me an…

{11} of THIRTY

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Leaving the price tag/UPC sticker on something you've just purchased. In my world, it can't stay on there. It MUST come off. And don't even get me started if the sticker is only half torn off. Seriously, because of this, I feel Goo Gone is one of the world's greatest inventions.
2. Scrapping your silverware against your teeth when you eat [ahem...Heather]. My teeth are cringing just thinking about it. How can you stand it??! I swear my sister used to do this on purpose when we were younger just to annoy me.
3. Lying. I'm not saying I'm perfect and I've never fibbed but I hate, hate, hate not being able to trust someone at their word or someone keeping things from me. It makes me feel stupid for trusting them and not knowing the truth. I don't like feeling naive because I gave you the benefit of the doubt.
4. Snobby people - get over yourself. No one likes you or wants to be around you. You aren't any better th…

29 Weeks

Here I am at 29 weeks exactly. I'm at +24 lbs which is a little higher than I would like, but after a week of crappy eating on vacation, I won't complain too much. My blood pressure is good and just got word that I passed my glucose test. Yay! My emotions get the better of me a lot this pregnancy, but I don't know if its all pregnancy related or if some of it is just me trying to work through a lot of emotional issues - either way, trying to hold it together some days has been rough. I just wish I was able to enjoy being pregnant...but alas, its just not meant to be. Trying to enjoy it as much as possible, all the little kicks and wiggles and special time with Beckett. Also, trying very hard to stay focused on eating healthy and walking as much as I can, although, I can't walk far anymore without the belly cramping. Still trying to keep from gaining that 50 lbs like I did last time ;) Beckett is extremely active, and according to the baby center emails I get, he's…

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10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

My REAL most embarrassing moment is not something I ever want my kids (or anyone else for that matter) to have to know about, soo...

I've had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life, but one that I can think of that still haunts me to this day, is the fact that I couldn't get a date for my Junior Prom. Sure my boyfriend dumped me two shorts months before Prom (everyone I knew had dates at that point), and sure I didn't know anyone outside of Girard High School that I could've gone with anyway, but the fact that I couldn't get a date stings my ego more than anything. To add insult to injury, the guy I was "talking-to" (that's what we used to call someone you like, who liked you but you weren't yet officially "going-out" - oh, the HS drama days) promised to ditch his date at the prom and just go with me instead BUT danced with me once and then left early with his date to go "change clothes&…

{9} of THIRTY

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1. My Grandma Kay - she was a huge influence over me growing up. I can think of so many of her great qualities that I try to live up to: Seeing God in all the little things He does for us, Loving others no matter their circumstance, and Cherish the past and those who were in it.
2. My mom & stepdad - What more influence could someone have over me than the people that raised me?! They taught me wrong from right, the importance of not putting my makeup on while driving, if you don't have the money for something right now - don't buy it, gave me the blessing of being raised in a small town, made me get a job when I was 16 (thank you), every holiday and childhood tradition are soooo important to maintain as a parent, I could go on forever. Thank you guys.
3. My dad - I was taught a lot of life lessons from my dad without him being around much. Good, bad or indifferent, he has influenced me a lot in my life. He wasn…

22 Weeks

Here I am at week 22 weeks (my view of the belly):

Feeling great so far, but starting to get uncomfortable. I've gained 12 lbs so far, and holding. Hoping to keep up with the minimal weight gain. I'm still working out as much as I can - walking, a little bit of weights (nothing over 20lbs), and yoga on Tuesday nights (modified of course). I'm afraid my yoga classes are going to have to end for the time being though...its getting harder and harder to modify everything and I have to modify more and more each time. My yoga instructor gives me the eyebrow every time she sees me and has said she would not let me in the class (its not a prenatal class) if she wasn't confident that I knew what I was doing. I can tell it makes her nervous that I'm in a regular yoga class but I have no prenatal class to go to - boo. I may go one more week and that's it. As of the 25th, I have one month left of my second trimester - CRAZINESS!! 4 months to go! A part of me is ready (can&…

{8} of THIRTY

8. What are 5 passions you have?
1. My Kids. They are my life. I would give up anything, do anything just so they have the best life possible full of the happiest memories and all the successes in life they could ever hope for. I don't think I am as passionate about anything else in my life as I am for Brazos and Beckett's happiness (as well as any other children I may have in the future).
2. Singing/Music. I love singing and I love music. All kinds of music - just depends on my mood. I could sing all day every day if I was able, and I'm a dork for karaoke.
3. The pursuit of happiness. This has eluded me a lot in my life (although I've had a lot of great, stupidly blissful moments in my life - don't get me wrong). Overall happiness with myself and life is something I don't know that I've had very often in my lifetime. I'm very hard on myself and have a lot of issues to overcome but I'm working through them a little at a time. I'll get there some…

Baby Update

I'm seriously slacking on this blog. Need to get back to it! 1) Helps me remember things and goodness knows I need all the help I can get with that 2) Its good therapy 3) I miss it

So, since I've been away this happened:

Here's the belly at 9 wks:
Mother's Day [Mommy & BIG BROTHER Brazos]:
12 wks [Hola Boobs!]:
16 wks:
19 wks:

20 wks [Bare belly - lookin kinda pale and squishy around the edges]

And on July 8th we got to see this sweet little face and found out we are having baby boy #2!! :) (This momma loves her boys!):
As I'd today I am 21 weeks and 4 days. I've gained a total of 12 lbs since I found out I was preggy - 2 of which I've gained since yesterday! [Completely blaming on the peach cobbler I made last night] Otherwise I've been doing great with my weight. And I feel great. Fatigue and acne were HORRIBLE in the beginning but seem to be back to normal (somewhat) for the past couple weeks.
We picked out a name for little man #2 - Beckett Anth…


Boo hoo. :(

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7. What is your dream job, and why?

This is a great question! I'm not sure of my exact "dream job" but I'll list a couple of things that I think I would love doing every day [rather than my current job which I am not in love with in the slightest]:

1. Hairdresser/Nail Tech: I would *love* to go back to school and learn cosmetology - especially if I could do it and not really have to worry about being the bread winner of the family. I am actually hoping to do this whenever Jason is out of school and making some money. I would love to make people look cute for a living and be artsy-fartsy with nail designs.

2. Own a ceramics shop - how cool would it be too paint ceramics all day and see other people's creations too. I would absolutely love this but, again, only if I didn't have to be the bread winner of the family/worry about money.

3. Be a Foreign Language teacher - this is what I had originally wanted to do when I started college but someone who shall remain …

31 Things for my 31st

My birthday is coming up in 8 days (I'm old but I still like my birthday), so for a bit of fun - since my last post "wish" list was not as "fun" as it was "sappy" - I'm posting my birthday wish list. I realize I'll never get these  things for my birthday but just in case anyone was going to be shopping for my b-day this week...

1. A Mint Green Jawbone wrist band. 
2. A dozen of these style maternity dresses to live in this pregnancy
3. This bracelet
4. A guarantee to look like this again after the baby is born (willing to put in the work, just want it ASAP)
5. A cool pair of boots
6. A GREAT NEW JOB after maternity leave with a big fat salary increase
7. Nook HD
8. Nikon DSLR Camera, Photo Editing Software (and the knowledge to use both)
9. Hair Extensions (the real ones)
10. 2013 Dodge Challenger (I knoooow, this is not a family friendly car...I don't care)
11. Ok, something more "practical", I'll take a 2013 Buick Enclave