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Life as a Texan

Well Jason finally made it home a week ago Saturday. We didn't tell the boys he was coming home, only that they had a surprise that night. A BIG ONE. The boys were beyond excited when daddy walked in. Brazos and Beckett both yelled "Daddyyyyy!!" And ran up and jumped into his arms. It was too precious. I videod the whole thing. I've watched it a dozen times at least.Jason had the first week home off so he relaxed and we had a coffee date and lunch date during that week. It was so nice to have him home. Despite already having a little family with your parents just isn't easy! Especially Jason and his Dad's dynamic. He officially started his preceptorship today although he went in and covered for the front desk yesterday. He did his first adjustment yesterday on a patient and the dr he was with said he nailed it! Dr Marcy wants him to build up his patient base during this time so he can be up and running by the time he starts working in January. …