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Warning: Random catch-up post ahead.

So, back on the old diet as of last week. Lost 5lbs again, so far. Eating twigs and berries and lean meat blows... I want a cookie.
We had j's birthday party last weekend. My mom and dad, sister, her hubs, and Maximus all came up for the party. Along with J's friends from Sedalia and their little girl. It was pretty fun! I made some awesome baseball cupcakes that probably belong on CakeWrecks if they were professional cupcakes, but since I'm an amateur, they turned out pretty ok. At least you could tell they were baseballs and j thought they were so cool. That's what counts really. Plus, of course, they were yummy. Hey - cupcakes are my thing. What can I say? I never realize just how much I miss my fam until I'm about to see them and I get overly excited like this:

I went to the dentist to fix the chipped tooth. The bad news is, I have to replace the whole entire gosh darn crown. Goodbye $600. . .and that's after insurance. -ouch- BUT, silver lining bright side o…

Call Me Earl


"My Name Is Earl" main character was convinced he was being constantly punished/rewarded due to "Karma". And he's white trash, so it fits.
This is what Karma does to you when you make fun of White Trash people:

That's right. My front tooth is C.H.I.P.P.E.D. Happened first thing this morning at work.
Bring out the banjos folks its pickin' and a grinnin' time! Diddle, ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding, ding... Squeal like a pig! Wheeee...
*tear* No more making fun of skanky white trash house guests.
Luckily I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to get it fixed.

So, what do you think of my new girlfriend??

J's best friend, C, came to party with us this weekend as it was his birthday too. We both love C dearly. He's hilarious, he's fun, you can't help but love the guy! See??

What's not to love!

Anyway, C brought his new girlfriend to stay the weekend too. Now, I obviously have not known him as long as J and I've never actually known any of his ex's but the things I have heard about them....mmm, not so good. So J & I were a little less than pumped to meet her, but were willing to give her a fair shot, for C's sake.

Here's what we learned during her weekend stay:
1. She's bisexual. Told me this herself on the first night. Then hit on/tried to kiss every girl at the party - I'm not kidding every single one. Wouldn't let my brother's fiance down the stairs without first giving her a kiss. Tried to get my new neighbor to have sex with her (poor girl). Made out with some 40-something woman at the bar (don't worry, she stopped in the middl…

What comes after Part B?


I'm partying with these guys this weekend:

Aren't you JEALOUS?? Oh yeah, know you are!
Wish my sister and her hubby could come but my bubby and his FIANCE (weird?!?) are coming!! YAY! And my BFF L! Whoop-whoop!! 3-Somes-On-The-Beach for everybody!!!
**no, i'm not talking about real threesomes people, its a drink. Gah...what kind of party you think we're having???**

Anywho, will try to post pics. If you're lucky... HAPPY WEEKEND!!

Classy...I know

I can't believe I forgot to share this...

So my ex B got re-married to his 40ish girlfriend with 4 kids by 4 dads, who's oldest son is 22. Way to upgrade there buddy. Anway, I saw some of their "wedding" pics online and thought I would share this clashy....uh, I mean C.L.A.S.S.Y. wedding cake.

I will give you a moment to let the awesomeness soak in. Yes that's a beer can with a little plastic bride and groom inside. You know you want one. I hate to be redundant but -classy- is all that comes to mind. Yeah.

Too bad they didn't have their wedding done by Redneck Weddings... I would have LOVED to watch that episode.
And even though I'm totally jealous at his obivious upgrade, I'm going to embarrass myself by showing what his and I's wedding cake looked like:
Makes me want to cry at what could have been. -sniffle-

Ok, I know I'm being a tad bitchy. But COME ON!?!?!?! Is that not the most hilarious thing you've ever seen!!!! Here's another angle…

The Past Decade in Review

Kind of got this idea from another blog I read and of course I have been thinking about all that I've done/accomplished/been through/celebrated/etc. in the past decade. Its been by far my busiest and most eventful decade of my life so I thought it might be cool to document some of these things! I'm sure this will be an evolving post since I suffer from can't-remember-sh*t disease but I'll do my best to remember at least what order things took place...

Lived through Y2K Scare
Lived to see the change of a millennium
Lost my V card
Sr. Prom
First Gyno visit (loverly)
Started birth control
Turned 18
Graduated HS
Step-brother got married
Moved out of my parents house (into my grandparents)
Started College
Wrecked my first car
Moved again (with Grandparents)
Moved out on my own to my very first rental place
Moved out of my very first rental place to my second
First Credit Card (boo)
Turned 21 (Yay booze)
First Concert
Godson Jarrett was born
Bought my first house
Realized what debt was REALLY li…