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Acai Berries Can Kiss My Butt

Just a little detox diet update.

This blows. And the same time. It's just that bad that its both. BUT I've made it 7 whole days without slipping once. Well, if you count the "cocoa" that is in the two protein shakes w/ soy milk I've had, then I guess I've missed it by a little, but if you count that than you're just being a hard ass and I don't want you to read my blog anymore...and you can't come to my birthday either.

Anyway, it's really been hard!! Harder than I even imagined. Especially this weekend. Its like all my favorite foods came out to tempt me. Frito's. French Onion Dip. Gelato. Cheeseburgers. Oooey Gooey Cheesy Pizza. CUPCAKES. Even CHEDDAR JALAPENO CHEETOS!!!!! Dun, dun, dun.... *dramatic 50's horror film scream*

And I resisted them ALL. I'm actually really proud of myself! AND I've worked out 5 out of those 7 days, two of which included 30 min workouts with my very own personal trainer - J, duh. And he's a mean trainer! Now, after all this hard work and sacrifice, I was feeling good. I waltzed up to the scale this morning, feeling pretty cocky that I was gonna own that bitch. Turned it on, took a step up, waited...and...

I WEIGH EXACTLY THE SAME AS I DID A WEEK AGO!!!!!!! And I mean to the TENTH of a POUND exactly!! UGHHH!!!!!

What the F is going on here?!

J keeps assuring me that my "body composition is just changing". I call Bullshit.

Now, I have 9 days left. I've never expected to lose 10 lbs a week on this thing obviously. Even though that would be extremely wicked-awesome if it would happen, that's not exactly healthy. BUT, it would be nice to lose like 2-3 lbs. HELL, even a freakin' POUND would be nice. I'm beyond frustrated at this point but I'm determined to make it the full 16 days.

I felt a little bit of relief and a slight renewal of confidence that I got the weekend out of the way... and then, I walk in to the break room this morning to get my half a cup of black, plain, nasty, I-don't-really-want-to-drink-this-but-I-need-the-caffeine coffee and there' a big, glorious MOUND of beautiful chocolate glazed, nut covered donuts on the for the taking. I'm not kidding, it was a Homer-Simpson's-Wet-Dream kinda pile-o-donuts. Bitches.

I'd scratch someone's eyes out for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup right now.


Anonymous said…
Ooohhhhh...I am sooo feeling you on this one. But Hang in there, you can make it the 16 days...out of principle at this point!!! Just because! You are tough enough to do it! Weight loss be damned. You will FEEL better when you are done. :)

BTW - does typing swear words count? (LENT???) Love you. Mom
Goldie said…
Yes, typing swear words counts. Being on a diet makes me sinful... Which means I should stop immediately - dieting that is ;)

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