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{12} of THIRTY

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

I know this schedule is about to change dramatically, with Beckett so close to making his grand entrance, so I will be glad I wrote this down so I can longingly look back on the only SEMI-craziness that was my schedule before Beckett. This isn't every day but this is most days in our current lives.

~2:30 - 3:00 am - Brazos wakes up and cries for "Mommy". Without fail. Every. Night. Go into his room, snuggle/smootch him, tuck him back in. Go back to my room, go pee, and go back to bed.

4:30 am - Jason's alarm goes off, he stumbles out of bed and turns on the bathroom light, waking me from my not-so-sound sleep. I grumble to myself and go back to sleep or get up to pee and go back to bed/sleep.

4:50 am - Jason kisses me goodbye [pretty sure he does this every time he gets up this early, I don't always wake up to return the goodbye]

5:45 am - Alarm goes off. Hit Snooze.

5:54 am - Alarm goes off. Hit Snooze.

6:03 am - …

38 Weeks: The Waiting Game

37 weeks 38 weeks (can you tell I've dropped?!)

Wow! Its been way too long since I've updated... Poor Beckett is already getting the shaft - as I suppose it goes for all children who are not first-borns.

I had my Dr Appt yesterday and stats are as follows:
BP 120/78 (My blood pressure has been perfect this pregnancy - very thankful)
Weight +35.4 (Meh)
Beckett's HR 140s
Cervix finally starting to open, only about a fingertip/half cm and still very thick, and Beckett is still high.

Just playing the waiting game at this point. Could be any day...could be two weeks from now. Just have to wait and see. Thankfully, I'm feeling ok...I mean, I'm uncomfortable as heck and can't do much without completely gassing out but my swelling is minimal and I'm still sleeping fairly decent [can't seem to get enough sleep in fact]. We discovered my iron is low a few appointments back and I can definitely tell. Spinach tastes like the most amazing food in the world to me an…