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Update on Princess Preggers [Me]

This is me at 33 weeks - a little over a week ago. I'm a tad larger than that now. How I keep getting bigger I just don't know. There's no where left for my belly to go and yet, it keeps going and going and going...
Other news with me:
1. I waddle. A coworker was imitating me while walking behind me yesterday. Pregnant woman are allowed to smack people who tick them off right?!
2. I have a stretch mark (at least only one that I can see) that's very fat and wide and keeps getting longer and wider and its right across the top of my belly button where my naval ring goes. Cute.
3. Baby A is taking up residence further and further south. Good news, my ribs are singing gospel music praising the LORD for the absence of little feet. Bad news, my hmm-hmm and my bladder are feeling like a 6 pound infant is sitting on them...oh wait...that's exactly what's happening. P.S. Bladder control is not my greatest skill either.
4. I'm tired and cranky and uncomfortable. You know, all the usual 8 month pregnant jazz. Its been real fun, but I'm over it. I'm ready for my little man to be here so I can snuggle him and smootch him and be up all hours of the night begging him to go to sleep.
5. I've started my two week doctors appointments and my next one is Tuesday 21st. No growth scan just dr. appt. We are also touring the hospital [finally] that evening.
6. Last week I stepped on the scale at home (which is pretty close to the on at the Doc's office) and I was down 3 lbs. Sweet. Couple days later I checked again and I was down 3 MORE lbs. but is that normal??! J had a panic attack so I called the nurses line and she checked with the dr and assured me that as long as I was still eating normally [yep, haven't slowed down on THAT at all] and that Baby is still active AND I haven't been sick -we are in the clear. All my fluid levels looked good at my BPP appt, in the upper levels even, so no worries. Glad I have it noted in my file though. Oh, and in case you're worried, I check last night and I'm back up those 6 lbs so yay for weight gain. Bleh.
7. J is EXTREMELY ANTSY and convinced that I'm going to go into labor at any minute... I still have 6 weeks till my due date ya know. Although I agree that I probably won't make it 6 weeks, I am pretty sure I have at least another 2 - 3 weeks before I need to start being paranoid and packing my hospital bag. He's insisting I pack it tonight... I love him to pieces but I can see him getting a tad annoying in the next 3 to 6 weeks.

My co-workers are throwing me a baby shower tomorrow. I'm very excited! J may get to come which makes me happy. And there will be cake - also makes me happy. And bee-bee stuff. :o)

More exciting news: We got the crib bedding! Yay for my little rockstar! We still have a ways to go to finish his room but crib is done. And he has freshly washed clothes to wear when he gets here. First time in the history of forever that I have ooh'd and aah'd over doing the laundry, folding and all. I enjoyed it, it was disgusting. Its kind of fuzzy cause my phone camera kinda sucks but here's a picture of the blanket in little man's crib:


BnE's Mommy said…
I totally love that theme...came really close to picking it too. And you look gorgeous btw! I understand you preggo crankiness and I'll be the first to tell you it won't get any better the longer you go. Praying for a healthy delivery for you and can't wait to see little man. :)
The Steele's said…
I love following you "Princess Preggo!" LOL!! First off NEVER NEVER NEVER say "I have time to pack my bag!" CURSED!!! Strider kept telling me that with Breckyn and I had her at 35 weeks wiht NO hospital bag packed! We had NOTHING ready!! This go around I was packed at 28 weeks (when I tried to go into labor! LOL!)! Suggestion.. TAKE A BLOW DRYER!! I forgot one with Breckyn (good thing I had long hair and could just pull it up)but definitely was my #1 thing in my bag! LOL!! :) THe end is in sight!!! You look fabulous!!!

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