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Status Update: Weekend 2

1. Housework/Organizing: Been doing very well with the bed making. Today is the first day I did not make it, but that's because the hubs was still in it when I left this morning. A hundy says he didn't make it this morning when he got up. I haven't been great on the dishes but I've been doing better with them. Laundry - eh. I got caught up on all the laundry last weekend but did NONE this weekend.

2. Budgeting/$$: Well, I have no money so this one isn't really applicable. I'm really stressed out about money so I'm just going to skip this one for this week.

3. Personal Appearance/Health: I can't stop eating. My husband keeps making comments about me needing to get a workout in. My ex-boss asked me if I was pregnant. So, yeah, the weight thing is getting to me. I haven't gained any more since I gained the 13 lbs back and I'm still down 10 lbs from where I was but I feel HORRIBLE. I want to lose those 13 lbs again (and then maybe about 5 more after t…

As Seen on Pinterest: Paper Towel Curls

I pinned this and put it under "Must Try" because seriously -- her hair looks SO CUTE and I want my hair to look like this:

And I can TOTALLY do that ya'll. So, I tried it.

Step 1: Start with wet hair. Me post workout shower [disregard the red face -- I look like my blood pressure is that of a 300 lb man in his late 40s really high after a run] with wet hair.

Step 2: Put mousse in hair, tie hair up in paper towel "curlers" rrrrreeeeaaaalllly tight. Sleep uncomfortably on back all night because said paper towel curlers are too tight. Wake up the next morning really excited -- you gonna be FABULOUS dah-ling [or so I thought].
I know I don't look excited but this is at 5:30 in the morning -- this is as excited as it gets.
Step 3: Take "curlers" out of hair and FREAK THE F OUT when you realize the curls are WWW***AAA***YYY too tight... worked a little TOO well. Maybe I need to just run my fingers through it. Yeah, I'll run my fingers …

Status Report: Weekend 1

1. Housework/Organizing: Overall I feel like I'm doing better. I haven't been perfect the last few days but I suppose that's to be expected. I've made the bed everyday (even though it was at 6:30 at night I still did it that day). There's been at least one load of laundry done every day, as well as dishes in the dishwasher every day. Yay me. And I cleaned yesterday and caught up on ALL the laundry so I guess I'm a little ahead of myself so that'll make up for the lack of improvement in the other two areas.

2. Budgeting/$$: Let's just skip this one shall we. I blew this one all to hell in the last few days. Spent money we didn't have on some Christmas shopping, some unexpected expenses (very large expense) popped up on Saturday that we weren't expecting [don't ask], and Jason mentioned IHOP and I HOPPED all over that opportunity to eat out. So much for being the "No-Man". I drowned my money sorrows in a pile of pancakes which is a no…


See the sarcastic look on my face?? Yeah. That's how I feel about this 'do. Time for a change. I have a hair appt tonight and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do just yet.



Not really a lot of difference. I'm pretty unimpressed with the new cut and color. Nothing special or different just "freshened up" a bit. Totally NOT worth the money I wasted spent on this cut and color. I'll just have to take matters into my own hands and figure out a new way to style it for 4 weeks and then I'll color it a new color or something...myself. I'm not paying almost $100 for this again when I can do it myself for $12. I thought about deleting this post but atleast it shows my steps to improve the appearance even if it was a failed attempt...