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T-E-N {10} Months!

Swoon. Couldn't you just DIE from the cuteness! Oh my handsome little man... you make your mommy's heart melt!

My baby isn't really much of a "baby" anymore. He's creeping into Toddler territory much too quickly for mommy's liking. At the same time, he's oh so much fun.

He had his first Thanksgiving and I think he was definitely a fan. Mommy, Braz and Daddy had a nice quiet turkey day at home just the three of us (which Mommy was definitely a fan of). It was a great, quiet day. I cooked a traditional meal - turkey breast, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, stuffing, and gravy. It was a wonderful day to spend Thanksgiving. Braz LURVES turkey - shoved it in my the handfuls. And sweet potatoes are pretty awesome too, although we already knew he was a fan of those! And OMG, pecan pie = CRACK to Brazos. I shared a little with him and he waved his hands around in excitement and gave a big "MMMMM" with every bite. AND, he threw a h…