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Happy Valentine's Day!!

I was greeted this morning by my husband and my little man with smootches from both....and I notice that Braz has a phone in his hands. At first I thought it was his daddy's phone but then I realized - it was for MOMMY! :) I got a new phone from my hubby for Valentine's day!! [Although Brazos was a little resistant in giving it to mommy but I gave him my old one then he was ok with that]

I'm going to pick up Jason's gift today at lunch - I'm doing this on purpose so he wouldn't be able to have it till today. I'm bad about letting him have his gifts early. Its a private gift so I won't share but I know he'll love it! We're going to dinner tonight, my little valentine included, so it won't be a super romantic date night out but I'm going to enjoy it just as much...


I have an eye infection (or pink eye not really sure yet, going to urgent care tomorrow when I get paid) in BOTH eyes and have had since Friday evening. My eyes are red a…

Little Update on the Fam...

What's Up With THE ALLEN'S:

1. Brazos was in Daycare H-E-L-L the past week. Tonya quit (basically) due to Hadley's health issues. I'm soooooooooo super sad and bummed and upset but I understand. She didn't foresee these issues and she's not doing it on purpose and she's sad too. BUT her baby comes first - as she should. Last week he went to a daycare center for the first time and it was not a pleasant experience. I'm pretty sure Brazos is traumatized for life [or at least the next few weeks] over the ordeal and mommy isn't too happy either. Its over now, though. He's with Tonya this week and he starts at his new daycare on Monday. Tonya and I went and toured this new place and we were both very impressed. They seem willing to work with me to make sure Brazos is adjusting well and happy - and that's all I'm really asking.

2. Brazos is cutting his 1 year molars. Misery...pure misery for my poor baby. He's a droolywhiny mess [without the …

Jake's First Wrestling Tourny

Jake had his first wrestling tournament this weekend. Jason went to go watch [Braz and I stayed home] so I got a match-by-match update as the day progressed:

10:14AM - "Jake won his first match with a pin"
11:02AM - "Won the 2nd one by decision!"
11:17AM - "Won the 3rd by pin!"
11:19AM - "One more for 1st place!"
12:15PM - "He got pinned in the last match. 2nd place"

Jake got SECOND PLACE at his first tournament ever - he did AWESOME! And his Dad was super proud of him!!

I'm sure this is the beginning of many, many wrestling tournaments in our future. I can't wait to see him in action!! Jason's hoping to get him in another one this coming weekend here in town.

We are so proud of you Jacob!!! :o)

Little Man Turns One!

Brazos had an AWESOME 1st Birthday! So many friends and family came over to help us celebrate...our little duplex was FULL. Thankfully, the birthday boy was feeling a lot better by the time the big party day rolled around. Here's a few pics of the day :o)

Birthday Balloons

Banner for the birthday boy - a picture for every month of his life WITH mustaches :) and neckties

Tres Cute, Non?

Cupcakes made by me with chocolate mustaches [that I was up till 2am the night before making]

Daddy with the birthday boy in their matching newsboy caps

Birthday smootches from mommy

Grammy eating cupcakes with two of her grandsons

The Dillon clan enjoying their cupcakes

Yummy Cake!

Tonya and Peanut [Hadley]

The mustaches were a BIG hit!

Jason's "Mustache on a stick" - HAHA

Our Big 1 Year Old!!