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Moving to a new house is fun!

...BUT Packing and actual physical moving blows a big donkey butt hole!!

J and I don't argue but we've been giving each other the evil eye a lot over the last few days. He hates packing and I hate that he keeps putting it off. I just want to GET. IT. DONE. He wants to go to bed at 9:30 or 10:00 (an hour or two after he gets home) and insists he can't sleep without me and won't let me stay up and pack more. Erg. AND he keeps changing our moving plans. It's exhausting and I'm less than friendly with him about it. I love him but I could eat his face off sometimes.

I'm just ready to get moved.

Merry Freaking Christmas...


It's Official!

We signed the paperwork today on the duplex. :o) We are so excited to move!!

Ahh...Home Sweet Home!

Delicious Randomness

It's not the designated bloggy randomness day today but I haven't posted for a while and I feel like wasting a little time from my hair pulling I'm doing at work today. It's going to be random and bumpy and lots of updating so hold tight! All 3 of you... :o)

J, little j, and I went to Texas for Thanksgiving. The drive was ridiculously long. But worth it! We had a great time. Met LOTS of the family. Thanksgiving day the house was FULL of people. And its a big house... I really love J's parents and they fortunately return the sentiment so I wasn't really all that nervous about the rest of the fam. Parents are the most important element right? I think I still did ok with the rest of them though. They are pretty great people and I think unless I had a third eye and a just a plain ol' nasty attitude, they would probably accept me any way. We had a great time the rest of the week too. I wish we were still there!
We took j and J's niece to the movies and saw A C…