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Birthday Weekend in Review

I had absolutely the BEST birthday ever.... I mean - E.V.E.R. -

Friday night, I get home and there is a package from on the dining room table, for mwah, from my fam. Score. Buuuttt, J promised my mum that he wouldn't let me open it until my actual bday (Saturday). Bummer, but oh okaayy... We were waiting on J's parents to arrive so we could go out to eat at Jess & Jim's Steakhouse when the doorbell rang. And SURPRISE it was my mom and dad! Yay! I didn't even know they were coming!! Shortly after J's parents arrived and I got to open my surprise. And it was a CHOCOLATE HIGH HEEL SHOE FILLED WITH MORE CHOCOLATES!!! Could there possibly be a cooler gift on the face of the planet??!? I think not! So, we all went out to eat and it was yummy and we were all stuffed with beefy steak and giant baked potato goodness. I'm from SEK, steak is a big deal people. We like our beef.

Saturday morning when I woke up, J asked me if I wanted to know w…

Random Picnik Day

I played with picnik today at work.
I'm pretty awesome, I know.

Mudfest 2010

Welp, we knew Rockfest was going to be interesting this year because of all the rain we've been getting. We knew it was going to be a muddy mess, hence the rain boots purchase. What we didn't totally prepare for was the drizzly rainy 50 degree weather to go along with the mud. So, it kind of sucked.... BUT, we made the best of it and had a good time laughing at all the tweekers and drunk @sses falling all over themselves in the mud. Good Times!

I got to see the one band I was really pumped for - HALESTORM!
I have a girl crush on Lzzy Hale and she did NOT let me down with the hotness either!! Her brother RJ (who is the drummer) was pretty freaking yummy too.

The rain was going as soon as we got there, but it let up off and on throughout the afternoon. My rain boots were the best thing ever invented and worth every penny of the $17 I spent on them! I wasn't slipping and sliding in the muddy mess like every other flip-flop wearing tard out there. You wouldn't believe all th…

My Bucket List

Everyone knows what a bucket list is, but in case you are not "everyone" - a bucket list is a list of things you want to do/experience/see/etc. before you "kick the bucket". Hence, a "bucket" list. I've been far too focused on how much work sucks, and whining and complaining and blah, blah, blah. I'm burnt out on it. So, I'd like to take a few moments and create my very own bucket list. Hopefully I can start focusing a little of my attention on these things and start to accomplish some of the things I want to accomplish in life. Some I may never achieve but they are dreams of mine. Maybe one day I'll look back at my very crossed off list and smile at all the memories I've made (or how silly I was to think they were important).

So, in absolutely NO particular order...

Goldie's Bucket List: 1. Have a baby - I especially want a daughter but a boy or girl would be amazing 2. Go to Europe particularly France and Germany 3. Become fluent i…


Year-end is finally nearing the home stretch. Ahhh...feels like I can slack at work again. A-men, glory glory hallelujah, "this house is clee-ah", I have exorciiiiised the demons...

Wait I got off track, on a random post, that's pretty bad, but I'm pretty gosh darn excited/exhausted about/from the impending death of Lockton Fiscal Year-End (may he burn in hell mwah ha ha ha ha ha). Its been a rough couple of weeks, can you tell?
But I digress.
MOTHER'S DAY....another massive fail. My mom has to hate me, if she doesn't, she at least must think I hate her. Well at least I called my mother on mother's day to wish her a good one, but T.H.A.T.S. I.T. Daughter of the year award, I think not. Sorry mum. I promise to do better next year. I may have to do something before then though, I'm feeling pretty horridably craptastic about myself. Can't let my "favorite child" title go to my sister! Gawd NO!! Definitely have to make it up to my momma and fas…

Anniversary Fail.

So I totally sucked balls for J & I's first anniversary. I've been so busy with stupid work that I didn't have time to go buy a card, let alone a gift. I started trying to figure something out to do/get for him about 5 days before our anna - so that pretty much left out even ordering something off the net. I didn't have anyone to write on my butt/take a picture to send to him... AND to top all that awesome-girlfriend-of-the-year-award-nominating thoughtfulness, I had to work late. I mean REALLY late - like I didn't get home till 11:30. FAIL.

HE on the other hand, came all the way up to my work and took me to lunch, got me a p.e.r.f.e.c.t., sweet, lovey dovey, mushy card, and bought me a SUPER cute blue and brown photo album...

Ugh. I disgust myself.

BUT, I made up for it last night. I told J I would make him whatever dinner he wanted. At first he said Prime Rib (which made me a little nervous), but then he suggested Filet Mignon, asparagus and baked potatoes. And …

It's Been a Whole Year Already?!

I gotta write this sappy love post because -well- I'm a sappy romantic kinda girl, deep down and because today is a VERY special day.

A year ago today, J and I met for the first time. I remember the weekend we met crystal clearly....

*Wayne's World Flash Back*

It was year end, the first day after year end (5.1.09) and I still sat next to my friend L at work. I had been teasing her a little about J -I was gonna make out with him at Rockfest since he was the only single guy going with our group and, you know, he is SMOKIN hot!! So she finally had given in and she mentioned my little joke to J, in which case he was like "Tell her to add me on facebook, I'll chat with her..." So I did, and we started talking back and forth ALL DAY LONG on May 1st. Here's a little of our first conversation:

Me May 1, 2009 at 10:27am
I can't do the chat thing at work...Heard you and L were talking about me last night. LOL!!

J May 1, 2009 at 10:28am
Well that sucks... and I heard that…