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J and I were sitting on the couch the other night and he says:

"There's something that's been bothering me today and I need to ask you about it..." and he has the most serious pouty, droopy, concerned look on his face. It was totally sad.

Ummm....okay. Thinking to self - ...but I actually haven't done anything bad lately?? I felt guilty just LOOKING at him.

"I noticed the other day when you were showing me a site that popped up on your history, or something like that. Flirt something...what was that?"

... ... ...
There was a pause as I was thinking, What the hell "FLIRT" site have I been on??!? At which time J claims I had this BS "Quick think of a lie" look on my face.

... ...Oh...
Then it hits me. My sister offered up her apron that she's reviewing from for my Halloween costume. At which point I laugh hysterically... and then I explain, at which point he kind of smirks at himself. Then I laugh even more.

Boys are…

Random Thoughts by Jack Handy

Caution: Thought Vomit Ahead

I miss my nephew and hate the fact that he's growing up without me around. On that note, I miss my sister as well...and my mom and dad...and grandparents. Still not so much my little brother. I still feel the urge to smack him next time I see him, so I am not wanting to be around him yet. I got to eat dinner with my mom last night at Panera - yumm-o!! She is in town for a work thingy. I get to eat dinner with her and Dad and J tonight. Don't know where we are going yet but I'm excited. It's the little things that amuse and excite me.

I am sick of my desk job. There...I said it out loud. I hate sitting here at this computer all day. I don't want to be here, I can't stay on task and just have a general feeling and attitude that I just don't give darn anymore... Not. Good. So I've had crazy thoughts of career changes in my head but -sigh- I know I won't do it because I won't make as much money as I am now and I barely get…

Auntie D <3's Her Maximus

I miss my nephew. Just look at him...wouldn't you?!?!

Bon Anniversaire Ma Mere!

Today is a very special day! It's my mom's birthday!! Yay! Happy Birthday Momma!

I'm very sad that I can't be home to do anything for her birthday. I'll have to wait till they make a trip up here or I down there... so I'm substituting by telling her 'Happy Day' 50 gazillion times!!

So here's #5,000,000,000,000,000,001 -

I love you and I hope you have a FABULOUS day!!

Let's Give Them A Round of Applause...

I just want to send out a personal letter of appreciation and gratitude to my brothers. Without your lack of efforts and sincere disregard and undercommitment(if that isn't a word it should be) to our family, we may have actually succeeded at taking our family pictures and giving our Mother and Father a wonderful and special gift for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I know they would have been terribly inconvenienced at finding a place on there wall for such an attrocity. But since you are so utterly devoted to your own personal schedules, as obviously that is where your prioritiesshould lie, and can absolutely find no possible way around ANY of these things, we did absolutely NOTHING to commemorate the very, very special day. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that we could be complete butt plugs to our parents.

Bravo Assholes.

Holy Blubber Batman!

Ok, it's official. I'm fat.

J bought a new scale last night cause neither one of us had one. I stepped on it and
-gasp- -choke- -sniffle sniffle- -SOB-
I've gained 20 lbs since the first of the year...

That's only 10 lbs away from my ALL the weight I've lost over the prior year. This calls for drastic measures!! I've made a goal to lost 18 lbs by Thanksgiving. That's three pounds a week. Working out, dieting, counting calories, thinking skinny thoughts...I mean come ON, my boyfriend is a personal trainer. This will be a snap!

Except this morning I had a donut... -sigh- This sucks.