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Sugar & Dirt

I read this blog post today and it made me smile. That's so me and how I feel about having a boy. And I'm not feeling this in a negative way at all. Just that I never thought of myself as a mother to a son. I always pictured a little girl with ribbons and bows and tea parties with Barbie dolls. I don't know why, just the way I pictured it...until I found out I was having a boy.

Now I picture a little man wiping his boogers on my shirt with an ornery grin on his face (much like some other little man I know). Running around like a little heathen chasing Gemma around up and down the stairs with oreo cookie crumbs all over his face. Slobbery kisses and sticky hugs. And I can already smell that little boy smell; it reminds me of sugar and dirt. My son - my little momma's boy. I know he will be too. Oh, he'll be much too much like his daddy: ornery as hell, too handsome for his own good, competitive in everything he does, and walking around with a huge chunk of my heart i…

[Im]Patiently Waiting for Baby Allen - 4 weeks to go!

I started out this pregnancy looking like this:

And here I am at [almost] 36 weeks:

Holy crap, I sure hope that tiny tummy comes back to me after this baby is born...and I lose a couple chins...and a couple pounds off the cheeks, both sets. I think I'll leave my hair long though. Not cute in that first picture.

Anywhozit - 4 weeks to go!! Yay, I'm so excited. I had my doc appt and BPP yesterday. Baby didn't want to do his breaths at the BPP so we had to do an NST (Non-Stress Test). Basically, I sat in a big comfy recliner while they hooked the monitors up to my belly and recorded his heartbeat/movements and my contractions. I dozed off a couple times while I was sitting there listening to his heartbeat was rough. He passed the NST with flying colors - Dr even told me they could use my print out for textbooks because my results were EXACTLY what they should look like. (My child's perfect already - jealous?!) Next week is his growth scan [possibly his last one] to…

The Beard

Last year Jason did "No-shave"ember and didn't shave for the entire month of November. He looked like a lumber jack in all of our Thanksgiving pics.

He decided to do it again this year and then...he and a buddy of his from TX decided to make a bet and see who could grow theirs the longest by January 1. Um, yeah. The beard got a little out of control - Jason has very curly facial hair that looks more like...well, you know. I don't think he looks bad in a beard, I just prefer him with this scruff/five-o'clock-shadow thing. But this beard was the longest I'd ever seen it and well...see for yourself:

Nice, huh? He looks kinda creepy in this picture... Like one of those criminal pics you see on the evening news. Actually, with his hat on, he looked a lot like the lead singer from Zach Brown Band.

Thankfully, a couple weeks ago, he had had enough of it as well and decided to shave it off. Much better. And just in time for Christmas. I guess he lost the bet...but look …

Making Some Changes

I'm turning my blog into a "family update" blog. It will basically be the same as it has been for the past year but now, I'm just calling a spade a spade. There will be lots of things I'll want to write down and remember to share with our families (& friends) so this will at least help me do that. And I will probably do a little clean-up of my past posts to make it more fam oriented. And, if no one really cares, and no one reads my ranting and raving about family details and happenings, at least it will help me scrap book things later and remember where my head was at down the road.

So, welcome to the life of Jason, Dawn, Jacob & Baby Allen. We [will] try to keep things interesting 'round here :o)

Update on Princess Preggers [Me]

This is me at 33 weeks - a little over a week ago. I'm a tad larger than that now. How I keep getting bigger I just don't know. There's no where left for my belly to go and yet, it keeps going and going and going...
Other news with me: 1. I waddle. A coworker was imitating me while walking behind me yesterday. Pregnant woman are allowed to smack people who tick them off right?! 2. I have a stretch mark (at least only one that I can see) that's very fat and wide and keeps getting longer and wider and its right across the top of my belly button where my naval ring goes. Cute. 3. Baby A is taking up residence further and further south. Good news, my ribs are singing gospel music praising the LORD for the absence of little feet. Bad news, my hmm-hmm and my bladder are feeling like a 6 pound infant is sitting on them...oh wait...that's exactly what's happening. P.S. Bladder control is not my greatest skill either. 4. I'm tired and cranky and uncomfortable. You know, …

So Much To Be Thankful For!!

Happy (belated) Turkey Day!!

We had a very busy Thanksgiving break this year. We went to my mom & dad's Wednesday night and stayed through Saturday afternoon. It was great to spend so much time with them! Thursday we had turkey day with the family. It was YUMMY of course and I kept myself completely stuffed throughout the entire day. We only had to go to my mom's so we got to just relax and enjoy the day. I don't sleep well when I'm not laying on our luscious water bed at home, so I didn't sleep well and was pretty pooped. I ended up napping for a couple hours in the afternoon even. I love naps. Turkey coma naps are extra special though.Friday, my mom, dad, sister and I braved BLACK FRIDAY. We got up and left the house at 5 AM (insanity) and met my sister at Bob's Grill for breakfast (yumm) and then headed to J-town to shop. I got some pretty good deals I'm excited to say and we all had an AWESOME day so it was totally worth the 4:30 AM wake-up time. J s…

A Much Needed Update On Baby A

I've been feeling a little better the last couple of days - which is pretty typical for me to have ups and downs - but I'm grateful to feel like myself again for the time being at least.

We're still monitoring Baby A's SUA. At my last appointment Dr. Rips ordered weekly Biophysical Profiles which basically is a sonogram to measure his movements. They check for a flex movement, heart rate, umbilical heart rate (to see how hard his cord has is working), and he has to take consecutive breaths. I had my first bio yesterday and he passed the first three right off the bat, but he was sleepy and wouldn't take consecutive breaths. He would take one breath and then stop. We tried poking and prodding and I moved back and forth from my back to my side. Finally, in the last 3 minutes he started taking a couple breaths back to back. Stubborn little he passed his bio. The sonographer said it was normal to have trouble getting them to take consecutive breaths, so that'…

Stupid Hormones

My hormones are getting the better of me.

I'm an emotional wreck these days! I cry at the drop of a hat and go days on end feeling super depressed. I don't feel like myself at all. Sometimes I just want to curl up in my bed at home and cry...For no particular reason sometimes. I'm terrified that I'm going to have Postpartum Depression after the baby is born. I know I'm driving J insane - I can tell the crying is really starting to wear on him. He's completely over the emotional crap and so am I.

I do have problems with this when I'm not pregnant though, but I'm hoping its the hormones that are making it worse. I just keep trying to muddle through it and wait it out, but its really getting to me.

Work is the biggest problem. I'm super unhappy here now, but I make pretty good money for what I do. Its a catch-22. I used to love it until they piled my desk so full of things for me to do that I can hardly keep up (which makes me feel like I'm doing a cr…

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Well, I made it! Finally in the last trimester. I can't believe how fast its gone. Baby's kicks and wiggles are getting harder and my belly looks like some weird sci-fi movie come to life. I can little body parts poking my belly out and its morphs into odd shapes. Some of them are even getting a little uncomfortable and painful. I swear my belly has grown dramatically since last week. It seems like every time I look down, it has gotten bigger!!

Wednesday night, L had her baby boy. I went to visit them in the hospital last night and he's absolutely adorable. Seeing him really put things into reality and I am DYING for Baby A to get here now. I want him out so I can hold him, smell him, snuggle him, comfort him, and see who he looks like. It also made me very nervous about the process to get him here. L had to have a c-section because Drake's heart rate dropped way low a couple of times and her blood pressure dropped as well. Now, not that I care about having a c-section …

Christmas Cards! Do you have YOURS picked out yet??

I want to send out photo cards this year and I think I have found the Christmas cards I want to send out:Aren't they P-R-E-T-T-Y?!!!?? I heart them. Now I'm going to have to pick out some pictures to go in them. Our first family Christmas cards - I'm so excited. :o)

And if you are in need of some reasonable priced, VERY AWESOME SELECTION, photo type Christmas & Holiday cards go here. These cards above you can see here. has lots and lots of great "create-your-own-unique" type cards. Its super easy to use and, like I said, very reasonable.

I also think these are super duper adorable...Love, Love, Love them!! The palm trees are great...makes me wish I lived in Florida or California so I could send these as my Christmas cards! Ha!

And doesn't just do Holiday cards, they have ALL SORTS of great products that you can customize yourself.

I am thinking of doing this design for Baby A's birth announcements:

How adorable are these?! :o)…

27 Weeks

Here we all, Baby A, and my squishy puffy cheeks. Fabulous, non?!

So, obviously I'm feeling a little less cute these days, not all my weight is in my belly anymore. Eh, I only semi have an issue with it. Its only going to get worse and I should just enjoy this only time in my life where chubby + pot belly = cute.

Overall, I'm feeling really good. I've been fighting fatigue off and on again, but nothing like I was during the first trimester. I'm amazed at how fast the second trimester has gone and can't believe this is my last week! I am very ready for #3 although I also know that means I can wave bye-bye to the feeling great and say hello to feeling extra bloated and uncomfortable. The swelling has definitely started. My feet and legs are fat, fat, FAT at the end of the day and I can feel it in my hands a little some days too.

The little man is going CRAZY in my belly! I can't tell if he's practicing to become a gymnast or an MMA fighter. He's def…

The Countdown Is On!

We are officially in the double digits people!


Little man will be here before we know it! I remember my sister reaching this point in her pregnancy with my nephew and time just flew by. I know its going to go fast, especially with the holidays coming up and such. I'm trying to just enjoy the moment and soak in every kick and wiggle I feel (which he is currently doing). I'm going to miss him when he's not hanging out with me 24/7!

Almost Fainted Yesterday - Not. Cool.

Yesterday late morning I was sitting at my desk and I felt...funny. Then the "funny" feeling turned into ears ringing, hot flash, seeing stars, light-headedness. Scared the poo out of me. So I sat at my desk for a good 2 to 3 minutes with my head between my knees - or atleast as close to my knees as I can get right now - trying not to panic and make it worse. I never actually passed out/fainted but got pretty close. The thing that scared me the most though was that NO ONE AROUND ME NOTICED! Not that I wanted all kinds of people flocking over to me to see if I was ok, but would have felt a little better if one person would've atleast thrown me an "are you alright?". I hope I never go into labor at work, good grief. I'll be driving myself to the hospital and two hours later people will be going "Where's D?" That diva moment aside, I finally felt ok to stand up and walk to the breakroom to get a glass of water and then asked my boss to go down to…


Today is my mom's birthday! Yay!! Look how fabulous she looks?!? I hope I look that good when I'm 35... ;o)

This is a picture of us from this past weekend at my little brother's wedding. She looked fantastic!


Oops...Excuse Me.

I didn't need an ultrasound to tell me I'm having a boy...

I have LOUD gas. Every single time I go to use the restroom at work (or even at home for that matter), I sit down - even if just to pee - and let out a very noisy fart. I should be more appropriate and say "toot" or "pass gas" but its just not the appropriate term for these. Those things sound too girly. This is too loud and obnoxious to be a "toot". And it never fails, someone's always in the stall next to me. Em.Barr.Ass.Ing. I used to be able to do the little "whoosh" farts where they did make any noise so no one knew I was even letting one out. No, not, I have boy farts. I'm sure Baby A is giggling his little boy butt off in there everytime mommy rips one.


Ultrasounds and Breastfeeding

We had our Level II ultrasound yesterday morning with the perineonatologist (however you spell that - the high risk pregnancy doctor) and everything went superbly! Baby boy is healthy and she told us that although nothing is ever 100%, she didn't see a need for us to come back for a follow up. Yay! The only thing left is that he still will have to be checked to make sure he's gaining weight the last couple months, which means more sonos! :o) Little man was sleepy and didn't wiggle around much during the u/s which I guess is good. Did see him stretch a little towards the end so we must of woke him up. The level II u/s was so clear and it was AMAZING to watch him and see him. J was pretty excited too. We couldn't take our eyes off the screen. And this time, we DEFINITELY saw he was a boy. No. Doubt. Daddy was very proud. Joked that we should name him Ron or Jeremy - LOL! Men... *eye roll*

So, I feel very confident he is fine. Low birth weight isn't something that caus…

Weekend Recap

Friday night when I got home from work, J surprised me and had put the baby's crib together. We still need a mattress and a lot of other things before it actually looks like a nursery, but having the crib sitting in there makes it that much more real. Its so cute how excited J is for the baby to get here. I love it. I don't have a picture of the crib yet but I'll definitely put some up soon.

Also, Saturday afternoon J got to feel the baby move!! Yay! I'm so excited he finally can feel it... Baby A is moving around all the time now and I can definitely feel every little "punch" and "kick". He's a very active little guy! :o)

I'm having some trouble with fatigue again. Very tired all weekend!! Yesterday I was even getting light headed doing the smallest tasks - I would walk halfway up the stairs and have to stop because I was feeling a little dizzy. And I did a pretty light workout yesterday and was still getting lightheaded multiple times and ha…

Yep, there's a baby in there...

Here's the belly at 22 weeks 2 days. Crazy how much its changed in the past couple weeks!! Its getting harder and harder to bend over and I feel him moving around more and more each day. I love those little "nudges" I feel in my tummy. J is so super excited and ready for the baby to be here, IMPATIENTLY ready, in fact - me? Yes and kinda no. I'm really enjoying being pregnant and I have a feeling that even though it's going to get worse, I still have some fun stuff left to come! Like being able to feel the kicks from the outside of my tummy and being able to see my belly moving when he moves. I know I'll get to that uncomfortable stage and be so ready for him to come out, but for right now, I love being able to carry him around with me everywhere I go, knowing he's all warm and snuggly and protected in there...

How am I feeling? I feel great! Energy is pretty much back, no morning sickness, and I feel like I can do most of my exercising without too much d…

Rockstar In The Making

We've made the decision on baby's room decor & bedding. I actually picked it out and J liked it!! I think its perfect. I love the colors and I love that its something different besides animals or sports... Plus I really like stars, so I love that its part of the detail too.

Here it is!
We are going to do a piece at a time and possibly even register for some of it, but we definitely want to do this theme.What do you think??

20 Weeks Ultrasound

More details on the ultrasound Friday:

Weight gained - 10 BIG ONES (Its a conspiracy I tell ya, the scales are OFF at the two buildings)
Heart Rate (mommy) - 112/80 Still doing good...
Heart Rate (Baby Boy) - 145
Baby's Weight - 15 oz (Almost a WHOLE POUND, he's in the 90th percentile on his weight)

All the organs, weight, measurements looked good (perfect actually, according to the doctor)...except...Baby has a Single Umbilical Artery or a 2 Vessel Cord. Baby's normally have a 3 vessel cord - 1 vein and 2 arteries. My little punkin only has one artery.

What does this mean?

Well, an SUA can be a flag for a genetic disorder or an abnormality of an organ, etc. Weight gain is also a big concern for the baby during the last trimester. I have to have a Level II Ultrasound done by a parinatologist (which is a higher detail scan) and I'm [im]patiently waiting for the nurse to call me back with that appointment date. They will check the organs like heart, kidneys, etc and measure my…

Update on the Nanny Meeting

The interview with the nanny went very well! J and I were very pleased and pleasantly surprised at how much we really like her. She (seems) ideal and exactly what we are looking for, and, although I'm still going to check her references and we are going to go to her house to check that and her husband and daughter out, we think we've found our baby's sitter! I'm still waiting to find something creepy out about her or that she will somehow not work out, but I think that's just my overprotective maternalness coming out. I'm not going to drive myself crazy trying to find her flaws, but I'm going to keep digging till I'm satisfied and feel comfortable enough with her to leave her alone with my most precious possession for 9 hours a day. I would like to get to a point where I won't have a panic attack dropping baby off the first day - who am I kidding, that will probably happen anyway.

The best part of this is, I feel a lot better and not so uneasy about …

Going the Nanny Route

Still shell-shocked on the sticker price of the first daycare I went to look at, I haven't braved another just yet. I plan on looking at a couple more mostly because I feel that a daycare center would be the best place for our child(ren). My dear sweet husband has taken over the task of looking for a nanny. He's checked out craigslist for some ads (some were super weird*) and he ended up posting an ad on there to see what kind of responses we would get. Ultimately, we were hoping for some rich, bored housewife that just really loves kids who's looking for something to do... And we may have actually found one! J's been emailing back and forth with a promising candidate for about a week and a half and she actually sounds legit. We are going to meet her this Saturday at Starbucks and getting references, etc from her then. If she passes that test, and her references check out, we are going to go to her house and meet her husband and daughter to make sure all of that checks…

Do you think I'm starting to show?

6 weeks

16 weeks

It's the Little Things...

My BFF L - whom I work with - came over to my desk today to say hello, which is a normal thing. She told me about a conversation she had with another pregnant co-worker (whom neither of us really cares for) and I just had to share:

Preg Coworker - "How far along is D?"
L - "Well, she's a week further than you so....."
Preg Coworker - "Oh so she's 16 weeks, boy she's really starting to show!"
L - "Yeah well, she's skinny, so of course she's going to be showing a lot more..."

Love that lady.

Day Care Sucks

I went to tour my first day care today ~ No, I'm not crazy. Some of these places have like a year to year 1/2 waiting list. Nuts I tell ya. So, I went to my first one today. Saw a sign at a Baptist church on the way home. Thought it looked promising....

The facility - Meh, not so great. Its old and kinda cramped, smells like a truckload of dirty diapers and way outdated and cluttered. BUT, the kids all looked happy. All the babies in the baby room looked very happy. Which makes me feel good. The ladies watching the babies have all been there for 20+ years. And were VERY sweet. Ratio of adults to children was about 1:4.

But the super crazy part was the cost - Holy Moles on a Biscuit the COST for an infant PER WEEK = $245.00. That's $980.00 a month, $12,740.00 PER YEAR. Ugh. After state & federal gov't crap and insurance, that pretty much cuts my paycheck in half. Yipes. Ramen noodles here we come.

This is not helping me with my burning desire to be a SAHM...Not one bit. Si…

Doctor Appt. Update

Yesterday, we had our third doc appt. Everything went very well, baby's heartbeat sounded "Perfect" (exact words of the doc). j got to go with us (even though I was VERY hesitant about him coming in case there was no heartbeat, etc. - J wanted him to come) and he thought the baby's heartbeat was very cool. His eyes got really big and he got a big smile on his face. Very cute.

Here's some stats:

Weight gain this month - ONE POUND (yay, go me!)
Blood Pressure - 110/70 (again, good job me)
Baby's heart rate - 158 (Last month it was 170?!)

Also, bad news on the holiday front. No Travel for this momma on Christmas this year which means, no Texas for Christmas. I'm really upset about it and feel horribly guilty. Its going to cause a huge raucous over Christmas next year (if we switch) or J's parents are going to have travel up here to see us this year (which means they will miss some of their family for Christmas) or it means J and I will be spending Christmas a…

Confessions of An Evil Stepmother

There's something that's been bothering me and I gotta get it off my chest - I'm completely and utterly annoyed with j and his attitude toward J and I. He hates being with us! He constantly asks how many days he has left to stay with us and says things like "My MOM says...", "My MOM doesn't make me...", "When I'm at my GRANDMA'S...". And he walks around the house like a beaten dog. Its beyond annoying. His attitude just sucks. Because, it's not like we don't try to do fun things with him and do special things to make sure he's having fun, but he has RULES at our house. He gets into trouble when he breaks those rules and he is made to behave. And we don't constantly go do fun things because for one, J doesn't want to be "that" parent trying to buy off his kid, and for two, we can't afford to constantly take him and run around to do that stuff. And I realize, he doesn't have anyone to play with a…

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

I'm officially in my second trimester. Yay! I've made it through the scary first trimester without ANY morning sickness - Go me - or any scary spotting, etc. As you can imagine I adore my baby already for being so sweet to me... I deserve far worse, I wasn't so kind to my poor mommy. Morning sickness for 8 months would not be cool in my book but my momma loved me all the same. My nephew made my sister quite ill for most of her pregnancy as well, so I feel pretty lucky. But, good news there is my kid will probably be a little demon child. Super.

Anyway, little stats going into my 2nd T. I've gained 6lbs -whether that's good, bad or meh, I don't really know. I don't feel too bad about it so I'm going with "Meh". My noticeable cravings are Icees (cherry especially), potato soup, french fries, and the more recent tomatoes. Getting my energy back and able to work out a little more is a big plus. Able to eat chicken breasts again without feeling my g…

Mr. & Mrs.

We did it! We're hitched!! Everything was perfect...very relaxed, laid back and we had a great time. I was exhausted by the end of the day but I couldn't asked for anything better. My dad was walking me down the aisle and asking me if I wanted to run the other direction... I said HELL NO, I wanna run UP the aisle!! I honestly couldn't get up there fast enough, I literally had to force myself to walk slower (I don't think I was that successful at walking slow). I just couldn't possibly be any happier than I am with J. And now he's stuck with me forever and ever - lucky guy!! LOL :)

We don't have all the professional photos back yet but I thought I would share a couple of my favorites from the one's she has posted. Enjoy :)

My handsome hubby - who wouldn't say 'I Do' to this man??! I love how the flower in my hair turned outLove this picture of them!! My necklace was perfect with the two sparrows!

The entire wedding party flexing (except my SIL?…

Bridal Shower at Work

The girls at work threw me a Bridal Shower! It was so great and so sweet of them. There were tons of people, not just my department, who showed up. It was really overwhelming all the gifts I got...I'm really blessed to have such great co-workers!! Anywho, here's pics :)

My adorable cake(s) a girl in my department made - she so go pro!

Cute cupcakes too :)

J and j surprised me and showed up too!! I almost cried (darn hormones)

My boss, Me and my BFF L - she's the one responsible for J and I being together in the first place! Love these ladies!!! Thank you SOOO Much!!!!

My $25.00 Wedding Dress

First I have to explain my excitement. I'm LIVE for the THRILL of a good shopping deal. I was never into drugs, so this is my crack cocaine, methamphetamine drug of choice! If I could buy something for a $0.01 I would, just to be able to say I bought it for a PENNY. Ok, now, that being said, I found my wedding dress for a whopping $25... Granted, it is a shorter dress than I was originally looking for but WHO CARES! I paid TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! :) But, its really pretty too. I didn't JUST buy the dress because of the price, I really like it as well. And I think J is going to like it too.
Please ignore the retarded look on my face in both these pictures. I'm 11 wks pregnant, people, I was tired and not thinking of smiling so I didn't look like a short-bus rider. I really was excited and, really...I was!
See?? It IS pretty! I told you :) Plus, I got some shoes this weekend too! YAY for getting sh*t done!
They are white and sparkly and not too tall - pretty much pe…

Dress Shopping Part 2B of 5,000,000,000,000.....

That's right. Stiiillll dress shopping. I did find the perfect dress this weekend but it was only in blush pink in the store. So, we were going to see if it came in white or ivory - and it does...BUT, it takes 3 weeks to order.


We all forgot our cameras so I don't have any pictures of the dresses I tried on but here's the websites picture of the one I wanted to get:

Ok, I have to admit, I'm getting a tad bit anxious about this dress situation. I have 8 DAYS till we leave to find a dress, get it cleaned and any alterations it may need. Crap. Not that it isn't doable, it just seems next to impossible and a TON of work and running around to get it done.

What kind of a tard bride agrees to get married in three weeks? *raises hand* Me.

I see a "sick day" filled with bridal shopping in my near future. The search continues...

Dress Shopping, Part 1 of...?? Who knows...

I have to ask, if you were looking at this dress would you use any of the following words to describe it: informal, unembellished, light weight, casual
No, didn't think so. The people at David's Bridal were not helpful. I kept telling her things like, Informal, very casual, Texas in July...INFORMAL. This is the last dress she pulled for me. It fit me terribly and was not at all what I described. At least you can see my baby bump brewing up nicely! :) Cause that's what every shot gun wedding bride dreams of... LOL

All kidding aside. I did find an ok dress there but it would be WAY TOO HEAVY AND HOT. But I suppose, if I had to choose between the too hot dress and something way too informal, I would choose this dress. Atleast I somewhat have a backup. Its a little too long so that part would have to be altered (darn you short legs) but other than that, not too bad.

My friend L and I also went and got the bridesmaids dresses. We were going to order them online but of course they …

We Like To Keep Things Exciting...

I've kind of had a big week so far. Sunday evening really started things off with a BIG BANG. J and I went for a walk at our favorite park with Gemma, and when we sat down to rest at one of the benches, he PROPOSED!!!

Well, I said yes, of course! Then he surprised me by asking if I wanted to get married July 17th when we're down in Texas on our vacation!!! AND that he'd already talked to my family and everything about it and they are coming!!!! SO ~ I'm getting MARRIED IN 3 WEEKS!!!! Can you believe this stuff?! :o)

WOW, I have lots of stuff to get done in the next 3 weeks. Thankfully I have an ANGEL for an MIL and she's doing almost everything for me. I've found dresses for my three bridesmaids (will be fully checked off the list tonight when I pick up the last one and I get the one that I had to have shipped in the mail). I'll do a separate post about trying on wedding dresses - don't try and get a dress off the rack at David's Bridal, they must not…

My Belated Birthday Gift

Yep! That's right, that's two pink lines you see!!
I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!I had my first appointment last Friday (June 11th) with Dr. Rips ~Yeah, no seriously, that's really her name~ Anyway, I had my first appointment and everything went great! J went with me and we just couldn't be more excited. This (obviously) wasn't planned and was a bit of a belated birthday surprise to find out I was knocked up, but we are very happy and ready for this BIG step.So the day after my birthday, J and I were talking and I realized that through all the excitement the week before, I had somehow forgotten to have my period. Wow, that NEVER happens!! I always have pee sticks around because I'm paranoid like that with all my habitual drinking binges and such so I told him that if I didn't have my monthly visit in a couple days, I would take a test although I really wasn't concerned. But, Monday morning (May 24th) I woke up and was just too curious. So, I peed on the stick …

Sleepyless McPoutypants Seeks Financial Advisor

Where has the week gone?? How did I miss the last 5 days or so...?

Oh yeah, I've been sleeping every free moment that I have.

Bleh. I'm finally feeling like I've caught up on my sleep - which is good considering I slept almost the entire Memorial Weekend away... What a waste. While I still have zero energy, at least I can make it up past 8:30 at night. Progress!

Nope, this not the post I will be filling you all in on my exciting news. The internet will just have to wait a little longer.

OTHER THAN THAT, there's not much to report. I'm really stressed about money. I'm really starting to think about all the things I have to pay for and things I'm not able to pay for that I need to be paying and it's overwhelming. I've got credit/money/debt issues people and it ain't pretty. While I can't blame it all on him, The Ex has a LOT to do with it. He liked to spend money that we didn't have and I had ALL the responsibilities of paying ALL the bills, s…

Birthday Weekend in Review

I had absolutely the BEST birthday ever.... I mean - E.V.E.R. -

Friday night, I get home and there is a package from on the dining room table, for mwah, from my fam. Score. Buuuttt, J promised my mum that he wouldn't let me open it until my actual bday (Saturday). Bummer, but oh okaayy... We were waiting on J's parents to arrive so we could go out to eat at Jess & Jim's Steakhouse when the doorbell rang. And SURPRISE it was my mom and dad! Yay! I didn't even know they were coming!! Shortly after J's parents arrived and I got to open my surprise. And it was a CHOCOLATE HIGH HEEL SHOE FILLED WITH MORE CHOCOLATES!!! Could there possibly be a cooler gift on the face of the planet??!? I think not! So, we all went out to eat and it was yummy and we were all stuffed with beefy steak and giant baked potato goodness. I'm from SEK, steak is a big deal people. We like our beef.

Saturday morning when I woke up, J asked me if I wanted to know w…

Random Picnik Day

I played with picnik today at work.
I'm pretty awesome, I know.