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27 Weeks

Here we all, Baby A, and my squishy puffy cheeks. Fabulous, non?!

So, obviously I'm feeling a little less cute these days, not all my weight is in my belly anymore. Eh, I only semi have an issue with it. Its only going to get worse and I should just enjoy this only time in my life where chubby + pot belly = cute.

Overall, I'm feeling really good. I've been fighting fatigue off and on again, but nothing like I was during the first trimester. I'm amazed at how fast the second trimester has gone and can't believe this is my last week! I am very ready for #3 although I also know that means I can wave bye-bye to the feeling great and say hello to feeling extra bloated and uncomfortable. The swelling has definitely started. My feet and legs are fat, fat, FAT at the end of the day and I can feel it in my hands a little some days too.

The little man is going CRAZY in my belly! I can't tell if he's practicing to become a gymnast or an MMA fighter. He's def…

The Countdown Is On!

We are officially in the double digits people!


Little man will be here before we know it! I remember my sister reaching this point in her pregnancy with my nephew and time just flew by. I know its going to go fast, especially with the holidays coming up and such. I'm trying to just enjoy the moment and soak in every kick and wiggle I feel (which he is currently doing). I'm going to miss him when he's not hanging out with me 24/7!

Almost Fainted Yesterday - Not. Cool.

Yesterday late morning I was sitting at my desk and I felt...funny. Then the "funny" feeling turned into ears ringing, hot flash, seeing stars, light-headedness. Scared the poo out of me. So I sat at my desk for a good 2 to 3 minutes with my head between my knees - or atleast as close to my knees as I can get right now - trying not to panic and make it worse. I never actually passed out/fainted but got pretty close. The thing that scared me the most though was that NO ONE AROUND ME NOTICED! Not that I wanted all kinds of people flocking over to me to see if I was ok, but would have felt a little better if one person would've atleast thrown me an "are you alright?". I hope I never go into labor at work, good grief. I'll be driving myself to the hospital and two hours later people will be going "Where's D?" That diva moment aside, I finally felt ok to stand up and walk to the breakroom to get a glass of water and then asked my boss to go down to…


Today is my mom's birthday! Yay!! Look how fabulous she looks?!? I hope I look that good when I'm 35... ;o)

This is a picture of us from this past weekend at my little brother's wedding. She looked fantastic!


Oops...Excuse Me.

I didn't need an ultrasound to tell me I'm having a boy...

I have LOUD gas. Every single time I go to use the restroom at work (or even at home for that matter), I sit down - even if just to pee - and let out a very noisy fart. I should be more appropriate and say "toot" or "pass gas" but its just not the appropriate term for these. Those things sound too girly. This is too loud and obnoxious to be a "toot". And it never fails, someone's always in the stall next to me. Em.Barr.Ass.Ing. I used to be able to do the little "whoosh" farts where they did make any noise so no one knew I was even letting one out. No, not, I have boy farts. I'm sure Baby A is giggling his little boy butt off in there everytime mommy rips one.


Ultrasounds and Breastfeeding

We had our Level II ultrasound yesterday morning with the perineonatologist (however you spell that - the high risk pregnancy doctor) and everything went superbly! Baby boy is healthy and she told us that although nothing is ever 100%, she didn't see a need for us to come back for a follow up. Yay! The only thing left is that he still will have to be checked to make sure he's gaining weight the last couple months, which means more sonos! :o) Little man was sleepy and didn't wiggle around much during the u/s which I guess is good. Did see him stretch a little towards the end so we must of woke him up. The level II u/s was so clear and it was AMAZING to watch him and see him. J was pretty excited too. We couldn't take our eyes off the screen. And this time, we DEFINITELY saw he was a boy. No. Doubt. Daddy was very proud. Joked that we should name him Ron or Jeremy - LOL! Men... *eye roll*

So, I feel very confident he is fine. Low birth weight isn't something that caus…