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Dress Shopping, Part 1 of...?? Who knows...

I have to ask, if you were looking at this dress would you use any of the following words to describe it: informal, unembellished, light weight, casual
No, didn't think so. The people at David's Bridal were not helpful. I kept telling her things like, Informal, very casual, Texas in July...INFORMAL. This is the last dress she pulled for me. It fit me terribly and was not at all what I described. At least you can see my baby bump brewing up nicely! :) Cause that's what every shot gun wedding bride dreams of... LOL

All kidding aside. I did find an ok dress there but it would be WAY TOO HEAVY AND HOT. But I suppose, if I had to choose between the too hot dress and something way too informal, I would choose this dress. Atleast I somewhat have a backup. Its a little too long so that part would have to be altered (darn you short legs) but other than that, not too bad.

My friend L and I also went and got the bridesmaids dresses. We were going to order them online but of course they …

We Like To Keep Things Exciting...

I've kind of had a big week so far. Sunday evening really started things off with a BIG BANG. J and I went for a walk at our favorite park with Gemma, and when we sat down to rest at one of the benches, he PROPOSED!!!

Well, I said yes, of course! Then he surprised me by asking if I wanted to get married July 17th when we're down in Texas on our vacation!!! AND that he'd already talked to my family and everything about it and they are coming!!!! SO ~ I'm getting MARRIED IN 3 WEEKS!!!! Can you believe this stuff?! :o)

WOW, I have lots of stuff to get done in the next 3 weeks. Thankfully I have an ANGEL for an MIL and she's doing almost everything for me. I've found dresses for my three bridesmaids (will be fully checked off the list tonight when I pick up the last one and I get the one that I had to have shipped in the mail). I'll do a separate post about trying on wedding dresses - don't try and get a dress off the rack at David's Bridal, they must not…

My Belated Birthday Gift

Yep! That's right, that's two pink lines you see!!
I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!I had my first appointment last Friday (June 11th) with Dr. Rips ~Yeah, no seriously, that's really her name~ Anyway, I had my first appointment and everything went great! J went with me and we just couldn't be more excited. This (obviously) wasn't planned and was a bit of a belated birthday surprise to find out I was knocked up, but we are very happy and ready for this BIG step.So the day after my birthday, J and I were talking and I realized that through all the excitement the week before, I had somehow forgotten to have my period. Wow, that NEVER happens!! I always have pee sticks around because I'm paranoid like that with all my habitual drinking binges and such so I told him that if I didn't have my monthly visit in a couple days, I would take a test although I really wasn't concerned. But, Monday morning (May 24th) I woke up and was just too curious. So, I peed on the stick …

Sleepyless McPoutypants Seeks Financial Advisor

Where has the week gone?? How did I miss the last 5 days or so...?

Oh yeah, I've been sleeping every free moment that I have.

Bleh. I'm finally feeling like I've caught up on my sleep - which is good considering I slept almost the entire Memorial Weekend away... What a waste. While I still have zero energy, at least I can make it up past 8:30 at night. Progress!

Nope, this not the post I will be filling you all in on my exciting news. The internet will just have to wait a little longer.

OTHER THAN THAT, there's not much to report. I'm really stressed about money. I'm really starting to think about all the things I have to pay for and things I'm not able to pay for that I need to be paying and it's overwhelming. I've got credit/money/debt issues people and it ain't pretty. While I can't blame it all on him, The Ex has a LOT to do with it. He liked to spend money that we didn't have and I had ALL the responsibilities of paying ALL the bills, s…