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Hello 3rd Trimester!

Well, I made it! Finally in the last trimester. I can't believe how fast its gone. Baby's kicks and wiggles are getting harder and my belly looks like some weird sci-fi movie come to life. I can little body parts poking my belly out and its morphs into odd shapes. Some of them are even getting a little uncomfortable and painful. I swear my belly has grown dramatically since last week. It seems like every time I look down, it has gotten bigger!!

Wednesday night, L had her baby boy. I went to visit them in the hospital last night and he's absolutely adorable. Seeing him really put things into reality and I am DYING for Baby A to get here now. I want him out so I can hold him, smell him, snuggle him, comfort him, and see who he looks like. It also made me very nervous about the process to get him here. L had to have a c-section because Drake's heart rate dropped way low a couple of times and her blood pressure dropped as well. Now, not that I care about having a c-section or vag birth, I'll do whatever it takes, but I am SOOO not ready for the drama of something like that happening with baby's heart rate dropping or whatever. My ideal situation would be for me to just go into labor naturally, get to the hospital, go through labor normally without help from meds (want my epidural though I'm not going to try and be brave about it HAHA), my Dr arrives, deliver my little man and all be well. I'm sure that's very rare for all that to happen and everything go smoothly but that's what I want. I know there will be changes but the only thing I'll be upset about is if something is wrong with my baby boy or if they try to use forcepts on him. I'd rather they didn't do that, I've heard WAY too many scary stories. I'm trying not to think about the actually delivery part too much. I don't want to get worked up and worry about it. And I can plan things all I want to but things never go as we plan them so I'll keep options in my head and just see what happens when we get there.

This weekend we are meeting with our nanny again. We're having lunch with her and her family and then going over to her house to hang out together and have dinner. I'm very excited about her and am ready to officially hire her and get to know her better. I already feel pretty good about being able to leave Baby A with her when I have to go back to work, but will be feel a lot better once I can solidify those feelings and actually feel like I KNOW her. We have j this weekend so she'll get to meet him as well, which will be nice since she said she could watch him too sometimes if we needed her to.

I'm still waiting on J to pick some dates so we can do our Birthing & Baby Classes at the hospital and take a tour. I'm going to have to start bugging him about that pretty soon again. We need to get those done.

Monday is my first Growth Scan for little man. I'm excited to be able to see him again! AND Grammy K gets to come too!! (It seems like I've already mentioned this in a previous post but oh well, you get to hear it again) Tuesday is my Dr appt and I have to have my glucose test done - not so much looking forward to that. Have a bad feeling that I am going to test poorly on that. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. We'll just wait and see what the results are.

Oh, and according to my scale, I've officially gained a total of 30 lbs. Yep. Not cool. I'm anxious to see what the scale says at my dr. office but I'm thinking the two are pretty close if I remember correctly. *Sigh* Not much I can do at this point except try and eat reasonably. It's going to take a lot of hard work to get all this weight off after the baby's here.....Maybe I'm NOT so ready for Baby to be here just yet. I'm not ready to start that diet and exercise program that Daddy has ready for me when the little guy gets here. *Groan*

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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