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Ultrasounds and Breastfeeding

We had our Level II ultrasound yesterday morning with the perineonatologist (however you spell that - the high risk pregnancy doctor) and everything went superbly! Baby boy is healthy and she told us that although nothing is ever 100%, she didn't see a need for us to come back for a follow up. Yay! The only thing left is that he still will have to be checked to make sure he's gaining weight the last couple months, which means more sonos! :o) Little man was sleepy and didn't wiggle around much during the u/s which I guess is good. Did see him stretch a little towards the end so we must of woke him up. The level II u/s was so clear and it was AMAZING to watch him and see him. J was pretty excited too. We couldn't take our eyes off the screen. And this time, we DEFINITELY saw he was a boy. No. Doubt. Daddy was very proud. Joked that we should name him Ron or Jeremy - LOL! Men... *eye roll*

So, I feel very confident he is fine. Low birth weight isn't something that causes me to stress out so if we have to deal with that, I know I can definitely handle it. He may have to stay in the hospital a few extra days at the most...Yeah, I can definitely handle that. I'm happy and relieved my little pumpkin is ok.

Last night, I went to a breastfeeding class with my preggo friend L. I learned the following things:

*Breast milk is M*A*G*I*C (Actual quote from the instructor - and she was completely giddy when she said it)
*People get all up in your business and try and "help" you in the hospital when you are BF for the first time - Yeeah, I'm not ok with that. Stay off my lady lumps I'll do it myself thankyouverymuch. Some instruction and guidance is nice, but not face-to-breast, hands-on training...not cool.
*"Roughing Up" your nipples isn't a good idea before the baby's born, that's a myth - hmmm, ok, wouldn't try something like that anyway. That doesn't even SOUND like a good idea.
*Some people's nips are H.U.G.E. when they get pregnant, like size of my FACE huge....seriously! I saw them on the instructional video. HUGE, GINORMOUS NIPPLES - I had nightmares about giant nipples last night. *Shudder* o.O

It was actually a great class and I did learn a lot of helpful stuff. I also learned that although I am all aboard the BF Bandwagon, I'm not into the all hail the awesomeness and holiness that is the amazing boob and its magically deliciousness of wonder *cue holy grail music*...Its kind of weird. Like, I don't want to spend my afternoons having BF'ing partys where I invite people over to watch the magic happen. I get that its a great bonding experience between mother and child and I am looking forward to having those special moments with my baby boy but I think its creepy the way some people get all geeked up and emotional about it and have people sitting around watching me do it, uncovered and baring it all for the world to see... I'm probably not explaining it right, but some people take it to a creepy level. I think I'll choose to be a little more discreet.

My friend and I had a good laugh about it afterwards, anyway. Atleast we are on the same page about it.

My baby brother is getting married tomorrow so we are all heading down to my parent's tonight for the weekend. I'm so excited to spend the weekend with my family but I know I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the weekend...oh well, it will be FUN!!! Can't wait to get the weekend started....only a couple more hours! :o)

Happy Friday!


Chris and Darci said…
yea for baby A! i loved getting ultrasounds when i was pg with jack! its so nice to see them! glad everything is on the up and up!
Max's Mommy said…
I totally had a nurse grabbing at my boobs trying to help me and Max. But she asked, and I figured she knew more than I did. Haha.

And seriously, it's really not as weird as you think it's going to be. :)
The Steele's said…
HAHAHA!! I like to call Breastmilk "The Golden Drink!" When you are trying to pump and breastfeed, the milk is "Gold!" I didn't breastfeed Breckyn, but I pumped the whole year, and with Xander I am nursing and I LOVE IT! When I was in teh hospital the Nurses DEFINITELY got up in my booby business! I did tell one that I had done it before and I knew how to do it! However I would recommend (just because you are a first timer) to have a lactation nurse visit you in teh hospital! Best thing ever!! I went ahead and did it this time as well to refresh my memory and they are amazing!! But again, they like to "help" you!! :)

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