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Random Tuesday

Random Tidbits

~I'm feeling better today than my hot-mess of a self yesterday. Something about vomiting your problems out onto the Internet seems to help tons. Like airing your dirty laundry. Plus, if your friends don't want to listen to you whine. They can stop reading without feeling guilty.

~I have the bestest sister on the planet. That's a fact people, not an opinion. She texted me last night to ask if I was ok. Perfect response, checking in with me without forcing me to talk. Love that lady. Plus, she is a top notch breeder. Her offspring is pretty much the most adorable little man on the face of the plant. That there could possibly be an opinion, I am a smidge biased.

~I started an Acai Berry Detox diet today. Its gonna be two weeks of pure hell. No sugar, that includes sweeteners, only ONE cup of black coffee a day, no dairy (ie no cheese or yogurt - GASP), no CHOCOLATE, no wheat products, no fat. I keep telling myself - its only two weeks, its only two weeks...

~I've lost 6 lbs from the last week and a half (wow that seems like a lot when I look at it written out - not so much when I look at the scale) without the detox, so hopefully this will boost me to lose even more. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

~The Acai Berry Detox Diet is very hip. Oprah did it. Yeah, I'm cool.

~When you weight yourself, the scale should read -6lbs instead of your actual weight. Wouldn't that be an ego boost! -How much do you weigh? -Me? Oh I weigh -6lbs... See how much better that is! Although, I would really hates those times I would weigh +6lbs...

~The chipped tooth saga is still on. I went to the dentist this morning to get my permanent crown put on but it 1. Didn't fit right and 2. Wasn't white enough. So, the good news is, he had to put a new, whiter temporary on. The bad news, I'll have to wait* three weeks to get the real one put on because my dentist is going to be in Hawaii for a week.

~I told the receptionist rescheduling my appointment that I would only forgive the doctor for making me wait three weeks if he took me to Hawaii with him. She looked at me funny, like I wanted to go with him. I quickly made a comment that I didn't care if he went or not, I just wanted to go to Hawaii. She gave me another look like she didn't believe me. My dentist is decent looking enough for an older guy, but not THAT good looking. Geez.

~I do NOT have a crush on my dentist.

~Gemma is pretty darn cute, possibly the cutest puppy alive to date. That might also be an opinion. She's getting along pretty well I think. We are struggling with her having "accidents" in her kennel and we have to take her out to go potty a LOT, but otherwise she's very well behaved and did I mention pretty darned cute! See? Adorable...

~The Acai Detox Diet is also a cleanse....that includes your colon. I'm really scared that I'm going to be getting rid of some 20 year old colon "toxins" and its going to smell freakishly bad. Hopefully its not at work and they have to clear the building.**

~I got to scrapbook this weekend. I love scrapbooking. I wish I could have gotten more of it done. I'm way behind. I'd really like to get out of scrapbook crap with the Ex-hub in it...Yeah, I'm that far behind. I would just throw all those away, but I'm too stubborn and cheap. I spent money to get those darn things printed. They are GOING in a scrapbook dern it.

~I'm trying to give up swearing for lent. I'm actually not doing too bad. I think I'll keep going even after Easter. Although, I just learned a new dirty word that I think is quite hilarious and fun to say, so I probably will let that one come out from time to time. The word is "twatwaffle". Reading other people's blogs is quite educational...

~I follow about 6 or 7 of my sister's December Mama's blogs. I know WAY to much about them and I highly doubt they even know I exist. Feels kinda creepy on my part actually...

~That's all the randomness I can squeeze into my lunch break for today. Have a lovely week to everyone who reads this! And if you don't read it, I hope the building you work at has to be evacuated from someone's 20 year old colon toxins.

*I'm so preoccupied with my diet and weight right now that when I originally wrote this I spelled 'weight' instead of 'wait'. Obsess much??

**Also fearing the poo-mergencies. I literally had to stop in the middle of this post to take a deuce. I mean H-A-D to... So it begins. Hope it doesn't get like this:


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