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Weekend at Grandpa's

I really needed a weekend to get organized for baby boy #3 fast approaching arrival and needed it to be without the big brothers' help. Grammy wasn't able to watch them so I asked Grandpa Nick. We had to do a little rearranging of weekend but he was thrilled to keep them! So the boys got to stay with Grandpa Nick and Melissa this weekend and Mommy and Daddy got a much needed free weekend to ourselves. 
The pictures are blurry because they are from Grandpas phone but needless to say, the boys had a great time making a mess and playing.
Grandpa and Melissa came up Saturday afternoon to pick up the boys and get all their stuff to stay the night. I'm told that on the way home there may have been a stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream. Jason and I got right to work cleaning and organzing, mostly the boys' room and baby stuffs. I got a bassinet for baby and got that set up in our room too. After a few hours of cleaning, we got a much needed dinner date to our favorite sushi place…

Beckett vs The Dog

So Beckett had his first ER trip for trauma two weeks ago (April 11). We went to visit some friends of ours and he and their golden retriever had a disagreement and Beckett lost. He was trying to hug and kiss her and she wasn't having it. She snapped at him and bit through his right nostril and her bottom tooth ripped out the tooth between his front right tooth and right I-tooth. Tore up his gums pretty good too. Jason, Jake and Braz went over to our friends to help with some landscaping and we were all going to have a cookout. Beckett and I lagged behind and went to the store before heading over to their house. Their golden retriever is very old and arthritic and is actually scheduled to be put down today because she's just not doing well. She was laying in the living room when we got there and they said Braz had accidentally fallen on her a little before we got there so she was a little on edge but she's such a sweet dog usually, I didn't think anything of it. Beckett…

35 weeks

Ugh. Uncomfortable.I honestly don't remember being this uncomfortable at this point with the other two boys but maybe I was. The worst part is I'm struggling to sit for very long which makes work difficult. I've got a little over 4 weeks left, one month from Monday. My dad is keeping the boys this weekend so I can get some much needed cleaning and baby prep done. Jason and I are of course going to have a little date night Saturday night and thoroughly enjoy sleeping in on Sunday. I'm excited for my Dad too, he's been wanting to keep them for some time and I think Beckett's finally old enough to stay and not be too big of a pain for Grandpa and Melissa. Everything has been going well so far. Blood pressure has been good, baby has been active and his heart rate is good. Swelling is eh...keeping it at bay for the most part but my legs and ankles are definitely swollen. Weight gain is ok. Teetering on the edge of being too much but I'm pretty much all belly. I&#…