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Did NOT See That Coming!

So I haven't really thought much lately about B except a little guilt twinge here and there that we never talk anymore and I do miss him (as a friend) now and again. I feel a little sad when I see pictures of his kids on FB but really I feel I'm over "us". That being said, I wasn't quite prepared to see him kissing someone else...

I am on a sand volleyball team with him and a couple other guys at work. It was a little awkward at the first game but nothing unmanagable - it was still a BLAST! (I love love love volleyball btw) So we had another game last night and as I was walking up to go inside I see a girl on her tip toes kissing a very tall guy... it was Brian!! Whoa. Ok...totally unprepared for that. Now quickly wipe the crazy shock off your face before they see you!!! Panic. Panic. Panic.

Then he sees me and (awkward) has to introduce me because she's playing on our team too (awkward)."This is D, she works at L***** too". (awkward)(awkward)(AWKWARD…

Confessions of a Wanna-Be Shopaholic

Ok, I have had it! This has just hit me within the last couple weeks or so, but I HATE ALL MY CLOTHES. I feel like I dress like a slob. My wardrobe has turned into a closet of hand-me-downs (not that I'm not grateful to have them, but still...)!! I hate living in the city and not be able to at least dress half way stylish. It's all around me!! CONSTANTLY! I can hardly handle it... Our s*e*c*r*e*t*a*r*y at work dresses ten thousand times better than I do! And I realize that position title is not PC... Don't. Care.

I'm desperate. I'll wear retarded clothing and fashion faux paus around for a couple weeks if someone will nominate me for What Not To Wear! Anyone? Anyone? Stacey and Clinton, I need that Visa card and I need you to take me shopping!!

Boo for being poor.

And double BOO for not having bought a single pair of new shoes since January. Not even a flip-flop.

Hmph! *Stomps off arms folded pouty lip*

Random Texts from Old Mistakes

Again, I am in complete and utter *AWE* of the opposite gender and their sheer...well no pun intended...B-A-L-L-S! Some of them are so confident of their total awesomeness and whatever it is that they think they possess that it just amazes me when they, out of the blue, try and hook up with you (again). was a mistake the first time. 6 months ago. Not like I miss you. Not happening again. I mean, what exactly is going through their minds when they send a random message to someone they haven't seen or spoken to for 6 months (and didn't exactly leave things on polite terms).

Refer back to here - THIS guy I have not heard from for 6 months. I've missed my jewelry terribly, but him... NotSoMuch. He was just one of those terrible dating lessons learned. A friend (or so I thought he was a friend) lost. Until he sent me a text message to say "hello".

Ok I thought I'll play along.

He asks how I've been and I reply and ask how he's been, yada yada.…


J and I went to the Crue Fest 2 concert last Sunday and it was so much fun! We had great seats and best of all they were F-R-E-E!! Whoop whoop! The line-up consisted of Drowning Pool, Theory of a Deadman, Godsmack, and of course, Motley Crue. I now am completely in love with the lead singer of Godsmack, Sully Erna - WOW, I don't remember him being that smoking hot, but yeah, I coulda been a groupie! :o)

Total Hotness!

Too Bad He's Like 5'2"...I was there with my own hotness though... Here's a pic of us before the concert:Aren't we CUTE! :)

Curiousity Killed the Cat!

To my dear J:

If you are reading my blog again. Stop. Remember what you told me you wouldn't do any more? It's bad for you to read my rants and raves.

Love you.

Read it again and seriously, there will be punishment and possible spankings involved...

<3 Big Kiss, Love.


3 Months Later...

So yesterday, J and I crossed the three month threshold and I officially must say... I'm not single any more. Technically, yes I file my taxes under the "Single" status, we aren't married and there's no ring on my finger, but I'm unmistakably a "we" again. I have a moment of panic every once in a while about being in a serious relationship again. I have to admit that I have felt myself rebeling inside and wanting to go do something spontaneous with one of my guy friends and go out and party again. Alas, that is not the appropriate behavior for a girlfriend and I've chosen to decline the invites. A little part of me screams inside and whines and throws a little two-year-old-toddler tantrum. It gives me a little irk of panic when my single self thinks of settling down again like I've not had enough 'me' time...

I've always felt when relationships in the past wouldn't work out (because the guy wouldn't commit and the…