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Status Update: Weekend 2

1. Housework/Organizing: Been doing very well with the bed making. Today is the first day I did not make it, but that's because the hubs was still in it when I left this morning. A hundy says he didn't make it this morning when he got up. I haven't been great on the dishes but I've been doing better with them. Laundry - eh. I got caught up on all the laundry last weekend but did NONE this weekend.

2. Budgeting/$$: Well, I have no money so this one isn't really applicable. I'm really stressed out about money so I'm just going to skip this one for this week.

3. Personal Appearance/Health: I can't stop eating. My husband keeps making comments about me needing to get a workout in. My ex-boss asked me if I was pregnant. So, yeah, the weight thing is getting to me. I haven't gained any more since I gained the 13 lbs back and I'm still down 10 lbs from where I was but I feel HORRIBLE. I want to lose those 13 lbs again (and then maybe about 5 more after t…

As Seen on Pinterest: Paper Towel Curls

I pinned this and put it under "Must Try" because seriously -- her hair looks SO CUTE and I want my hair to look like this:

And I can TOTALLY do that ya'll. So, I tried it.

Step 1: Start with wet hair. Me post workout shower [disregard the red face -- I look like my blood pressure is that of a 300 lb man in his late 40s really high after a run] with wet hair.

Step 2: Put mousse in hair, tie hair up in paper towel "curlers" rrrrreeeeaaaalllly tight. Sleep uncomfortably on back all night because said paper towel curlers are too tight. Wake up the next morning really excited -- you gonna be FABULOUS dah-ling [or so I thought].
I know I don't look excited but this is at 5:30 in the morning -- this is as excited as it gets.
Step 3: Take "curlers" out of hair and FREAK THE F OUT when you realize the curls are WWW***AAA***YYY too tight... worked a little TOO well. Maybe I need to just run my fingers through it. Yeah, I'll run my fingers …

Status Report: Weekend 1

1. Housework/Organizing: Overall I feel like I'm doing better. I haven't been perfect the last few days but I suppose that's to be expected. I've made the bed everyday (even though it was at 6:30 at night I still did it that day). There's been at least one load of laundry done every day, as well as dishes in the dishwasher every day. Yay me. And I cleaned yesterday and caught up on ALL the laundry so I guess I'm a little ahead of myself so that'll make up for the lack of improvement in the other two areas.

2. Budgeting/$$: Let's just skip this one shall we. I blew this one all to hell in the last few days. Spent money we didn't have on some Christmas shopping, some unexpected expenses (very large expense) popped up on Saturday that we weren't expecting [don't ask], and Jason mentioned IHOP and I HOPPED all over that opportunity to eat out. So much for being the "No-Man". I drowned my money sorrows in a pile of pancakes which is a no…


See the sarcastic look on my face?? Yeah. That's how I feel about this 'do. Time for a change. I have a hair appt tonight and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do just yet.



Not really a lot of difference. I'm pretty unimpressed with the new cut and color. Nothing special or different just "freshened up" a bit. Totally NOT worth the money I wasted spent on this cut and color. I'll just have to take matters into my own hands and figure out a new way to style it for 4 weeks and then I'll color it a new color or something...myself. I'm not paying almost $100 for this again when I can do it myself for $12. I thought about deleting this post but atleast it shows my steps to improve the appearance even if it was a failed attempt...

The Master Plan

Nike says it best...JUST DO IT! First lesson I need to learn is this. Instead if making excuses and plans to do it tomorrow, I need to just do the things I need to get done NOW instead of putting them off.

Easier said than done but I'm hoping to keep this at the front if my mind and really drill it in there -- just do it! NOW! Life's a choice and I just have to make the conscious effort to make the ones that will make me a better person instead of fill my instant need to sit on my butt or feed my face. Or feed my passive aggressive side but that a whole other set of issues. Heh.

I've tried these things before and I feel like I plan to do a complete 180* in a day which is only setting myself up for failure. This time I'm going to try a few small habit changes at a time. I've heard it takes 30 to break or make a habit so I'll do these small changes a month at a time and hopefully they will stick.

1. Organizing/Household: I'm going to pick three things to do …

Let's Do This!

Hello my name is Dawn and I'm an unorganized, unmotivated hot mess...

[Sigh] I admit it okay?!!...But I want to change. The first step is just admitting it, right??!

My hubs is making a lot of great changes for himself and our family but I'm kinda struggling with mine. I can't get anything to stick. So I'm going to start my blog up again so maybe I can have some accountability for what I'm trying to do. Plus, maybe if I make it a fun, bloggy project where I pretend people read this and its helping them too...maybe...JUST M*A*Y*B*E, I'll actually do this thing for realz.

Step 1: admitting the problem. I admit it. FREELY. But here's exactly what I'm admitting to:
1. Organization/Housework -- Biggest issue with this is I'm a TIME WASTER. It takes me far too long to do anything because I piddle. This is the most important one because this is the one that drives the hubs crazy. Since he is trying to change so much, I think it would be a good idea to fix th…

Jamberry Nails!

So, I started a new business. I'm a officially a:

What is JAMBARRY you ask?
They are so fun! Basically you heat, stick, trim and you're done!
My launch party is this weekend. At Casa Allen (that's my house). I'm nervous that no one will buy anything but I'm gonna keep shoving these things down people's throats till someone buys 'em yo... Cause then they will see how cool they are and start rammin' down others peoples throats. ;) Marketing is cool like that.

I got my own biz cards. My name and info and junk are on the back.

I'm really excited to be able to do well with this company. Here's my current jams I'm sporting!

You know you want cute nails like this too...

So check out my website! Or email me for a free sample (make sure you let me know your name, mailing address, and which design you want below).


Tomorrow if my big 3-0. This song [and Judy Garland] has been in my head all morning:

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking 
When there are clouds, in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile, through your fear and sorrow
Smile, and there'll be tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through
If you'll....
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear, may be ever so near,
That's the time, you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile, 
If you'll just....
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear, may be ever so near,
That's the time, you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile, 
If you'll just....

Coincidence? I think not. Lots going on to suggest the beginning of my 30s are going to be rough, but I'm going to keep smiling and singing just as Judy Gar…

WOW - Been awhile!

I have so much to update on here. Sigh. I hate getting behind.

Things have been crazy with work so not much time to blog - I'll just post a few updates and hopefully get more details and pictures up soon.

Brazos - We officially have a walker! St. Patrick's Day he just up and walked around the house all day and has been doing it ever since. I knew it would be that way but its still funny how fast it happens. We are ear infection free at the moment for the past 2 weeks or so. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way until the end of May when I can actually take a couple days off work to get his tubes done. Yes, I am having tubes put in... Two weeks after his appt with the ENT he got yet another ear infection. I hate seeing my baby suffer and he's got a couple molars and his eye-teeth left to cut! Speaking of molars. He has 2 1/2 molars in. The two on the bottom are basically through and part of one of the top molars. He's getting really drooly again so I'm thinking…

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I was greeted this morning by my husband and my little man with smootches from both....and I notice that Braz has a phone in his hands. At first I thought it was his daddy's phone but then I realized - it was for MOMMY! :) I got a new phone from my hubby for Valentine's day!! [Although Brazos was a little resistant in giving it to mommy but I gave him my old one then he was ok with that]

I'm going to pick up Jason's gift today at lunch - I'm doing this on purpose so he wouldn't be able to have it till today. I'm bad about letting him have his gifts early. Its a private gift so I won't share but I know he'll love it! We're going to dinner tonight, my little valentine included, so it won't be a super romantic date night out but I'm going to enjoy it just as much...


I have an eye infection (or pink eye not really sure yet, going to urgent care tomorrow when I get paid) in BOTH eyes and have had since Friday evening. My eyes are red a…

Little Update on the Fam...

What's Up With THE ALLEN'S:

1. Brazos was in Daycare H-E-L-L the past week. Tonya quit (basically) due to Hadley's health issues. I'm soooooooooo super sad and bummed and upset but I understand. She didn't foresee these issues and she's not doing it on purpose and she's sad too. BUT her baby comes first - as she should. Last week he went to a daycare center for the first time and it was not a pleasant experience. I'm pretty sure Brazos is traumatized for life [or at least the next few weeks] over the ordeal and mommy isn't too happy either. Its over now, though. He's with Tonya this week and he starts at his new daycare on Monday. Tonya and I went and toured this new place and we were both very impressed. They seem willing to work with me to make sure Brazos is adjusting well and happy - and that's all I'm really asking.

2. Brazos is cutting his 1 year molars. Misery...pure misery for my poor baby. He's a droolywhiny mess [without the …

Jake's First Wrestling Tourny

Jake had his first wrestling tournament this weekend. Jason went to go watch [Braz and I stayed home] so I got a match-by-match update as the day progressed:

10:14AM - "Jake won his first match with a pin"
11:02AM - "Won the 2nd one by decision!"
11:17AM - "Won the 3rd by pin!"
11:19AM - "One more for 1st place!"
12:15PM - "He got pinned in the last match. 2nd place"

Jake got SECOND PLACE at his first tournament ever - he did AWESOME! And his Dad was super proud of him!!

I'm sure this is the beginning of many, many wrestling tournaments in our future. I can't wait to see him in action!! Jason's hoping to get him in another one this coming weekend here in town.

We are so proud of you Jacob!!! :o)

Little Man Turns One!

Brazos had an AWESOME 1st Birthday! So many friends and family came over to help us celebrate...our little duplex was FULL. Thankfully, the birthday boy was feeling a lot better by the time the big party day rolled around. Here's a few pics of the day :o)

Birthday Balloons

Banner for the birthday boy - a picture for every month of his life WITH mustaches :) and neckties

Tres Cute, Non?

Cupcakes made by me with chocolate mustaches [that I was up till 2am the night before making]

Daddy with the birthday boy in their matching newsboy caps

Birthday smootches from mommy

Grammy eating cupcakes with two of her grandsons

The Dillon clan enjoying their cupcakes

Yummy Cake!

Tonya and Peanut [Hadley]

The mustaches were a BIG hit!

Jason's "Mustache on a stick" - HAHA

Our Big 1 Year Old!!

To My Dearest Son

Dear Brazos,

Today is your 1st birthday. When you woke up this morning, I came in and sang "Happy Birthday" to you. You raised your little eyebrows and looked at me like I was crazy, and smiled. You know me too well already. I scooped you up into my arms and we hugged, like we always do, and snuggled for just a minute, like we always do - BEST part of my day. You've been sick the past few days, but luckily, today, you finally woke up without a fever. I'm hoping you are over the worst part of your ear infection and that those darn molars come in soon so you'll stop hurting. To top it off you have a cold. Mommy really doesn't like it when you are sick but I especially don't like it that you are sick this close to your birthday!

You are mommy's sunshine. And I'm absolutely sure you already realize this. I've already sung "You Are My Sunshine" to you about 1,000 times in your little life and you love that song - that's most of the re…

I was just thinking...

A year ago today I posted this. I was miserable and anxious to meet my little man. I helped our neighbor go get her husband's birthday present. Had dinner with my hubby when he got home. Boo-hooing because I was going to have to wait a WHOLE 'NOTHER WEEK and have to be induced and blah, blah, blah. All the while totally not expecting that I would go into labor that very night...

Mommy Guilt is BRUTAL (and apparently so is Gerbers Mac N Cheese)

I officially hate those Gerber Mac N Cheese micro-meals!

I heated one up to have Jason feed to Brazos a couple nights ago... Little did I know that 30 seconds in the microwave = MOLTEN CHEESY LAVA! Brazos screamed bloody murder on the second bite. Jason and I screamed bloody murder at each other for it burning him.

Now...Brazos has a blister on his tongue. Won't even take his BINKIE. Tonya just sent me a message and said it has busted open and its hurting him. Dude - SUCKY!

[Holding Back Tears & Sobs from the Heartbreak]

I called the dr office and they assured me it was a non-issue as long as it doesn't get red and/or he gets a fever (ie gets infected). I had to make him a dr appt to get his ears checked (they are bothering him again - lovely) so I'll have them look at it then just to be sure.

Gah, does the GUILT kill you or just make you suffer for eternity?!

Moving?? Pros & Cons

So, every once in a while I get a wild hair up there and decide to search around for someplace else to live - house, townhouse, apartment, whichever... I got one of those hairs Saturday and I saw a townhouse close to where my sitter lives for less rent than we are paying now. The pictures looked promising so I talked Jason into going and looking at it. Mind you when I get these hairs and I actually find something worth looking into, I never really plan on liking the place or us actually discussing moving because, you guys, I HATE MOVING. But I keep looking because I'm convinced our current residence has some serious bad karma and there have just been too many bad memories outweighing the good ones for it too feel like HOME anymore - Home is where the heart is and my heart just isn't into that place anymo'!

Well, we actually liked this one. Crap. So, now I'm contemplating the Pros and Cons of this townhouse vs that one and moving vs staying, etc, etc, etc. Here's wha…

2011: A Year In Review

I did this last year and its kind of fun to go back and read so I'm going to do a repeat for 2011. Overall, 2011 was...Hard. Lots of leftover emotional "stuff" from 2010 I was still dealing with. I was very ANGRY this year. So was Jason. We had issues. We fought a lot. Things were said and done that I thought we would NEVER say or do to each other. Lots of being mean to each other. Lots of wondering if we were going to make it. But we did. We made it. Sometimes you just have to stick with it and fight through it until you get all the crazies out of your system. But I'm thankful. You never know how much you really love someone and until you've made through a really hard time together. As with any year, there was lots and lots of sad times but there were some amazingly awesome, wonderfully good times as well. Some of the absolutely best and worst memories of my life are wrapped up in this year.

1. What did you do in 2011 that you'd never done before? Gave birth …

One Month Till The Big ONE

I'm sad. Where the HECK did my baby go? And where did this toddler come from...??

Brazos celebrated his 11 month birthday on Christmas Day in Texas. This picture was taken that morning, his very first Christmas morning. :) There's something oh so special about a baby's first Christmas!

The entire week we were in Texas, Brazos did not have a single bite of baby food. He had big kid food for every meal. His Mimi made some spaghetti that he was pretty crazy about along with her awesome corn casserole and party potatoes. He ate these three things quite frequently during his visit (not all in one meal mind you). He also loved the ham! Well, he basically loved it all :)

Brazos is now cruising around the furniture some and is standing a lot more but he's still pretty uninterested in walking. I'm really ok with that too. He's decided he no longer like his bouncer so mommy gets to chase him around all evening and doesn't get anything done until Daddy gets home and take…