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Random Thoughts by Jack Handy

Caution: Thought Vomit Ahead

I miss my nephew and hate the fact that he's growing up without me around. On that note, I miss my sister as well...and my mom and dad...and grandparents. Still not so much my little brother. I still feel the urge to smack him next time I see him, so I am not wanting to be around him yet. I got to eat dinner with my mom last night at Panera - yumm-o!! She is in town for a work thingy. I get to eat dinner with her and Dad and J tonight. Don't know where we are going yet but I'm excited. It's the little things that amuse and excite me.

I am sick of my desk job. There...I said it out loud. I hate sitting here at this computer all day. I don't want to be here, I can't stay on task and just have a general feeling and attitude that I just don't give darn anymore... Not. Good. So I've had crazy thoughts of career changes in my head but -sigh- I know I won't do it because I won't make as much money as I am now and I barely get by at the moment with the salary that I have (damn you past bills and old life coming back to haunt me).

I miss my friends in Pitt and want them to move up here to make it more convenient for me. Why can't they just do this?? It's two in particular that I REALLY miss... I won't name names because I'm sure they know who they are and even if they think they are the ones and aren't, I won't be the one to burst there bubble. As far as I'm concerned all my friends can move up here to be with that includes everyone now. Wouldn't want to hurt feelings.

I'm convinced that the only two people who read my blog are my sister and my mom. I like to pretend there are hoards of people reading this, and I'm hilarious and interesting and very entertaining. Don't burst my bubble. Laugh amongst yourselves if you must but I can live my little fantasy if I want. You don't exist anyway. Ha.

B has texted me a couple times within the last month telling me he misses me. Even asked me to come over?? Good grief. I just want to be friends. Does that ever really work out?? I miss hanging out with him but if he truly doesn't want to be friends and continues to want to be more than that then we can never hang out again. Ever. Is that what he wants?? The other is not happening. Ever. It's too messy and complicated and I am deliriously happy where I'm at now. Let it go. It's hard I know but try.

Where the hell did Fall go? It's cold already. VERY cold. I hate it. It's yucky and I don't like it and I'm gonna whine and pout and throw a tantrum all winter until it's over. Which brings up my next random thought - I'm SCARED TO DEATH of driving this winter. It was awful and traumatic last winter and I don't EVER want to do it again. Maybe I can convince J of moving to Texas... I know his family would be thrilled. Mine not so much. And that really would not help with random thought #1.

This is ridiculously long and if anyone actually IS reading this post, they've stopped by now. So something a little more interesting. I am actually thinking about getting married. I think I might actually be ready to think about maybe doing that again. Ok, J and I already talk about it but I think I'm actually ready to do it for real this time. The forever thing. Maybe, just maybe with J. He is definitely a keeper.

More? Yep I've got tons more. J and I are moving in together. His lease is up the end of this month and he's moving in with me until January when mine's up and then we are finding an apartment together. Yay for splitting bills! Yay for exciting step in our relationship! Yay for living in JC again! Wait, I'm not that excited about that part except I'll be 30 min closer to my parents. And my sister and nephew. AND my friend L. I'm excited. And ready for this step.

Still reading? Wow, you must be bored?? Well, I really have nothing else to say except I'm SUPER DUPER EXTRA EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN THIS YEAR. And the holidays of course. Now, to score some extra dough... How much do hookers get paid these days...??? Oh and I'm going to see Where The Wild Things Are this weekend with J and j... and I was just informed that J's ex's little boy will be joining us for the matinee and the evening as well. -smacks forehead- When is it my place to say enough is enough and to let all that go already? Is it ever? Probably not...but am I wrong that it bothers me?? I mean, we are babysitting because "she has a date and she asked"...exact words from J, so it's not like an attempt to get J back. But I can't help it that whenever I ever hear or see his NAME, my skin crawls with annoyance. I'm mean, aren't I?

Ok, randomness over. Focker, Out.


Max's Mommy said…
I do read every word!
Goldie said…
I know! Thanks :o)
Anonymous said…

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