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The Coolest Tattoo on the Block!

We did it! We got our tattoos. It took about and hour and a half to do mine and about two and a half for J's. I felt like it went by really fast and even though it didn't feel great, it really didn't hurt that bad! The guy doing mine kept saying how good I was doing and he seemed pretty amazed at how relaxed I was. I'm just super tough I guess! ;o) Ha ha! We went to Skin Thieves in Sedalia, MO. They did an awesome job and I would highly recomment them...

I went first and they got started on mine. Once J decided I was fine, they went ahead and started on his. Here's a few pics from the day:

Waiting to get started

Putting on the stencilIn Process

The Finished Product!

And Here's a couple of J's:
He looks drugged but honestly he wasn't! LOL

Watching J get his shading

J's Tatt! :o)Love them!! <3

I'm Going to Miss Her Dearly...

The ex-hubs' Aunt B died Late Wednesday night. She was fighting cancer since November 08 (although she didn't tell anyone until Feb 09) and unfortunately lost the battle. And she was a fighter!! BB was very, very close to his Aunt. Just to tell you how close, she went with him to pick out my engagement ring... We spent practically every weekend at her house and any and every family get-together was at her house as well. She was more like a grandmother to BB and was without a doubt the glue that held that family together. It breaks my heart to think about how much pain the family is going through right now from her passing.

She was a hairdresser and EVERYBODY knew her - she even cut my little brother's hair up until she had to close her shop. She was a great lady ~ short and fiesty and SO much FUN to be around. Always had the biggest smile on her face when we would show up and a loud "HI HONEY!" when we walked through the door. Always a big hug. BB was her favorite…

I Found It!

I found the tattoo I want! Besides the one my sister, mom & I are getting...

It's a sparrow and I looked up the meaning on the net and I really like the things it symbolizes (although the sailor traveling so many miles symbolism doesn't really fit - maybe some day!).

What do ya think??

I love it!!! <3 Update: I was originally thinking of getting this on my ribs but now I'm thinking I may get this on my hip... And I'm probably going to get it pretty big! Whoo-hoo I'm excited!!!