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Update on the Nanny Meeting

The interview with the nanny went very well! J and I were very pleased and pleasantly surprised at how much we really like her. She (seems) ideal and exactly what we are looking for, and, although I'm still going to check her references and we are going to go to her house to check that and her husband and daughter out, we think we've found our baby's sitter! I'm still waiting to find something creepy out about her or that she will somehow not work out, but I think that's just my overprotective maternalness coming out. I'm not going to drive myself crazy trying to find her flaws, but I'm going to keep digging till I'm satisfied and feel comfortable enough with her to leave her alone with my most precious possession for 9 hours a day. I would like to get to a point where I won't have a panic attack dropping baby off the first day - who am I kidding, that will probably happen anyway.

The best part of this is, I feel a lot better and not so uneasy about …

Going the Nanny Route

Still shell-shocked on the sticker price of the first daycare I went to look at, I haven't braved another just yet. I plan on looking at a couple more mostly because I feel that a daycare center would be the best place for our child(ren). My dear sweet husband has taken over the task of looking for a nanny. He's checked out craigslist for some ads (some were super weird*) and he ended up posting an ad on there to see what kind of responses we would get. Ultimately, we were hoping for some rich, bored housewife that just really loves kids who's looking for something to do... And we may have actually found one! J's been emailing back and forth with a promising candidate for about a week and a half and she actually sounds legit. We are going to meet her this Saturday at Starbucks and getting references, etc from her then. If she passes that test, and her references check out, we are going to go to her house and meet her husband and daughter to make sure all of that checks…

Do you think I'm starting to show?

6 weeks

16 weeks

It's the Little Things...

My BFF L - whom I work with - came over to my desk today to say hello, which is a normal thing. She told me about a conversation she had with another pregnant co-worker (whom neither of us really cares for) and I just had to share:

Preg Coworker - "How far along is D?"
L - "Well, she's a week further than you so....."
Preg Coworker - "Oh so she's 16 weeks, boy she's really starting to show!"
L - "Yeah well, she's skinny, so of course she's going to be showing a lot more..."

Love that lady.

Day Care Sucks

I went to tour my first day care today ~ No, I'm not crazy. Some of these places have like a year to year 1/2 waiting list. Nuts I tell ya. So, I went to my first one today. Saw a sign at a Baptist church on the way home. Thought it looked promising....

The facility - Meh, not so great. Its old and kinda cramped, smells like a truckload of dirty diapers and way outdated and cluttered. BUT, the kids all looked happy. All the babies in the baby room looked very happy. Which makes me feel good. The ladies watching the babies have all been there for 20+ years. And were VERY sweet. Ratio of adults to children was about 1:4.

But the super crazy part was the cost - Holy Moles on a Biscuit the COST for an infant PER WEEK = $245.00. That's $980.00 a month, $12,740.00 PER YEAR. Ugh. After state & federal gov't crap and insurance, that pretty much cuts my paycheck in half. Yipes. Ramen noodles here we come.

This is not helping me with my burning desire to be a SAHM...Not one bit. Si…

Doctor Appt. Update

Yesterday, we had our third doc appt. Everything went very well, baby's heartbeat sounded "Perfect" (exact words of the doc). j got to go with us (even though I was VERY hesitant about him coming in case there was no heartbeat, etc. - J wanted him to come) and he thought the baby's heartbeat was very cool. His eyes got really big and he got a big smile on his face. Very cute.

Here's some stats:

Weight gain this month - ONE POUND (yay, go me!)
Blood Pressure - 110/70 (again, good job me)
Baby's heart rate - 158 (Last month it was 170?!)

Also, bad news on the holiday front. No Travel for this momma on Christmas this year which means, no Texas for Christmas. I'm really upset about it and feel horribly guilty. Its going to cause a huge raucous over Christmas next year (if we switch) or J's parents are going to have travel up here to see us this year (which means they will miss some of their family for Christmas) or it means J and I will be spending Christmas a…

Confessions of An Evil Stepmother

There's something that's been bothering me and I gotta get it off my chest - I'm completely and utterly annoyed with j and his attitude toward J and I. He hates being with us! He constantly asks how many days he has left to stay with us and says things like "My MOM says...", "My MOM doesn't make me...", "When I'm at my GRANDMA'S...". And he walks around the house like a beaten dog. Its beyond annoying. His attitude just sucks. Because, it's not like we don't try to do fun things with him and do special things to make sure he's having fun, but he has RULES at our house. He gets into trouble when he breaks those rules and he is made to behave. And we don't constantly go do fun things because for one, J doesn't want to be "that" parent trying to buy off his kid, and for two, we can't afford to constantly take him and run around to do that stuff. And I realize, he doesn't have anyone to play with a…

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

I'm officially in my second trimester. Yay! I've made it through the scary first trimester without ANY morning sickness - Go me - or any scary spotting, etc. As you can imagine I adore my baby already for being so sweet to me... I deserve far worse, I wasn't so kind to my poor mommy. Morning sickness for 8 months would not be cool in my book but my momma loved me all the same. My nephew made my sister quite ill for most of her pregnancy as well, so I feel pretty lucky. But, good news there is my kid will probably be a little demon child. Super.

Anyway, little stats going into my 2nd T. I've gained 6lbs -whether that's good, bad or meh, I don't really know. I don't feel too bad about it so I'm going with "Meh". My noticeable cravings are Icees (cherry especially), potato soup, french fries, and the more recent tomatoes. Getting my energy back and able to work out a little more is a big plus. Able to eat chicken breasts again without feeling my g…