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{11} of THIRTY

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Leaving the price tag/UPC sticker on something you've just purchased. In my world, it can't stay on there. It MUST come off. And don't even get me started if the sticker is only half torn off. Seriously, because of this, I feel Goo Gone is one of the world's greatest inventions.
2. Scrapping your silverware against your teeth when you eat [ahem...Heather]. My teeth are cringing just thinking about it. How can you stand it??! I swear my sister used to do this on purpose when we were younger just to annoy me.
3. Lying. I'm not saying I'm perfect and I've never fibbed but I hate, hate, hate not being able to trust someone at their word or someone keeping things from me. It makes me feel stupid for trusting them and not knowing the truth. I don't like feeling naive because I gave you the benefit of the doubt.
4. Snobby people - get over yourself. No one likes you or wants to be around you. You aren't any better th…