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Sugar & Dirt

I read this blog post today and it made me smile. That's so me and how I feel about having a boy. And I'm not feeling this in a negative way at all. Just that I never thought of myself as a mother to a son. I always pictured a little girl with ribbons and bows and tea parties with Barbie dolls. I don't know why, just the way I pictured it...until I found out I was having a boy.

Now I picture a little man wiping his boogers on my shirt with an ornery grin on his face (much like some other little man I know). Running around like a little heathen chasing Gemma around up and down the stairs with oreo cookie crumbs all over his face. Slobbery kisses and sticky hugs. And I can already smell that little boy smell; it reminds me of sugar and dirt. My son - my little momma's boy. I know he will be too. Oh, he'll be much too much like his daddy: ornery as hell, too handsome for his own good, competitive in everything he does, and walking around with a huge chunk of my heart i…

[Im]Patiently Waiting for Baby Allen - 4 weeks to go!

I started out this pregnancy looking like this:

And here I am at [almost] 36 weeks:

Holy crap, I sure hope that tiny tummy comes back to me after this baby is born...and I lose a couple chins...and a couple pounds off the cheeks, both sets. I think I'll leave my hair long though. Not cute in that first picture.

Anywhozit - 4 weeks to go!! Yay, I'm so excited. I had my doc appt and BPP yesterday. Baby didn't want to do his breaths at the BPP so we had to do an NST (Non-Stress Test). Basically, I sat in a big comfy recliner while they hooked the monitors up to my belly and recorded his heartbeat/movements and my contractions. I dozed off a couple times while I was sitting there listening to his heartbeat was rough. He passed the NST with flying colors - Dr even told me they could use my print out for textbooks because my results were EXACTLY what they should look like. (My child's perfect already - jealous?!) Next week is his growth scan [possibly his last one] to…

The Beard

Last year Jason did "No-shave"ember and didn't shave for the entire month of November. He looked like a lumber jack in all of our Thanksgiving pics.

He decided to do it again this year and then...he and a buddy of his from TX decided to make a bet and see who could grow theirs the longest by January 1. Um, yeah. The beard got a little out of control - Jason has very curly facial hair that looks more like...well, you know. I don't think he looks bad in a beard, I just prefer him with this scruff/five-o'clock-shadow thing. But this beard was the longest I'd ever seen it and well...see for yourself:

Nice, huh? He looks kinda creepy in this picture... Like one of those criminal pics you see on the evening news. Actually, with his hat on, he looked a lot like the lead singer from Zach Brown Band.

Thankfully, a couple weeks ago, he had had enough of it as well and decided to shave it off. Much better. And just in time for Christmas. I guess he lost the bet...but look …

Making Some Changes

I'm turning my blog into a "family update" blog. It will basically be the same as it has been for the past year but now, I'm just calling a spade a spade. There will be lots of things I'll want to write down and remember to share with our families (& friends) so this will at least help me do that. And I will probably do a little clean-up of my past posts to make it more fam oriented. And, if no one really cares, and no one reads my ranting and raving about family details and happenings, at least it will help me scrap book things later and remember where my head was at down the road.

So, welcome to the life of Jason, Dawn, Jacob & Baby Allen. We [will] try to keep things interesting 'round here :o)

Update on Princess Preggers [Me]

This is me at 33 weeks - a little over a week ago. I'm a tad larger than that now. How I keep getting bigger I just don't know. There's no where left for my belly to go and yet, it keeps going and going and going...
Other news with me: 1. I waddle. A coworker was imitating me while walking behind me yesterday. Pregnant woman are allowed to smack people who tick them off right?! 2. I have a stretch mark (at least only one that I can see) that's very fat and wide and keeps getting longer and wider and its right across the top of my belly button where my naval ring goes. Cute. 3. Baby A is taking up residence further and further south. Good news, my ribs are singing gospel music praising the LORD for the absence of little feet. Bad news, my hmm-hmm and my bladder are feeling like a 6 pound infant is sitting on them...oh wait...that's exactly what's happening. P.S. Bladder control is not my greatest skill either. 4. I'm tired and cranky and uncomfortable. You know, …