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Delicious Randomness

It's not the designated bloggy randomness day today but I haven't posted for a while and I feel like wasting a little time from my hair pulling I'm doing at work today. It's going to be random and bumpy and lots of updating so hold tight! All 3 of you... :o)

J, little j, and I went to Texas for Thanksgiving. The drive was ridiculously long. But worth it! We had a great time. Met LOTS of the family. Thanksgiving day the house was FULL of people. And its a big house... I really love J's parents and they fortunately return the sentiment so I wasn't really all that nervous about the rest of the fam. Parents are the most important element right? I think I still did ok with the rest of them though. They are pretty great people and I think unless I had a third eye and a just a plain ol' nasty attitude, they would probably accept me any way. We had a great time the rest of the week too. I wish we were still there!

We took j and J's niece to the movies and saw A Christmas Carol in 3D. It was great. Highly recommend although its starts of a little scary in the beginning with Marly's corpse. So, might be a little scary for the wee, tiny ones. The kids loved it though and they are 5 and 4 (I believe she's 4).

The entire family went on a hayride through "Santa's Wonderland" which J was so excited about but I hate to tell him the one in Branson is MUCH better. Shh. I'd hate for him to think not EVERYTHING in Texas is better... *eye roll* But we took lots of pics. Here's the one of our little family. Aren't we cute :o)
Here are a few things I observed while in Texas:
*People say "Ya'll". A lot. Seriously. Like everyone.
*I'm allergic to Texas or something there. My eyes started watering and itching, nose running, sore throat the day after I got there. Boo.
*The weather - superb.
*Those texans are serious about their football! Better not wear burnt orange in College Station! Might get taken to the woodshed for a solid beating, or maybe a little healthy razzing...
*Freebirds kicks Chipotle's Ass! 100%
*The food IS better in Texas. We gained a combined 18lbs. Really.
*You hang around long enough and you'll catch yourself with a TX draw and saying "Ya'll". Just try not to! I dare ya.
*They freak out over snow. Get down right giddy over it, even fake snow. Weird.

J's dad said Mer' Chri'mah... say it out loud to yourself and you'll know whom he was making fun of. You'll catch yourself laughing, but don't feel bad I laughed pretty hard too. Especially when I heard a member of this race actually say it this way at Santa's Wonderland. 'Bout peed my pants. Call me a racist if you will but it was damn funny.

J and I found a duplex! We are moving on December 19th. That's right. The weekend before Chri'mah...uh, I mean Christmas. Yes we are nuts, but we really like this place. I will be the owner of 3 properties for a month. My house in Pitt, my apartment in Northland, and the duplex. Yep. Nuts.

I'm really excited about moving from my 1BR/1BA to a 3BR/2.5BA. Mui Excitedo!! It's cramped in the apartment right now. It's unbearable and both J and I's anal selves are about to murder someone over the clutter. It could get ugly. No one should come visit. They may get lost in the mess and not be found again till we move.

My nephew turns one tomorrow. We are driving down to Hepler for the big bash and staying the weekend. Its gonna get crazy...strippers, 3 kegs, hard liquor, lots of Rock N' Roll. Probably do a little crystal meth. He's an animal. Love that crazy guy. :o)

I'm on a diet and doing some serious exercise since we got back from Thanksgiving. I hate dieting. I hate exercising. Being a big fat, fatty sounds more and more appealing every day. I want a big bucket of fried chicken and a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Now.

J and I have been together 7 MONTHS today. *Big Cheeser* Couldn't be happier!

Ok I better get back to work. I'll post more about the Duplex and pictures and such at a later date when I get around to it.



Max's Mommy said…
You are a silly.

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