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Almost Fainted Yesterday - Not. Cool.

Yesterday late morning I was sitting at my desk and I felt...funny. Then the "funny" feeling turned into ears ringing, hot flash, seeing stars, light-headedness. Scared the poo out of me. So I sat at my desk for a good 2 to 3 minutes with my head between my knees - or atleast as close to my knees as I can get right now - trying not to panic and make it worse. I never actually passed out/fainted but got pretty close. The thing that scared me the most though was that NO ONE AROUND ME NOTICED! Not that I wanted all kinds of people flocking over to me to see if I was ok, but would have felt a little better if one person would've atleast thrown me an "are you alright?". I hope I never go into labor at work, good grief. I'll be driving myself to the hospital and two hours later people will be going "Where's D?" That diva moment aside, I finally felt ok to stand up and walk to the breakroom to get a glass of water and then asked my boss to go down to the first floor with me to get some juice (just in case I felt lightheaded again). It took a while for me to feel normal again. Luckily I had my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon so I didn't have to wait forever to ask her what was wrong with me.

So after waiting 45 minutes to see the doctor (love those long waits on the dr. office), I ask her about it and she's all like "Meh totally normal" like I was asking about my over-abundance of belly hair or the alien throwing a dance party in my abdomen. So, apparently its boringly typical for pregnant women to faint or feel dizzy....Well...It scared the crap out of me and I don't really like that symptom in the slightest but I guess I'll just get over it.

The rest of the appointment was good. I got my yumm-o glucosamine drink for my glucose test at my next appointment. Pretty pumped about that milestone. My pee looked awesome as usual and blood pressure is 110/80 - still awesome as well. Doc doesn't seem super impressed with my 18lb weight gain and had to throw in a "You're looking at some excess weight after baby is born". Duh. I'm looking at a 30 to 35 total weight gain for this pregnancy which I think it pretty typical and totally within the healthy range but I guess she expects more from a personal trainer's wife. Sorry but momma likes her carbs. And I eat whatever is closest to my hand and edible. Thx. I had spaghetti-o's for lunch today though, probably shouldn't do that anymore...

J was nice enough to bring up about a month or so ago that people acquire fat cells 3 times in their lives: during the third trimester, when they are 3 and during adolescence.... No pressure but don't make our kid a fatty for life. Thanks babe. Since I'm nearing the final chapter of the trimesters, I guess I should start laying off the junk. I hate diets - ANY diet. I guess I better get used to it, I'll be on a very strict one after the baby's here to take off all the "excess weight" the doctor is warning me about. Bleh.

At my next appointment, along with the fun diabetus test, I get my first growth scan which means I will get to see my little man for the 4th time. Whoo-hoo! And I will get a growth scan once a month until he's born. They have to check his growth because of him SUA.

104 days to go! Can you believe it??! :o)


BnE's Mommy said…
WooHoo!!! Take it easy. The dizzy spells suck.
Chris and Darci said…
i remember a few times i had spells - usually like at walmart when i was walking alot and bending over up and down to get stuff off shelves.

oh and i gained 55 pounds so your doctor would have probably murdered me if i were her patient. and my doctor never said a word, ha!
Anonymous said…
You did not tell me about his on the phone last night! :(

And you are doing great on your weight!


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