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{14} of THIRTY

14. Describe 5 weaknessesand strengths you have.

Weaknesses (I can only list 5??!?):
1. Time Management - I am the queen of wasting time and dilly-dallying.
2. Housekeeping - I'm not good at it. Its caused marital problems in both my marriages. I wish I was better at it because Weakness #1
3. Birthdays/Holidays for my kids - I have really sucked up every birthday and holiday of my kids lives so far (except Braz's 1st). I am determined to fix this one...SOON.
4. I don't feel I deserve good things in life - I put everyone else needs/wants above my own and I don't go after the things I truly want in life.
5. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with my friends and family...just so you know, I think about all of you every day many, many times a day.

Strengths (I have to list 5??!?):
1. Artsy - ie can draw, paint, scrapbook, do crafty things pretty well.
2. Forgiveness
3. Outgoing - I get along well with anyone and everyone (even if they aren't my cup of tea, I can stil…

Beckett Anthony Allen

Beckett is here! (Well over 2 months ago)
Born 11/26/13 at 5 pm 8 lbs 14 oz 20.5 in
Contractions started 10:30 pm on 11/25. I was having regular contractions but they weren't very strong. Around 2 am, they were getting a little stronger and we decided to go to the hospital. Jason grabbed Brazos out of bed, blankets and all, and took him over to the neighbors house. Then we were off to the hospital. We called all the grandparents to let them know we were on our way. They hooked me up to the monitors and watched me for an hour. I made about a cm progress and I was a day passed my due date so they admitted me (about 3 am) Mom, dad and heather first to arrive. I didn't know Heather was coming so that was an awesome surprise! She didn't get to be there with Brazos so I was beyond thrilled she could be there this time. My dad arrived shortly after. Contractions were still not painful so I waited for a couple hours to get the epidural, around 6:30 am. That was probably the worst par…

Working Mother of 2 Headed to 5th Floor

I started back to work last week. And after a week of our new routine, I have to say, I am beyond overwhelmed.
I have to get up a little after 5 am to get myself ready before the boys wake up. I'm lucky if Braz stays in bed until 6:30 and Beckett stays asleep/doesn't need to eat. I work all day without a break except to pump and warm up my lunch. Jason doesn't help in morning and he works till atleast 8:30 every night...some nights he doesn't get home till after 10. So basically I'm a single parent. And he hasn't even started studying for any exams yet this tri! Then I try to spend atleast a few minutes with Jason after he gets off work so I don't get to bed most nights till after 11.  I hate to complain but I don't think I can keep this up much longer. I can't get anything done because Beckett needs so much attention especially in the evenings (which is normal, he's two months old). Brazos is a handful and I hate that I have no patience with him.…

Year In Review: 2013

Wow! 2013 really flew by!! Where did the time go...? Pregnancy really sucked the year away I guess. Here's my annual recap of the year (hopefully I can remember enough to put in here). Goodbye 2013 - I hardly knew ye. Hello 2014 - let's make it a good one, shall we!

1. What did you do in 2013 that you'd never done before? Painted pottery and painted on canvas. Became a Tax Accountant (bleh-not by choice).Went to the San Antonio Zoo.

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Last year my new year's resolution was as follows:
I'm changing this. I read the bloggess' post about the year "2012+1" and her irrational fear of the number 13. To comfort herself she has dubbed the year 2013 as "The Library" and called it the year that doesn't matter, a year of mistakes and hanging out in the proverbial "Library" - a practice year for 2014. I love this and I'm declaring 2013 my year of allowing …

{13} of THIRTY

13. What’s the hardest part of growing up?
Losing your innocent view of the world and people. Realizing that you can't trust everyone and sometimes people will hurt you.On a lighter note, no more naps, Santa presents and stockings are only for little kids, trick or treating as an adult gets dirty looks, and you can't run to mommy to kiss it and make it all better.