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Photo Shoot Update

My pics are in the process of being edited, but Kimberli posted a sneak peek on her blog. I'm the cute butt pic in the "ROCK" panties and sweeeeeeet leopard heels. Check out her photography blog at the site below:

I had a blast with Kimberli and apparently I am WAY too comfortable around her cause I spent half the time walking around with no bra on (sorry Kim). But she's so cool, it wasn't a big deal. There is a boudior album already posted on there - man is she speedy - so you should check it out and all the rest of her work!

Thanks KIM!! <3

Float Trip 2009

*Disclaimer: Momma if you is reading this, you may want to stop. Fair warning.* :o)

Went on a float trip this past weekend with J and a couple friends of his. It was a crazy time and we all had a blast!!

The four of us rented a raft - there were supposed to be two others coming but they had plans come up. The big yellow raft was dubbed the "Love Boat" and my drunk butt kept singing it as we floated down the river. You know... "The looove booaat..." *crooner signing voice* Funny how things are so much more hilarious when you've been drinking. And they never seem to get unfunny no matter HOW many times you repeat it. Works that way for me anyway...

J wore a speedo to be funny. And it was a big hit with all us white trash folk down the river. Everyone we met and floated past made a comment and gave high fives. Even when we got back to camp, people were yelling across the road "HEY SPEEDO".

We stopped by a group of canoes not too far down the river. One of th…

Hustler Here I Come

A friend of my sister is starting up her own photography business and she's building her portfolio. One of the things she wants to offer is Boudoir pictures. For those of you unfamiliar with what those are, they are half naked pictures (or sometimes naked) taken usually for a husband-to-be of his bride-to-be. Lots of woman do them for their hubbies as well...sometimes the hubbies or bf's join. I'm going to model for KK's portfolio... tomorrow morning. And they WILL be public for all to see. I've been very excited for about two or three weeks now, but now...gettin a taaaaad nervous. KK will do a TERRIFIC job I know, and I'm not worried about being nakie in front of her by any means - neither one of us is shy in the slightest. I just don't want to look rolly polly and haved everyone and there brother staring in disbelief, wondering why on EARTH I would be willing to pose like that looking like that... Not terribly likely I know but still. You'd be worried…

Go Crawl Back Under Your Rock...

This sort of thing bites me in the butt every time...

You know when you're braggin about something like, "Man, I haven't heard from 'psycho' in quite a while! That's so nice..."? Funny how a week later, he sends you a text message out of the blue.

Refer back to the post where I was being called a "cheap slut" and a "whore". Yeah, that's the guy. I haven't heard from him since then... Until last night. Ugh. He sends me a text and even though I deleted his name from my phone book, I recognize the number and know it's him:

"Would it mean anything to you if i apologized?"

Uh...nope. I didn't text back. That's just what he was wanting - manipulative bastard! Then not even an hour later:

"I didn't expect it to, I don't blame you. But i need to tell you i was sorry for being so ugly to you. your special, i'm sorry"

You bet your ass you're sorry!! But I don't really give a damn. And as much…