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My Belated Birthday Gift

Yep! That's right, that's two pink lines you see!!

I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

I had my first appointment last Friday (June 11th) with Dr. Rips ~Yeah, no seriously, that's really her name~ Anyway, I had my first appointment and everything went great! J went with me and we just couldn't be more excited. This (obviously) wasn't planned and was a bit of a belated birthday surprise to find out I was knocked up, but we are very happy and ready for this BIG step.

So the day after my birthday, J and I were talking and I realized that through all the excitement the week before, I had somehow forgotten to have my period. Wow, that NEVER happens!! I always have pee sticks around because I'm paranoid like that with all my habitual drinking binges and such so I told him that if I didn't have my monthly visit in a couple days, I would take a test although I really wasn't concerned. But, Monday morning (May 24th) I woke up and was just too curious. So, I peed on the stick and hopped in the shower and the picture above was what I saw when I came out of the shower... That was pretty much my response but over and over again. So, I took said picture with my phone and text to J. It took him a long time to respond but the response I DID get was "Holy shit! Are you serious?". We decided I would take another test when I got home just to be sure before we called our parents and sibs. Aaaand, it was positive too. We called, everyone was shocked and excited.

So back to last Friday, the Dr's appt, J went with me which was really great although I hadn't had a Pap in almost a year so J got to witness his first duck bill attack and breast lump check. Awesome. BUT - it was good that he was there because (in his usual direct, pushy fashion) he asked when we would get to see the baby/have an ultrasound. And she was cool enough to *wink, wink* let the sonographer know that I had had some spotting so I would need a u/s to make sure everything looked ok. In case you couldn't tell from the winks, she fibbed to the sonographer, I haven't had any spotting. So we got to see little our little jellybean and see his/her little heart fluttering. It was absolutely amazing and the most surreal/awesome moment of my life. Of course, the sono lady said everything looked great and the baby's heartbeat was 155. Here's little jellybean's first photo:He/She's the little blob in the middle - Adorable huh?! I know :)

So, the official due date from the Doc is January 25th, which is great cause I know lots of really cool people with Jan. 25th bdays! ;) And J's really happy cause January bdays are kind of tradition in his fam - He and j's birthdays are both in January, as well as his Dad's, his dad's dad's, a cousin and several others. With my due date, that puts me at 8 weeks and 2 days today.

Wellp, that's my exciting news that I've been BURSTING to tell you all! I suppose it should really be an ENGAGEMENT announcement but we're just doing things backwards... I'm sure that announcement will come soon enough but right now I'm going bask in the glory of motherhood and enjoy not having to suck in my gut and look thin for the next 7 1/2 months!~


Chris and Darci said…
Yea! Congrats! And I know you kept mentioning Jason and his family as having the cool january bdays, but we both know that you mean ME! b/c my bday is the due date! :-)

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